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...I culture Jarro, Ethical Nutrients acidophilus and bifidorum, and now, my latest friend, Primadophilus L. Reuteri, so I know they've got living bacteria.

Also, I know that these bacteria are lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium because they culture in milk and produce lactic acid.

The point of these bacteria is that they are antagonistic to "bad" bacteria so that in the culturing process only the good survive.

I do not think that any of the above are snake oil. The problem is that infants should not have dairy, but many desperately need probiotic supplementation.

My son needed probiotic supplementation and until we could give him yogurt he got the powder with his breastmilk--- right when he was nursing.

It would be great if there had been some names named in the linked info-- let the sinners be punished in the marketplace, but....

...as usual it's on the "fear" part that makes it ....not the important info. This isn't like Mercola's usual info... oh well.

Get Cultured!

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good article. slide 15 is excelent! i copied it to my yogurt making file.

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is this brand ok?

hi, has anyone used KAL brand "Dinosaurs Supplements for Kids - Baby Bifidactyl"? I was looking for Baby Jarro, Whole Foods here was out of it and told me to try this. My dd has had nasal congestion now for 3 months - dark circles under her eyes, and it's getting worse each day. (we also just moved to the country) She is still bf-ing - I take "Primal Defense" by Garden of Life, recommended by Dr. Mercola as best probiotic brand. I wasn't sure if I could give Primal Defense to my dd, it is a hard tablet and not suggested for her age. Her diet is mostly dairy free, except for whole milk plain yogurt, sometimes cheeses. I try to give her spelt bread instead of wheat. I am concerned about these allergies at her age. If dd goes on like this, does she run the risk of asthma? Allergies are on both sides of my family. Could this be a food allergy? Something I am eating that is in my breastmilk? Can I reverse dd's allergies with probiotcs? Also, what is the difference beween FOS and HSO's? please help... :
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Re: is this brand ok?

Originally posted by seahorsie
I take "Primal Defense" by Garden of Life, recommended by Dr. Mercola as best probiotic brand.
How do you like Primal Defense and how does it make you feel--better, the same?

Here is info on FOS http://www.natren.com/pages/healthyliving/beware.html

Perhaps one of the knowledgeable on this thread can explain the difference and answer your other questions.

I have been trying to find out more info on the HSO's. On Mercola's website he said the the NCI is funding research on HSOs. He provides a link to NCIs website but not the exact page with info on the research. I am still trying to find it.
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You'll find that opinions vary widely regarding FOS from one manufacturer to the next. For example:
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That is a pretty impressive challenge against Natren.

CFS Nutrition argues their case well--they back their statements up with references.

If the things Natren claims are true-it would be nice to see some sources.
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Seahorse, allergins can pass into breastmilk. It's complicated to find the source- and probiotics can help with allergies, but sometimes you do need to eliminate foods. Start with the major allergins and see if there's improvement- also with nasal congestion, check for airborne allergins- dust mites, pollen, mold etc.

Good luck.
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Goodpapa, others. I was doing a search of Pubmed and found this article about significant issues with the viability of probiotics outside of the gut due to oxygen toxicity (the bacteria being anaerobic, exposure to oxygen over even a relatively short amount of time kills them). Ever hear of this? Thoughts??

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After switching to BabyJarro & 2 days of taking it, my dd's poops are just as goodpapa says they should be. Oh, and it turns out that dd has a cold (a rare occurence, so didn't recognize it - esp since she has had hayfever). I'm encouraged.
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twinmommy, this is good to keep in mind while making yogurt (if you make yogurt). if you stir too vigorously, you will not get great results because of too much oxygen being added to the mix. other than that (unless you have some specific concernes) i don't give it much thought.
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Re: BabyJarro

Originally posted by seahorsie
After switching to BabyJarro & 2 days of taking it, my dd's poops are just as goodpapa says they should be. Oh, and it turns out that dd has a cold (a rare occurence, so didn't recognize it - esp since she has had hayfever). I'm encouraged.
OMG!!! I wonder if that's why Meg's poops improved! How exciting! I've just been mixing Jarro into her morning soy milk!
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I have definitely noticed firmer poops for ds after starting mixing in baby jarrow (we use 1/2 tsp) with his rice milk. The other big difference was reducing cow's milk and increasing yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese, butter, and other cultured milk products instead. He used to have really runny, fairly frequent, noxious smelling poos.
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just bumping this thread up for new readers...

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Hope it works for us...

Thank you so much for this thread and all the great information. My ds has had chronic diarrhea and also eczema for several weeks. I'm excited to try a probiotic regimen starting tomorrow!

Our ped never connected these two conditions, but it does make a lot of sense...
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Bumping up the thread for new members and such.
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Thanks so much for bumping this thread! I have just spent over an hour reading all of the info, with more reading to go. I am ready to begin making our own yogurt, but I'm wondering if I should start with goat, rice or almond milk and if it will work as well. My dd is 21mos and has been suffering with horrible excema since about 2-3mos. It has been much worse for the last several months. She currently has very large patches on her legs, arms and tummy. We have been to 2 allergists, 1 derm and our regular pediatrician, tried many "remedies, none of which have helped and now I am learning more about how probiotics may help improve her condition. The reason I am wondering about starting with something other than cows milk is that we are about to start a dairy elim diet and see if that helps. I also want to avoid soy as she had a definite sensitivity to it until about 3 months ago, so I don't want to overload her system on that either. I have always given her probiotics (primarily the powder from regular acidophilus capsules) when she has had to have antibiotics for recurrent ear infections, but I am now starting to be more diligent about giving her a chewable probiotic (acidophilus + bifidus, the label says). I may head back to WF tomorrow for the Baby Jarrow powder though.

Again, thanks for the info, and if anyone has any input on using goat, rice or almond milk to make my own yogurt while dd is on a dairy elimination diet, I would love to hear it.

p.s. dd has almost always had very soft, smelly stools (since starting solids) and I just assumed it was because she eats ALOT of fruit. It would be a great bonus if her stools firm up. Cloth diapers and runny poo can be a bit of a pain.
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I say go for the goat first. In my opinion it is easier to ferment than rice or almond. Also the protein is smaller and easier to digest than cow milk.

Glad you found the thread.

I miss Goodpapa!
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Thanks! I'll give it a try!
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The very soft smelly stools is definitly a food related allergy. My dd gets like that is she has soy, it also makes her eczema worse.

Good luck!!
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