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Originally Posted by mountain mom
Hi there,
Here is the recipe. If you have any questions just ask. Make sure to follow dilution percentages closely.

This is an essential oil blend that is excellent at healing vagintosis, yeast infections etc. This is for adults only. Take one drop internally daily and dilute to a concentration of 3% essential oils in a carrier oil to soak a tampon in and insert overnight. Also rub the diluted form on your belly and massage. Make sure the E.O.'s are distilled from organic herb matter.
Tea Tree 2 parts
Cinnamon LEAF (not BARK) 1 part
Oregano 2 parts
Peppermint 1 part

This following recipe is for active thrush in babes and kids. Take one drop and swish into the babes mouth and on the nursing Mom's nipples.

In this recipe I am asking you to take drops of oils. A drop of an essential oil comes from a graduate dropper. Turn the bottle upside down and let the drop fall on its own with no help from you (ie tapping the bottle)

Blend into a 12 ml bottle. The total drops into the bottle will be 22 drops which constitutes just under 1 ml.

Again source essentail oils distilled from organic plant matter for this.

Niaoulli 3 drops
Lavender 3 drops
Lemongrass 6 drops
Marjoram 3 drops
Pepperming 3 drops
Rosemary 3 drops
Cinnamon Leaf 2 drops

Top the bottle up with a carrier oil such as grapeseed or jojoba.

HTH, good luck.
This is for MountainMon

HTH Please ask if you have any questions.
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Thank you mountainmom!
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Just bumping this wonderful thread up!
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just curious, Moneca....

...what is the NT thread?

While I'm here I don't think I put this link in yet. Good science:


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I have a 3 month old on jarro baby, 1/8 of a teaspoon per day. We've been doing this for about a month. He's been on low dose antibiotics for about 3 weeks and will be for quite a while.

Can I increase the dose? His poops are bf poops, but stink. Not sweet smelling like they were in the beginning. I know some of you mention watching for a bowel change to dtermine how much to give and how much is too much.

My second question is about the jarro baby powder. Is it just me or does this stuff just NOT dissolve? I put 1/8 tsp in about a tsp of breastmilk and their are always chunks on the bottom. I'm assuming these are the FOS? Or do I just not wait long enough?

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Hi Golden...

....can you give a timeline as to when the poops smelled sweet, when they started to stink in relation to whatever it was that is needing a long period of low dose antibiotics (ie, did the poop smell change with the illness?) and the start of the antibiotic regime? I can't really tell what is causing what on the basis of your telling.

The easiest way to get the Jarro into an infant (I started this on day 3 of my son's life) is putting a little powder on a moistened fingertip and gently pressing it into his mouth when he's nursing.

I'm ready to advise a little Jarro with each feeding on the basis of what I would consider to be radically extreme antibiotic use in one so young (I'm not saying it isn't necessary, I simply don't know) but filling in the above details would help alot.

Good luck and welcome,

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Thanks for the info, Amanda....

...the action is pretty thick over here in Health and Healing right now.

I think I'll stick it out over here and see if I can help put out some fires.

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PS I hope you're doing alright up there in the CA mountains. The videos coming through the press are pretty striking.
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Hi Ray,
My ds has been on low dose amoxil for some suspected kidney/ureter obstruction. He's on a very low dose prophalytically.

When I say sweet smelling, I mean that normal bf poop smell that he had for the first two months of life. I say sweet because what it smells like now is foul. Sick smelling. I *think* the change in smell started with the antibiotics. Coincidentally, he had a yeasty diaper rash start up about 4 days BEFORE starting the antibiotics, which then about a week later, still with the rash, i got a yeast infection, and a few days later, he got thrush in his mouth.

He has been on jarro baby 1/8tsp/day since about two weeks BEFORE starting the abx.

For his yeast, I have been wiping him down with GSE with each change and of course the probiotics. For me, I did vinegar douches and probiotics and GSE orally. Worked great, but starting slacking too early I guess. It's back and I went for the monistat this time.

It's not clear to me if the foul smelling poops are from the yeast or from the abx that soon followed. Honestly I don't remember if his poops stunk before the abx.

The good news is that the thrush is gone from his mouth (I never got it on my nipples!), and the yeasty diaper rash is on it's way out. (I bleached the diapers as a final desperate attempt to get rid of the yeast).

I would like to increase the baby jarro but fear that 1.5 billion is his tolerance. I would love for you to tell me that everybody else's baby is tolerating much more than that, and they aren't even on abx either.

Also you mentioned jsut putting it in his mouth straight. The bottle says not to do that. Why? It certainly would alleveiate the lack of dissolving problem I have with that powder. The chunks nver make it into his mouth so probably he's missing out on the FOS?


Off to culture some yougurt. Can I add babyjarro to the milk and yogurt mix?
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How do I do this???

I just got my new yogurt maker- it's a girmi with the glass jars. I'm skimmed the thread, but can't seem to find what I'm looking for. Could someone be kind enough to please tell me exactly how I do this? At the moment, I have 2%milk in the fridge, and jarro capsules. How many capsules? I think I read Goodpapa recommends making 2 jars full at first, then using 1/2 jar for another full batch the next day- do I have that right? Do I scald the milk and how exactly do I do that? The directions that came with the maker aren't very explicit. It just says to put yogurt starter in cold or room temp milk and place in maker for however long I want- not very descriptive. I'm going to pop the jars in the dishwasher to get them nice and sterile, and hopefully some soul will take pity on me by the time their done and give me a few hints.

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Do you have a few tablespoons already made yogurt to use as a starter?
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Can anyone think of a starter I could use for breatmilk yogurt that does not contain dairy, soy, or wheat? I know this is a tough one.

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I just have jarro capsules. I tried it last night- didn't work. Any suggestions?
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You have to have a starter in there too, the Jarro doesn't have the bacteria that give it the texture you're looking for. You can use that same milk, I'd probably scald it first, then when it's cooled to around 112 degrees add in the Jarrow along with a few T. plain yogurt.

Mountainmon, look at the 2 products Ray uses. I think one of them can replace starter. Just look & see if you can find a powdered starter/probiotic that contains S Thermophilus & L bulgaricus.
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Originally Posted by goodpapa
PS I hope you're doing alright up there in the CA mountains. The videos coming through the press are pretty striking.
OK, here's a confession: we have no television and the local newspaper we get have been coming weeks late. Perhaps I should check out the Christian Science Monitor for our local news. LOL. We've had a lot of weather and so. cal. is having mudslides, so I assume that's what you mean. LOL. In that case, we're fine. Our house is on a great foundation although at the top of a hill. The little house on our property is another matter, but I can see it out my office window and it appears to be here. We do have about 3 inches of snow right now which will last another 3 hours -- it will be gone once the sun comes over the mountain.
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I'm with Goodpapa... I think you should try to give a little of the Baby Jarro during each feeding. You can put some of the powder on your nipples right before a feeding, my naturopath recommended this and it worked great when my DS was young (now he notices and wants to play with it )

I think you should do some intensive supplementation for quite some time because it seems that the yeast has invaded first and then the antibx will continue to do damage to intestinal flora. How long are the prophylactic antibx px for?

The new version of Baby Jarro came out about 6 months ago and I hate how it changed. The old version was sweet tasting and dissolved very easily, I could just give DS a spoonful and he would slurp it right up straight. The new version clumps up and tastes flat. The trick is to add infantesimal amounts by shaking very gently (like a fine mist of powder) over the liquid to dissolve it, then it will be more likely to dissolve.
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Amnesiac and anyone else who may be in the know...
Even if you dont' use starter, will the probiotics grow in bm? I used to do this and even though Baby Jarro didn't produce a firm yogurt, I assumed that the bacteria was growing and still was very beneficial to drink?
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Thanks for the suggestion of adding it to each feeding. I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who had a hard time dissolving it in breastmilk. I was beginning to think I had wacky bm or something!
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I've never tried to culture BM myself so I really have no idea how it turns out even with starter. I think even if it does work well it will be a looser consistency than regular yogurt. One thing I'm not sure of though is how much/if antibacterial properties of fresh BM affect bacterial growth if you try to grow a culture in it. Those bacteria do like the other goodies in BM though so as long as they aren't inhibited by something they should grow just like they would in cow or goat milk. Actually in some of the probiotic supplementation studies done with chilren, they used cultured milk as the delivery medium.
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rice milk?

Hey there, I had posted this question in nutrition, but since there are a lot of yogurt making experts here, I thought I'd ask you guys.

Has anyone heard of making yogurt using rice milk? I'm trying to eliminate dairy from my diet, and I think dd has a soy intolerance so I'm going to avoid soy also.

Here is my thread and the response so far. Any other advice would be really appreciated.

By the way- both dd and I take Jarrow Probiotic FOS type (they didn't have the baby kind for her).


Thanks so much!
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