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Goodpapa Ray,
Thanks for the info. I just drink it in and try to learn all I can to help my dd. You've been a wonderful source of help.
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Golden, it does sound like a temp problem. That's what my yogurt did periodically when I used my gas oven and couldn't maintain temp.

Goodpapa, I so agree with you about sunlight. It is so important. There was an article in Scientific American on this very subject (Vit D absorption and people who move their native latitudes and suffer from not enough sunlight).

People think I'm crazy here, but I get the kids out every day to get their 20 minutes minimum of sunlight, as low as the sun is.
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OK, so I've had a jar of water in the yogurt maker all day. I've checked it quickly about once an hour. Temp ranges from 109 -115. Isn't that what it should be?

So going to just using jarro powder. If I use the jarro baby powder, how much for 7 little jars? Do you sprinkle it in and whisk it a bit? I know Ray you mentioned making a potent batch just from jarro and making a full batch from that. So do you just make one jars worth of milk and then add jarro to it? How much for one jar?

The other thought I had about my two failed batches, one from yogurt and jarro and the other just from jarro, is that maybe coincidentally, I have dead bugs. The stonyfield yogurt was fresh and the jarro powder I opened last week.
I don't know. I'm stumped. Maybe I'm killing the bugs by gently whisking in the yogurt and the jarro?
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Bumping this back to the first page
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Hey. I just spent hours and hours reading this thread and all the links! I just wanted to say thanks for the education. I have taken notes and bookmarked the thread for further review, as my brain is too tired to have absorbed so much info well. I have been making yogurt for some time now but started w regular organic yogurt...I'll be up at the HFS first thing Weds (10%off day ) to look for the "GOOD STUFF." Can't wait to taste (and feel) the difference. Thanks again mamas and papa!
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I've been trying to read this thread and have read it several times before (months ago). I'm wondering if anyone has experience with candida in adult men?? Please read my other post here to see what I'm referring to. I am thinking he has some issues related to this/leaky gut syndrome. I think I'm going to put him on the candida diet. (Where do I find recipes??) Any thoughts?
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Hey, I just reviewed this whole thread and couldn't see where this question was answered (I may have missed it as I kept getting called away):
How many batches can you do w the original starter? I mean, if I culture initially w the Jarro and then use that to start the next batch, then the next...you know what I mean. So how many batches before I need to use more Jarro?
Thanks, and sorry if this info is already in the thread somewhere.
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Cross posting this article

More evidence you should be making your own probiotics:
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Bump for the Eczema Tribe. Check out the link in JaneS post right before this one if you're interested in the difference in number of bugs between probiotic capsules and yoghurt/kefir made at home.
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Hi Mon

I want to add that quote you mentioned from Elaine Gottschall too,

"Homemade yoghurt that is fermented for 24 hours, as recommended in the book Breaking the Vicious Cycle, will have an average concentration of 3 billion cfu/mL of yoghurt".

Meaning 1 tsp. of yogurt would contain 15 billion organisms. I don't even think there is a capsule on the market can claim that much.

One batch of homemade yogurt contains more probiotics than one entire bottle of probiotic capsules (at $15 - 20 a bottle!?)
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Jane ,
Glad to see you chiming in!
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Bump for SEEPAE!
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I have all the raw goat's milk from my mom's milking doe that I want and my mom made some yogurt and said it makes Stonyfield taste like crap. I guess it's some pretty darn good stuff and she doesn't get hungry as quickly as when she eats Stonyfield lowfat yogurt. I have a piece of Rowe Pottery specifically designed to make yogurt so I'm going to try it.

I'm planning to start the Maker's Diet as soon as I can finish the book and I want to get my gut back in order. I used to have an iron stomach, but no more. And my dad has an auto-immune disorder so I'm concerned about keeping my body healthy, especially since I was formula fed after 2-3 months old and completely vaxed (my parents do regret that!).

Tons of info here... thanks goodpapa!
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Do any of you know if kombucha has positive probiotic "powers" like kefir, etc. Or is it only the milk-based ferments? I have my first batch of kombucha brewing now & am curious if it could be a replacement for kefir or if its properties are not probiotic, if I'm making any sense..... Thanks.
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Bump for Matt and Shari !
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Just bringing this back up to the front!
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What do you do if your DD won't eat yogurt regularly?
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You could blend it with fruit and honey to make a smoothie. You could also freeze this mixture in trays with popsicle sticks - the bugs will survive. I mix dd's yoghurt with honey and give it to her in a bottle which she gladly SUCKS down . You could add some herbs/salt and make it into a veggie dip or salad dressing. You could add honey and dip fruit into it. I mix mine in granola instead of milk . Hope this helps.

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hello all!

i am trying to read through this thread and am on page 13. i will try and finish tonight. but i wanted to post a couple of questions while i am thinking about it.

first a comment really. someone on here was talking about the girmi yogurt maker. i bought one after looking at the different ones, and it seemed like the easiest. i eat a lot of plain organic yogurt but it still doesn't keep the yeasties away so i was hoping if i culture my own i would get more benefits. i also take probiotics in a pill form but the other night i ate a bowl of ice cream (first one in a LONG time), and then BAM, yeast. i drink smoothies with fruit juice and fruit which has a lot of sugar and i seem to be able to tolerate those. i'm not sure what to use as a starter. i think i will start with store bought yogurt until i decide. plus the trip to the health food store is kind of a drive if i wanted to buy a starter.

second, i just started drinking kefir- store bought. wow it is a strong flavor and different consistency. i am going to try to get used to it b/c it has so many different bacteria and i need all the help i can get.

any tips?
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oh ya now i remember my ? about kefir

why do you need to take it first thing in the morning? i have to take my thyroid med on an empty stomach and an hour after that i'm starving for a real breakfast. can i take it another time of day? maybe a smoothie will help with the taste.

also could my son drink a kefir smoothie? he is one. for some reason i feel weird about giving it to him. maybe just b/c it is new to me. i felt weird about giving him probiotic powder at first and that cleared up his thrush so well. i swear by it now.
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