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Okay, that sounds so totally gross and yet, I'm making dh do it with me in the morning (separate glasses ). All I can say is ... ewww! :LOL
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Originally Posted by pbandj
Ack, I made yogurt but it didn't work! Well, it sort of did. I made one out of 2% milk and dry milk that I scalded and added some regular yogurt. This one was fine. The almond milk totally didn't work though! I did the same thing except heated to 120F, then added some Jarrow (8 caps for 1 cup), shook it, and then put it in a cooler overnight with 125F water.

I used the instructions here: http://biology.clc.uc.edu/fankhauser...YOGURT2000.htm

I made the almond milk by peeling the skin off the almonds, adding an equal amount of water for the almonds (1 cup almonds/1 cup water), blended, then strained it.

I figured I didn't need to heat it to 185F like regular milk--was this my problem?

Or does almond milk just not work well for yogurt?

Can I still drink the failed almond milk mixture? Or will I just make myself sick?

Help please! :
Nevermind. I found better instructions for almond yogurt on the pecanbread site. I'll let you know if it turns out.
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Okay, dh and I did the spit into water test ... I had very little in terms of "whispies" floating down, he had tons that settled upon the bottom of the glass. ewww But then again, I eat about 1 cup of homemade yogurt a day, and drink between 2-4 cups of homemade kefir a day. After about a week of the GI issues associated with so much kefir so quickly, I know it was busy kicking the yuckies out of my system. So, dh has now decided to up his kefir intake too ...
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I failed the spit test miserably, need to get to work on that 24 hour yogurt.

Now I gotta get DH to try too.
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OK, I've finally come back to this thread.
But, I have some questions. My dd is now 6 months old, and has always, well since she passed all the meconium, had very stinky, orangy colored loose stools. She's never had the nice bm poops like my ds had. She has lots of gas too. I am not on probiotics now, : and she never has been. What do you all recommend? Should I put her on them first, or both of us? What brand is relatively affordable and good? I'm also looking into yogurt making again, but don't want to do things too quickly.
I would like to totally remove sugar from our diets, but boy is that going to be hard. I do think it would help my ds. Don't know exactly in what way-just an instinctual feeling.
Any suggestions?
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Hi zanelee, my baby has not had good poops in a while either, and I don't have any advice for you as we are still struggling, but here is a good thread to read for info:


Hope this helps!
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Please help me and my yogurt!

Hello, I need advice on my yogurt, please!

I'm making yogurt right now, and I would like to culture it for 24 hours. But I can't figure out how to do that!

I am using this method:


So right now my yogurt is in a cooler with 110F water, the directions say to leave it in there for 3 or 4 hours. Do I just keep adding hot water to the cooler to keep the temp steady at 110F up until 24 hours is reached?

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Anybody have an suggestions for me... a friend has a dairy/soy allergic (since birth) dd who is almost two years old. She was nursed until around 14 months old and since then her health problems seem worse. She currently has pneumonia and is on high doses of antibiotics. Since she's allergic to dairy/soy, what can she do? Is is possible to make Kefir or yogurt without using dairy or soy? She is not gaining weight and the doctor's office continues to suggest hot dogs, butter, cheese, whole milk etc despite the fact that she's allergic. I'm trying to dig through this thread, but I'm on dialup and my kids are needy so I appreciate any help anyone can give. PM me if you want to keep it off this thread!
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Please check out "gut healing tribe" in health and healing. You can make kefir from grape juice (I use organic without additives, but you could use any juice).

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Warning about Baby Jarro-dophilus

Gut issues have been plaguing DS and I for a long time (despite consistenting taking probiotics and Elimination/Rotation Diets, but that's another story).

DS had been on Baby Jarro for almost a year. We did use others, but chiefly this one. It did help his stool firm up and digest food better. However, he still needed to be on a restricted diet and certain grains, all forms of sugar and other things would send him quickly back into mushy "stink-to-high-heaven stool" Land.

We had a stool analysis done after a year of the above interventions (diet, probiotics) and he was 4+ for Bifidus. NO Acidophilus. And 4+ for several potentially pathogenic bacterium: Citrobacter, Klebsiella, and Proteus mirabilis.

It wasn't until we started reading about the Specific Carbohydrate Diet that I learned that the author of said diet does NOT recommend bifidus b/c it has a tendancy to overgrow and encourage the development of pathogenic bacteria.

Since that's exactly what happened with us, I believe her. She only recommends acidophilus, bulgaricus, and thermophilus calling them "community minded" organisms. Also she notes that research has shown that a bifidus dominent gut beyond exclusive nursing period (first 6 mos of life) is correlated with celiac disease.

It is very frustrating that so little research is available in this area re: which is the best or even most beneficial probiotics.

DS is still most likely dairy intolerant, so he gets Kirkman Acidophilus until I get my non dairy yogurt making up to speed for him.

I'm doing terrifically on The Body Ecology Diet Kefir powder starter made with raw milk for my probiotic fix. Kefir has beneficial yeasts which the SCD author is not sure about but since I improved greatly on it, and is easy to make and preserve the other beneficial enzymes from the raw milk, it's staying for now.

If you want to read more about the SCD for healing the gut see:

and the "Healing the Gut Tribe":

UPDATE: the gut flora imbalance due to antibiotics at birth and thrush issues with me led to food allergies in DS. Bifidobacterium is absolutely the correct probiotic to give a babe and toddler. See Healing the Gut Cheat Sheet. However, we've always had issues with FOS.. it makes bad bacteria grow as well as the good, depends on what's in your gut.
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Ok, I've got a question.
I've finally gotten myself back on probiotics. The one I'm taking has these in it:
Bifidobacterium breve,
bifidobacterium longum,
lactobacillus rhamnosus,
lactobacilus acidophilus.
My children aren't taking any just yet, as I had to order it. It should be here in a week or so. Both are still nursing, the baby moreso, and both have had looser stools and more gas. The baby moreso, I'm assuming because she's nursing more than my 3yo. I'm assuming also that this is because of the probiotics I'm taking. Is this normal? Something I should be worried about?
Should I do anything, or just wait and see?
Thanks so much!
Also- are the first two I've listed the bifidus bacteria. JaneS- your post made me think...I don't remember which ones are in the powder I ordered for my kids, and that bifidus isn't commune bugs...hmmm....
I don't want to trade one (or several) bad bugs for just one good one.

Oh, and now my poor dd has what looks like "poop scald" on her.
Someone help!
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Thanks for the info Jane.. I passed along the link to the Healing your Gut tribe and I hope she'll find some good info there. They are struggling so!
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Originally Posted by zanelee
Oh, and now my poor dd has what looks like "poop scald" on her.
Someone help!
This bullseye rash and gas meant yeast in my DS.
Has she started on solids? In fact, DS got a "rash from hell", first ever in his life, when we started that horrid rice cereal as his first solid. And eczema started then too. If only I knew then what I know now...
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Has she started on solids?
Well, : we did start giving her that same horrid rice cereal a couple of months ago. But it's been VERY sporadic. At least I've only given it to her maybe 4 or so times. Other than that, she's only had a few bites of banana. She's definately ready to eat some solids, but I'm just too scared now, and really don't know what to give her.
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I totally know how you feel!

I'd stick to fruit and veggies and then meat and egg yolks. The grains will just feed the yeast. Definately start probiotics.

Banana can be excellent as long as the peel is well covered with brown spots... which means all the hard to digest sugars have been converted to simple sugars that are rapidly absorbed. I think avocado is a good first food as well but as with anything go slowly, wait several days before starting something new and note any reaction.

I liked to steam organic veggies then puree them very well with a bit of breastmilk to help digest them (bm has enzymes).

You might want to come over to the Gut Healing Tribe in this forum and look around
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I'd stick to fruit and veggies
Sounds good to me, and nice and simple.

I liked to steam organic veggies then puree them very well with a bit of breastmilk to help digest them (bm has enzymes).
What a great idea! This never occured to me. Do you store any of your prepared food, or do you just fix it up right before feeding it to baby? If so, how long were you comfortable storing it?

You might want to come over to the Gut Healing Tribe in this forum and look around
I'm a lurker there...
Thanks so much for all your info!
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I used to freeze small batches (using glass containers, I was and am a bit of an anti-plastic freak). Or used frozen veggies.

I was only comfortable storing food for a day plus I know that that vitamins break down. Add the bm right before feeding though, it will start to digest the food and shouldn't be mixed and then stored.

Steaming is so easy and quick, things take no time to heat up. I got a Braun stick blender to puree the food. It's easy to wash too.
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Thank you so much for all your help and information. I have another question. Should you let all fruit be a bit "older", like the bananas? Or are other fruits ok when their ripe?
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OK, here's a question for all of you. I put myself back on probiotics (over 1 week now). I've got some prob. powder ordered for my kids...but that's another story. Anyway-since I've been back on them, I've had a major "outbreak" of boils. (geez I'm so embarrassed) Not just in one spot, but all over. It's awful! Is this a consequence of the good bacteria getting rid of some bad? I mean it's not like I don't keep myself clean and all....
And what do I do about them? My other worry about it is that I have them under my breasts, and I'm breastfeeding. Both my children still nurse. I worry about one of the infections somehow getting into a milk gland/duct.
(Geez louise! This is just way too much info., I'm so sorry.) I use antibacterial soap for bathing, and drink water....I'm working on my diet....
But can anybody help me? Please?!
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I live a very sheltered life..... :
Just last week when reading this thread is THE first time I have ever heard of probiotics, homemade yogurt and kefir.....Bad I know!

However now I am very interested and have NO idea where to start.
Would anyone mind doing a little hand holding?
What do I need to read...any good books out there?
And what do I need to buy and do to make my own yogurt? I need allot of hand holding here a list of things I need and a recipe too!!
I did an internet search but I just want to make sure I am making the GOOD yogurt!
I would really appreciate it!
Thank you!
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