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I'm baking chocolate cupcakes from VCTOTW for my friend's b-day today.. and I'm going to make her dinner, but I don't know what yet.
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Cool! My VCTOTW just came in the mail yesterday and I am so excited to start baking. DD has a birthday soon.

Tonight I am tired and lazy after a long day at a football game and I just reheated an Ultimate Veggie Burger I made last night (from Vegan Planet) and ate it on a vegan bun with ketchup. It's my favorite homemade veggie burger so far...
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We had wraps with hummus, roasted yams, red peppers, red onions and greens. Chocolate zucchini bread for dessert.
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I was so pleased with myself- I put veggie chili in the crockpot this morning before leaving the house to run a bunch of errands. Got home 5 hours later and realized I never turned it on!!

So, it's running on high right now and I'm hoping it will be done in time to eat tonight.

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We had a southern style feast tonight - BBQ tofu, smoky sauteed kale, savory tomato cobbler and a green salad with miso-tahini dressing.
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An old standby, the chickpea cutlets from Veganomicon (does it have a nifty abbreviation?) with salad.
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Tonight we had eggplant parmesan cutlets with tomato/pasta sauce, fresh mushrooms fried in olive oil and seasoned with garlic salt & Spike and a few slices of Italian sour dough bread on the side.

For tomorrow I need to think what I can do with the big bag of red bell peppers I got from the market the other day!?..
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Roasted Red Pepper Soup!

Last night tacqueria buritos. Mmmmm! Night before was stir fry w/rice. Tonight will be frozen specialties - lentil pancakes and potato leek soup from last week.
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that's exactly what I ended up making! It's the first time I made it, so let's hope it'll taste good! :
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Mmmm, I have a bunch of red bell peppers to use and soup sounds great! I love this thread.

Last night we had Quorn gruyere cutlets, mashed potatoes, and steamed wax beans. The monochromatic color scheme really upset me, so I added cut up cucumber, red bell pepper, and baby carrots to our plates.
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Tonight was really disappointing pizza. Blah! It was dough from our natural market (kind of overly whole-wheat tasting in my opinion), some homemade tomato sauce that hadn't quite reduced enough, and some sauteed summer squash and mushrooms. I really wanted to love it, but I don't know it was just bland and really disappointing. I have to keep reminding myself that a) not every dinner will be a hit and b) the tomato sauce (that was A LOT OF WORK) will get better with longer cooking and reducing - it was too thin for the pizza. But it'll get better. Gotta love the crockpot.
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Ack... Despite the fact that I have a lovely copy of Veganomicon sitting on my coffee table, fresh from the library (where they bought it upon my request!) we have had Papa Murphy's pizza (extra sauce and veggies, no cheese) with roasted "sausage" chickpeas and Chipotle burritos (no sour crem or cheese but lots of guac : and added Better Than Sour Cream) for the last two nights.

However, we are getting married in ten days, so culinary feats are at the bottom of my list right now (I'm busy finding just the right ribbon and ordering fortune cookies that have quotes like "Who the $hit is Kingsley Zissou?" in them). DF is a chef, however, so he could cook if he wanted to.
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It is rainy and wet wet wet here soooo
I am craving soup-
i will ask dh to make his awesome carrot ginger orange soup for dinner tonite
and I will bake something to go with it..
oh and maybe make some steamed fauxsauges...

our middle child is on a camping trip with school for 3 nights in the smoky mountains so, he being the picky one, I can get some creative dishes made in the next few days!!! yippy!!
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Mmmm Maria - that soup sounds AWESOME! Recipe?

Last night I popped in some asiago and spinach ravioli from the freezer, used up the last of my CSA made sauce (gah - the tomatoes last week were INCREDIBLE! and yeah, I reduced it forEVA), which was chocka full of zucchini and spinach, as well as the onions and a whole bulb of HOT garlic, the kids totally lapped it up, interestingly! I also made a quick avo-tomato-feta salad w/olive oil drippings. That too was GONE. Evidently we were on a tomato low of sorts? Hard to imagine because we've eaten nothing BUT tomatoes for weeks now...

Tonight... tonight I actually have time to make something nice, I am just uninspired. I did just get a case of Great Northern beans (for $12!), so something lovely with those would be awesome... any ideas?
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A normal cool weather meal for us- eggs, nutritonal yeast, brown rice, chopped greens and spices mixed and baked until the egg is cooked.
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Originally Posted by pinksprklybarefoot View Post
roasted "sausage" chickpeas and Chipotle burritos
Ohh.. those roasted 'sausage chickpeas' sound yummy! Do you mind sharing the recipe?

Congrats on getting married! : The fortune cookie slips you're looking for sound hilarious! All the best to you on your big day!!!

After having had Mexican Lasagna yesterday, it's roasted red pepper soup (leftover) for me again with some bread. DH will take a piece of the Mex. Lasagna to work for his dinner. (He started the eve shift, so for the next 2 months we'll be eating dinner separately ) For the kids I'll just whip up some Mac'n cheez pasta.
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Originally Posted by mamabeca View Post
I did just get a case of Great Northern beans (for $12!), so something lovely with those would be awesome... any ideas?
Wow, that's a lot of Great Northern beans! I like to use them in any kind of soups or 3 or 4-bean chillis. I think I read a nice recipe involving those beans and some squash or pumpkin, maybe you can create something along those lines?
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This weeks menu so far has been

Sun-pasta with roasted cherry tomatoes, lemon and basil pesto
Mon-Taco salads with refried beans, mexican rice, corn, and veg
Tues-corn on the cob, spagetti squash coleslaw with miso dressing! YUM
Weds-eggs and toast
Thurs-corn on the cob, garden salad, eggplant tagine(AMAZING)
Tonight-tofu cheeseless lasagna(finished preping just needs to be thrown into the oven YUMMY)
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Wow, I missed the entire August Thread.......busy, busy......maybe I can keep up on Sept!

Tonight is the last night before I get to the grocery, so it's a use up the pantry night. I've got a lot of CSA veg, some soba noodles, some coconut milk and and some curry paste......so it's gonna be some sort of curry noodle dish, but I haven't really thought about it seriously yet.
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We're having Mac Daddy from Veganomicon. I've been wanting to try that for the longest time. Mac & cheese was a favorite in my pre-vegan days. I haven't had it in soooo long and I'm excited about it! It's a rainy, dreary day here and comfort food sounded good.

For dessert, I made the chocolate mousse from Joy of Vegan Baking and put it in a graham cracker crust and made the tofu whipped topping. Yum!
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