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Gosh, we have just about everything I could want from previous kid (nursing pillow, Trumpette socks, natural crib mattress), but I also want a diaper bag! I never had one last time, just a big plastic purse from H&M that was badass and waterproof but not the most functional diaper bag.

Off to check links.

Also, I want long sleeve organic cotton maternity shirts in chocolate and red too! Do such things exist?! TELL ME!
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Okay those Fleurville bags? Are awesome.

Do I want the Messenger, or the Hana? Decisions...
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I know... I think I need a Fleurville now too. Although I'm not a big fan of plasticy outsides. Now I have a Skip Hop Denim Dash which I love but it won't be big enough with two in CDs....
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I have two diaper bags, a Skip Hop Duo and a Fleurville Sling Tote and I use the Skip Hop everyday. I just don't use the Fleurville, ever, anymore. It's way prettier, but the strap slips off my shoulder all the time, and it just isn't as organized as the Skip Hop for me. A shame, too, DH spent a pretty penny on it (On Cleanrance at Christmas time, though, wait for the sale!).
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But the pattern of the mothership that I really really want is on clearance now...... off to cry but secretly happy everyone likes this bag too.....
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I really want a baby hammock swing that hangs from the ceiling so I have a safe place to set baby while I cook dinner. Last time I used a portable swing set up on the table but I would rather have something with a more organic feeling flow to it, more like a sling.
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I have a Ergo and a MT and I am buying a babyhawk for this baby. I will be buying a ton of clothes and maybe bedding also? I had all pink stuff with my dd.
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1--a king size mattress to fit all of us on so we can continue to co-sleep. I can't stand our full size because all 3 of us like to sprawl out, so when dp is home from the slope, I sleep on the floor! Ok, that;s not really a baby item...

2--an ergo!

3--Hot Topic baby clothes
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I want a comfortable rocking chair for the nursery!!

We spent $20 at a yard sale for a chair for my older sons, and I want a chair I'll enjoy long after I rock our baby to sleep. We're thinking about the sleepytime chair from nurseryworks.

We also bought a Beco Butterfly Carrier in black with a pretty blue mosaic print.

H&M just opened near our house, so I'm looking forward to a few new baby clothes from there.

Mostly, I'm excited when this is all done to get rid of my maternity clothes and nursing bras and actually invest in clothes I'll wear for longer than 9 months at a time!
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I want a nice glider chair this time, the one I had with DD was a 3rd time hand me down from a neighbor, and it was ok, but not overly comfy, and creaky. Well, it finally fell apart so there is none now. I want a big cushy one

I would like a ergo type of carrier with that supported belt, I love my MT, but those look easier and the moms i know with them LOVE them. I already have 4 ring slings, (its nice having friends who make really nice one :P) but want that carrier next.

I would like a toddler bed. Will use our arms reach cosleeper again, until the new baby is able to sit up and such, and keep DD in her crib which is now dropped down to toddler level, and then when the new baby is sitting up and such, will put the crib back up to the high level and side car it like we did with DD till just recently. I "think" we may have room for a toddler bed, crib and our queen in our room. But if she's ready for her bed in her room by then, we may move her in there. It depends, i REALLY like having her just an arms reach away now that she is not sharing the same space as me. At least its still the same room

Id like a new stash of cloth. We bought a good number of Bum Genious 2.0 with DD since they sitter was comfortable with them and their style. but i'm thinking this time maybe I'll try something different!

Some gender neutral outfits for the first few weeks (we're not finding out the sex) but not stuff in orange or yellow. I don't like those colors. Pretty creams, or blues that aren't too masculine etc.
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An Ergo would be my wish.

A new camera (ours is finished) is my need!
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No, no, you know what I want? I want a big glider chair, except with nontoxic flame retardants in the foam and upholstery. Seriously! I won't bring upholstered furniture into the house unless it's from Ikea (since I can't afford the pricier stuff), and until they make a glider armchair, it ain't happening.

Any suggestions for a nursing rocker or chair that isn't standard US upholstery?
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Maybe I can make my own out of old curtains, and stuff it with cat hair and dust bunnies.
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I absolutely had to have a Ju-Ju-Be diaper bag. I found it on sale and got it before I was even pregnant.
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Originally Posted by Double Buckeye View Post
I absolutely had to have a Ju-Ju-Be diaper bag. I found it on sale and got it before I was even pregnant.
I totally want a really big Ju-Ju-Be diaper bag. I can never find them on sale. Please share where you found it!

I have to admit, I am not much of a shopper but my weakness is baby items. I could spend thousands of dollars on cute baby stuff...

I would love to buy an organic crib mattress and organic bedding. I would also love a great comfy rocking chair. I don't know if we can afford all of these though. If money were no object I would also love to buy all organic baby clothes. I did buy one really cute organic outfit for the new babe but it was 28 dollars (plus tax) for a one-piece, size 0-3 months!

I have some stuff from DS number one that I love and will be using. Stuff I used and will use again includes:
-an organic ergo
-a great wrap for the newborn stage
-a mini co-sleeper
-a nice thick organic changing pad on our changing table
-also, I love my Bob Revolution Stroller for jogging (or getting coffee )
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