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Twins co-sleeping to crib?

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Hello everyone in the multiple world. I have posted before about co-sleeping with twins. We decided to give the crib a chance and that is because of sleep issues. Basically, we don't want in any way the cry it out method, but need more sleep and room in the bed. Does anyone do the crib thing, or tranfer to crib late (10m plus) Is there a good way to go about this. For those of you with older twins who co-sleep, do you find your children are still having trouble with sleep? This is the reason that we are going for the crib-because while i believe in ap parenting, i really don't want for my children to develop habbits and hard to break sleep problems which i find commonly talked about with those who always co-slept as apposed to crib to co-sleeping at around 2 or so as if they learned about sleeping with their body and it is now easy to sleep together...and go to sleep on their own...any thoughts on this...

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We had the crib next to our bed with the rail half down for easy access for a while, but I hated reaching over it (back breaking) so we took the side off and butted it up next to the bed sidecar style. We tucked blankets into the crack and wedged it between the dresser and the bed and that worked great for us. I could reach the babies easily but we had more room. Now, at 2, they are on a mattress on our floor.
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My twins are ten months and we just started using a portacrib which is to the left of our bed and a toddler bed which is to the right. The crib has a lambswool in it for warmth and can be easily reached.

We just started using them and are doing it gradually. For example, when a baby falls asleep we then transfer babe to crib or bed. Both are in arms reach. We pull them back in bed with us when they want to nurse.

We co-slept with older singletons( now 5 and 2 1/4) for 2+ yrs and 16mos respectively.

Hope this helps.
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If the cribs don't work out, I would try putting them down on their own mattress on the floor. We've had a lot of success with that for naps, and have found that our babies sleep longer if they are right next to each other, touching. When we do move them out of our bed, we will move them to their own double mattress on the floor.

My babies hate cribs, and I can't say I blame them!

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