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It's September! What are you eating?

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Time for a September thread!

This month (and hopefully from now on), I want to know what you're eating for all three meals, not just dinner. That way I can steal all your ideas.
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Here was our menu today:

Breakfast: waffles with maple syrup
Lunch: Sunshine Casserole (chicken, egg noodles, and lots of veggies) and steamed fresh green beans with garlic butter sauce
Dinner: "toad in a hole" (basically fried egg & toast) and turkey bacon

We also had watermelon and buttered popcorn for snacks today.
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Our menu today:
Brunch: Sourdough Peach Pancakes with Cream & Honey, Scrambled Eggs with Herbs & Homemade Feta, Raw Milk, Mint Tea, Tomato Salad and Cantaloupe

Dinner: Roasted Leg of Lamb with Marjoram & Garlic, Sauteed Salsify, Fresh Arugala with Salad Turnips, lacto-fermented Sauerkraut, Pumpernickel Bread with Butter & Roasted Tomatoes plus a completely failed baked custard for dessert
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subbing, bbl.
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Breakfast: scrambled eggs & toast (coffee of course :P)
Lunch: DD has leftover pizza, celery sticks, crasins in her bag, DH has turkey burger, & rice &beans.. I'll be having whatever I can find..
Dinner: Teriyaki chicken, brown rice, peas... maybe brownies?
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You are all making me hungry!

Breakfast: Puffed Kashi, peaches, soymilk, RRL tea latte; 2 eggs 1 slice toast with peach jam (for 2nd bfast), watermelon juice
Snacks: plums, asian pears
Lunch: enchilada casserole leftovers, lemon cucumbers
Snack: pumpkin (read butternut squash) pecan muffin
Dinner: Leftovers: coconut rice, refried beans, roasted beets, broccoli and chevre
Snack: watermelon juice

Breakfast: (1st bfast same as yesterday); grilled mozzarella, tomato, onion and bacon sandwich, watermelon juice
Snacks: almonds, asian pear
Lunch: same as yesterday, and then the casserole is gone!
Snacks: likely the same, but maybe some fresh zucchini bread or cookies too b/c I'm baking today
Dinner: Vegetarian southwest style pot pie topped with cornbread-- thank goodness for slow cookers!
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Ok, yesterday:
breakfast - bacon, eggs, toast
lunch - soup and paninis (or pb&j if you're 2)
dinner - we ate at the fair. I had a tator pig, dh and ds1 had subs, ds2 had chicken nuggets and fries

breakfast - oatmeal and toast for me, no idea what dh's feeding the boys
lunch - a chorizo with grilled onions and coleslaw for me, again, no idea on the boys
dinner - leftovers
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What the heck is a tater pig?! How do I live in the South and not know what that is?
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Come to Idaho, the potato state!

Its a potato that they bore a hole in and stick a sausage link in there, then bake it like usual. You get them fresh and hot and smothered in cheese. Then of course you have to add a ton of sour cream and butter.
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Breakfast: scrambled eggs for ds, poptart for dd, chicken biscuit and iced coffee for me

Lunch: dc eat hot lunch at school-- I had a South beach frozen dinner(turkey, brown rice and green beans with yellow bell pepper), claussan dill pickle, leftover banana pudding

Dinner: grilled beef kabobs with onions and peppers(I' m marinating them in Mexican chile and lime marinade), yellow rice, black beans, sauteed spinach. Dc will eat some of the beef tips , yellow rice and a green veggie since they don't care for spinach.

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Mmm, that sounds sooo good, Allyson! I might try to make that myself someday...

We stayed at my parents' house last night because of mean old Gustav, so we had a crappy not-at-home breakfast of Trix for the kids and strawberry Pop-Tarts for me. Blech.

Lunch was chicken tortilla soup & tortilla chips.

My 6-year-old has requested chicken & black bean quesadillas for dinner, and I have chicken I need to use up, so I guess that'll be it. We'll have them with salsa & sour cream. I'm also going to make a devil's food cake with chocolate icing in a little while, so that'll be dessert. I have been craving chocolate cake. :
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Toad in the Hole is actually sausage in yorkshire pudding, Becoming. I think you're thinking of simply eggs on toast or "egg in a basket".

Today we are having pea soup or leftover beans and rice. Yesterday was a good ole' cookout. My mom might eat those left overs.
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subbing for inspiration to eat better
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Originally Posted by velochic View Post
Toad in the Hole is actually sausage in yorkshire pudding, Becoming. I think you're thinking of simply eggs on toast or "egg in a basket".
Hmm, I never knew that. We've always called them "toad in a hole," that's what my grandma called them. My husband says "sun in a window." We actually cut a hole in the bread and crack the egg inside the hole.
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For dinner, dh made hummus and we had corn salad, beet salad, fresh black figs, kalamata olives, black plums and I made a tomato cucumber salad with feta.
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We just had a great dinner. My partner made a really yummy corn and roasted pepper soup and we ate it with a mixed green and microgreen salad with goat cheese and almonds. So so so good. Healthy, too.
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Today we had/are having:

Breakfast - oatmeal w/ honey

Lunch - leftover veggie soup from dinner last night, maybe a grilled cheese

Dinner - Grilled chicken sandwiches with sweet potato fries.
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Today we're having/had:

Breakfast-We had cereal/granola and juice

Lunch-DH had a wrap (leftover chicken BBQ w/jalepeno jack cheese)
I had leftovers (goulash) from last night

Dinner-Homemade pizza with a garlic/parmesean crust We've got some veggies and ground beef that need to be used up in the fridge, plus some zella. Yum.
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b-blueberry muffins
l-probably a sandwich
d- we're going to my mom's so I have no idea what we'll eat.

My boys eat lunch and breakfast at daycare and school. Dh works nights so he fends for himself.
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yesterday we had:

b: croissants and peaches and coffee
l: sprouted wheat bagels with cream cheese and cucumber
d: tri tip roast on ww tortillas with cheese and lime and avocados

yikes, not enough veggies yesterday.


b: bacon tomato and cheese omelettes and sprouted rye toast, purple grapes
l: going for chinese after swimming lessons
d: probably chicken and mushrooms, brown rice, greens and beets.
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