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Thanks all. Sometimes I pretend it's just because there are four kids now, and four kids are a lot, so I'm pretty busy. But honestly, if I didn't HAVE to do everything I have to do, I wouldn't do it. No motivation, lots of tears.

I never had my six-week check up. It's been 12 weeks now but I need to see Hilary and let her know what's going on. I in no way want to harm myself or any of my children, but I'm pretty blue and the slightest thing can set me off (being late getting the kids to school, stuff like that). Plus I'm having trouble with my IBS postpartum. I had my first attack in over a year a few weeks ago, and two others of lesser severity since then.

I know that I'll be all right in the long run. I just have to get to the long run.
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A from me to you, Crazy.
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KMJ and Crazy
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KMJ and Crazy
PPD sucks to go through. I think some of the B-complex vitamins helped last time with DD (and I had pretty major ppd with her). You might want to check out the PPD board here - there are some good recommendations there if you don't want to go the pharmeceutical route (or even if you do). I'm always here if you want to talk or vent.
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Crazy and KMJ, my first stop would be to call Hilary, if she didn't have anything that would help, I'd call an old fashion MD and get a pill. I know it's not very MDC, but I lived through 7 months of misery with E that wasn't pleasant. I could go on but it wasn't good.

I hope you both get the help you need, we're here when you need us
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ppd sucks

yall should hang with playgroup tomarrow - i know just getting out with other people helped me a ton when i was having it with big C.
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Hi! My name is Chrissy and I was told about this group by a very nice mommy on a different group list. I hope I'm posting this right....
I'm a stay at home mom to a little girl who turned 2 in may and am currently 31 weeks pregnant. My husband just got a better job in the Albuquerque area and we are are planning on moving in the next 3 weeks meaning I will be about 35 by the time we arrive in town. Does anyone on this list have any recommendations for midwives who can help deliver the new little one? I'm really hoping for a natural birth this time (lots of meds, but vaginal last time). We will also need a doc who is AP friendly and can deal with an alternative vaccine schedule. Blue Cross Blue Shield leads are extra helpful if anyone knows about that too....
Thank you sooo much!
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Thanks again everyone. I had ppd really really bad after E was born and nearly had to be hospitalized. I thought I might has escaped it this time, but maybe not. Things aren't bad, though, I just need to make sure they don't get that way. I have a lot of mixed emotions going on (leaving my job, back to school, being a SAHM) that I'm sure you all understand. I just don't know what came first. . disatisfaction with my job or the ppd. The two seem to be intertwined, and then when you add the stress of any transition on top of that, you've got a problem. It doesn't help that N cries a lot of the day. He's usually an angel at pg, but I swear he's not that good most of the time. It's his reflux, I think. . .but man does the crying wear on me. Plus, E can get super whiny too. She hasn't been sleeping enough so she goes through several meltdowns a day. . .between the crying and the whining and the melting down, I never get any peace! (I don't know how those of you with more kids do it, 2 is sending me over the edge as it is!)

I'm OK with meds if I need them, so far I don't think I do. I'm already doing B-vitamin complex so I'll keep doing that, along with cal-mag and Floradix.

Going to pg makes me feel better, so I'll definitely stay with that. So pg tomorrow? I must have missed discussion on it. Can some one put details on the other site?

KMJ - I understand the no motivation part. And the tears. Are you at least able to sleep enough and eat regularly?

Welcome, Chrissy. You're lucky because NM is very midwife-friendly. There are a lot of options here. I personally used Connie Koshewa with Natural Birth Midwifery and really liked her. There are a lot of other great midwives here, though, too.
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Hugs to both mama !!! Are you sleeping? eating? Drinking? Peeing? I hired a postpartum doula for a few weeks after C was born. All she did was entertain L for a few hours so I could nap and cooked dinner a couple times a week and it made all the difference in the world to be able to nap and eat something besides peanut butter and jelly.

Do whatever you need but get help, at home, for your head, for your tears. DO whatever you need to do !!

Worked today and tomorrow. TWO crash C/S today, pulled from the recovery room from one to do the other. One with a happy ending and one not.
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((hugs)) Doularn. Sorry that you had such a rough day.

Welcome Chrissy. Were you hoping for a home, hospital, or birthing center birth? There are a lot of midwives here, depending on your preference.
Good luck with the move!!
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Welcome Chrissy! Glad you found us! (I'm the one who sent you the email ) Hope you find lots of information to help you out in your search. Good luck with the move!

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DoulaRN, yikes how scary.

Welcome Chrissy, what kind of birth are you looking for? We have BCBS, pretty much everyone but Presbeterian takes it, but our plan is a royal PITA.

So last night I decided I would only nurse every two hours, lets just say from 7-12 was rather rough.
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I had ppd after Little S and was able to deal as long as I went to playgroup. If I missed it, I had a REALLY bad week.

Welcome Chrissy.

Playgroup is here, right? I think I'm the only one who offered. I guess that means I should go clean my kitchen, huh? Little S is teething really bad (teething tablets aren't even touching it, he has had to have a dose of Tylenol just so he could calm down) so not sure if that will happen.
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I'll pack up to head over after M wakes up from her nap.
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We won't be at pg today. I'm feeling like crap this morning. Have fun! Hopefully I'll feel better soon. I hate being sick.

Welcome Chrissy!
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i dont think we will be making it since i just am now moving
SOMEONE thinks nursing all night is a good idea so the parental someone did just that but stayed in bed till 9:30

emans and crazy - i think these babies have a plot against us

i have to tell you all something funny big c did yesterday.

We are driving and she keeps saying 'mooooooom i wanna listen to rock songs"
So i am looking through all the stations and each song isnt a "rock" song according to her.
So she finally says 'oh nevermind! turn it off and i will sing a rock song."
I turn it off and she sings "oh there was a little rock named saaaaaally."

I was laughing so hard i was crying. she doesnt get what is funny about that.

Gosh, there was something i wanted to tell yall and i cant for the life of me remember it. shooot. sleepy brain is not good.
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now i remember what i wanted to tell yall.

so the jerk who hit us has a ton of priors with driving such as multiple dwi's, speeding, driving without ins etc

well i was looking again last night to see if this accident had hit his record yet and i found out he also is a FELON!!! he is a rapist! he also got cited for no ins and no license for my accident and he didnt show up to court so now he has a warrent. This kid is only 25 and already his history is not impressive.
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We obviously aren't making it today. Had an appt with the mw today, turns out my iron is a little love the w, so i'm working on that. Babe is doing fine though! Starting to have random real contractions through the day, but nothing I can even bother timing. Have a bunch of errands to do this afternoon, and some more HB supplies to pick up like plastic, etc.

Welcome Chrissy! Sounds like our DD's are the same age (mine is a May baby too), and I'm 37 weeks pg. : There are a lot of great midwives in the area, so you shouldn't have too much trouble finding one. We don't vax, but I know there are some other mamas around here who go by an alternative schedule. They may have some good names for you (and I wouldn't go with Bebe Han - he really isn't all that AP-friendly or non-vax friendly either). What part of Chicago are you from? I have a bunch of family up that way....


asf - What a loser!!
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blue - i have a piece of picnic cloth material i bought to use on the wood floors under the birth pool if you need something like that.

does anyone want a big bag o rice for a rice bath for the kids? I still have a bunch left over from when c was usuing that for her sensory therapy. i can bring it on sunday if someone has a use for it.
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It was great to see you gals at pg today. Wish we could have stayed longer. When we got home I tried to feed H lunch before she napped and she was so tired she started falling asleep while she was eating! (first time she's ever done that) So we abandoned lunch and went to the couch. I was sure she'd take at least an hour and a half nap, if not more. Nope. Thirty mintues. Oh well.

asf - on the "rock" songs and on the jerk who hit you

blue - glad the babe is doing well!
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