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My water just broke - Page 2

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Yay! You're having a baby! Isn't this exciting? *hugs*
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I love these "in progress" threads! It's a lot of fun to get the play by play!
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yay!! : hope it's the peaceful and wonderful experience you wanted.

I love these "in progress" threads! It's a lot of fun to get the play by play!
Me too!!
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I hope I see a birth announcement when I get home this afternoon!
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its so generous to post the play by play. i agree, its so fun and interesting.
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How exciting, Elishiva! I am looking forward to reading all about it! I wish you a wonderful labor and birth experience!
:::::::::: :::::::
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Congrats! I hope everything is moving along smoothly for you!!!
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Yeah - what fun to read about things as it is happening.
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Thanks for the updates! Hope all is well...maybe a baby by now??
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thinking all good thoughts for an easy labor and beautiful birth...
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Not in your DDC but I am playing along also! lol. :
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Thanks for sharing, this is exciting. I hope things are progressing nicely. Have a smooth birthing time.
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Oh, how exciting!! Yay!
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Not much yet. I've had a few more serious contrax, but not with any regularity. I've been nursing my toddler constantly and saw my acupuncturist.

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Aw man we're too anxious to wait much longer!
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oh.. this is soo great. thanks for keeping up posted while you can! sending great labor vibes your way and wishing you a beautiful and graceful labor and birth!
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I've heard great things about acupuncture, hopefully you're cuddled up with your baby by now!
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Yeah, maybe it's just one of those amazing non-painful labors?
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Had a glass of wine and went to bed. I don't know how many times I woke during the night with contractions (real, painful), but it was lots. They seem to be lasting 40-50 seconds but I'm not that good at counting half-asleep and writhing in pain I'm up now and just started timing them. If things don't pick up on their own, we'll try castor oil, but I'm pretty sure that, now that I'm awake, things will get going. I had been having them every 5-6 minutes before going to bed, but then DH and I had a HUGE misunderstanding and everything stopped. It's all fine now and I'm pretty amazed at my body's ability to adjust to changing circumstances.

Off to eat and drink.
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good luck!!
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