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Dino-Bite, Dino-Vite, and shedding

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Has anyone ever heard of either of these products? I heard about a product that I thought was called Dino-Bite, on a radio commercial, that said it was really good for dogs and kept them from shedding so bad. I tried to look this up, and I found a product called Dino-Vite, which is like a dog vitamin, and it says it also helps with shedding. It just seemed kind of weird, because they were advertising it under both names. Like, they were actually calling it Dino-Bite at the top, then as you scroll down, you see the jar, and it says Dino-Vite, and then there is a note saying this product is actually called Dino-Vite, but sometimes is misspelled and called Dino-Bite. It was just odd.


Then they have another page that spells it Dino Vite only:

Doesn't that seem odd? Just makes me wonder if it is legitimate.

Anyway, I am looking for something that will help my dog be healthier and not shed so badly. He is a Labradoodle (adopted after he got too big to continue on his career path toward becoming a service dog!), and they are not supposed to shed much. But he sheds a lot! It is driving me crazy. I am going to research starting him on a better, homemade diet, but my schedule is super busy right now. SO that is on my to do list for next month. I'd like to order this stuff now if it would help.

Has anyone heard of this, or know of something else that I can get for him until we transition the diet? My understanding is that healthier dogs don't shed as much (I know they still shed, and that all breeds are different though.)

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I am not familiar with those products, but I have a Furminator that works wonders!
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Thanks so much! I actually did hear about those, thanks for the reminder! I think I'll try that first!
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