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EO Plug In Diffuser?

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Do any of you use them as a replacement for plug ins? where do you get them on-line? What are some EO that would have a Fall type smell?
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We use California Baby's plug-in wall diffuser in our DS's bedroom, and it works really well. I'm thinking about getting a second one for our bedroom. Here's a link:


As far as EO's go, I originally got California Baby's Colds & Flu blend to use when DS was congested, but now I use it anytime. Here's a link to all of their different blends:


We use a burner in our living room...I think burners work better in bigger spaces. I just picked up an electric one from the Body Shop that works great:


Here's a link to their other burners:


And here's a link to their home fragrance oils:


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They usually sell them here:


but it appears they are currently out. I haven't tried it but their Germ Beater Spice synergy might be nice for Fall and help with cold season. I love their stuff and they do samples too.
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I bought one from California Baby. It is exactly like the Aura Cacia ones you can get online for a fraction of the cost.

I do the California Baby Cranky and OverTired EO Blend. I also use other EO's in these diffusers. You can buy replacement pads, so you don't have to reuse with different scents. I mean I reuse them, but I keep the peppermint scent pad with the peppermint EO. Does that make sense?

Anyhoo...they work really well.
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FUN!!! I am so excited!!!
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I just saw the Aura Cacia one in the Frontier wholesale catalog for $7.99!
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