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ugh! so my nice bfing dreams are gone. the last two nights i have had horrid nightmares. i used to get them when i was younger. they have both involved my dd and i think that is what makes them so disturbing. i got hardly any sleep last night and had to call in to work today because the tiredness on top of the morning sickness was just too much. is there anything i can do to calm these? tea before bedtime? i think i have some chamomile i can try. im going to cut down on my sugar as i think that used to help when i was little. i dont think i had these when i was pg with dd, but i did have very vivid weird dreams. the one i had last night was very scary and upsetting, i dont think ill be able to handle this on a regular basis. and it takes a lot to scare me. for some reason they only happen when i roll over onto my back while im sleeping (maybe i feel more exposed?), but i dont have any way to control that if im asleep. maybe a body pillow? grrr!
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Nightmares are really hard. I struggle with nightmares, especially when I am pregnant. The only suggestion I have is to try going to sleep with hypnosis. Hopefully a peaceful start to the night will help.
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I have them too. Also had them as a kid. If you find any solutions let me know! My sister-in-law had them very intensely when she was pregnant with her son. She actually said she thought she was gestating the devil or something because she had dreams of killing or being killed almost every night she was pregnant with him. Of course, it has nothing to do with that and more to do with hormones. I think as a child, it has more to do with imagination and going through developmental milestones that are accompanied by fears etc.

But I am really really done with them myself. So disturbing sometimes. Keep me posted if something helps you.
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thanks guys. hypnosis is a good idea, or some sort of relaxation tape. hopefully i am not going to give birth to the devil, LOL. last time i was pg i kept dreaming i was going to give birth to a lizard though!
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I'm having problems with this too. Mostly though it's bad dreams of fire because my apt burnt down in January. And it happened after waking up at 4am and rolling over to see my dh's wall beside the bed was on fire. I can't go back to sleep after these dreams. And they're always set in my new apt. and they're so vivid. It's awful and I want happy dreams!!!
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I've been dealing with the nightmares as well. The last couple weeks they've been an almost nightly occurrence. I wish I knew how to make them go away. to everyone who's dealing with them.
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I've definitely been having some violent dreams...last night someone got decapitated...but it wasn't nightmarish...it was sort of matter of fact. Anyway, I've started up with the 3:00 pee and can't go to sleep deal everyone has been talking about. Annoying!
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I haven't had super-bad nightmares, but I am getting these lovely dreams every night that involve blood suddenly pouring out of my lady parts. I can't wait until it's the beginning of October and I can stop worrying so much about miscarriage...
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i had a really bad dream last night. someone gave me a baby- a toddler actually, he was asian (we are not), but this was my Terran (who i think i am carrying now). i was meeting him, holding him, talking to him, looking in his face, getting to know him and then suddenly ds1 was lost in a crowd and i had to desperately search for him. i was holding Terran close to my chest, like a little baby (tho he looked about 18months old), and frantically searching for ds. i spotted him, made contact, he was safe- but suddenly Terran was gone. So then I was frantically searching for him. I kept finding little unaccompanied asian boys the same age, but none so smiley or cute as him. i could not find him and i kept calling his name but it wouldnt come out i could barely whisper tho i wanted to scream.
such a disturbing frightening dream and when i woke up i was afraid it meant i would lose the baby. but then i remembered dreaming while i carried ds1 that i left his infant carrier on the roof of the car while loading groceries and drove off with him on the roof! and this certainly never did or ever would happen!
i dont want to have nightmares though! i wonder if the fact that i ate taco bell late at night could have possibly been a contributing factor? i definitely wont do that again!
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well for now the nightmares are gone. i have been imagining myself sleeping on my side all night long before bed and that seems to be helping. i think food is one thing that can trigger nightmares- when i stopped eating choclate or excessive amounts of sugar within 2 hrs of going to bed, most of my nightmares stopped. this was when i was a teenager- they were awful, and so was my diet! now i have been craving a lot of processed foods (hot pockets! what is that about???) and im wondering if that could be contributing to it. hugs to everyone else having the bad dreams!
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Damn..Hot Pockets sound fabulous. Too bad I don't eat cheese anymore. .
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yeah, before today i hadnt had one in years. i was drooling for it by the time i got it home from the store. im crazy over those and the marie calendar pot pies. LOL. i was able to choke down a salad though too!
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I'm having nightmares also, but I've always had really violent dreams. Lately though they've been about something bad happening to the baby. I can't go back to sleep after those...
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Last night was definitely a nightmare. The kind where you don't want to get out of bed even tho you have to pee. Not to mention the constant hip pain.
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