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dog licking himself raw?

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This is going to sound disgusting (and it is) but over the weekend my golden retreiver has been licking himself and has removed most of the fur around where his testicles used to be and it's all red We've got some Oxyfresh Pet Gel which I've been thinking of using but just really don't want to...(I get easily grossed out) I will, though if I must! We did get his head cone out so he can't do any further damage but I can't figure out why he's doing this and if something could actually be wrong - any thoughts?
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Sounds like he probably has a hot spot. Any chance he got bitten by something there (ie fleas) or does he have bad fur matting there? These are usually caused by something that is irritating to the dog (bites, allergic reaction, matted fur) to the point that they lick the area obsessively.

The best thing to do is to clip all the fur away from the area and wash it with cool water several times daily. Use the e-collar too so he can't keep licking it. These can become infected quite easily, so a trip to the vet may be in order if it's a large area or if it's not improving in the next day or two.
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My dog did that once. Vet said it was a boredom/habitual thing. He wasn't bit and didn't have a rash or anything--just behavioral. She put a E-collar on him and some cream (or a spray, can't remember) to put on the area. It healed up well. When the collar came off, I just made sure he had plenty of rawhides and/or Kongs filled with goodies to keep him busy so he wouldn't go back to licking himself raw.

GL and let us know what your vet says!
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My dog does this. She's a nervous licker, always licking her paws. She also has sensitive skin and flea allergies. I keep up to date on her flea meds, bathe her frequently to keep her skin clean (with a mild shampoo, and a conditioner), and when she develops a real 'hot spot' I use a cortisone spray which usually clears it up in a couple days.

And of course give him plenty of stuff to do/chew.
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It's a good idea to have it looked at, but yeah, it could easily be behavioural. Our oldest dog is a "crazy-licker" who we have to watch like a hawk otherwise she ulcerates her own arms.
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I thought there was a difference between boredom licking and licking themselves raw. I'd get it checked out.

I'd also avoid washing repeatedly. Repeated washings are going to dry out the skin. Just wash him regularly with good quality, soothing shampoo. If he's bored make sure he's getting frequent walks, and yeah, plenty to chew on.
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Put unpasteurized honey on it (if he's wearing his cone).
My vet swears by it.
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My parents Golden was REALLY prone to hotspots. They eased off some on a better dog food.
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