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feeling absolutely miserable

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You would think that this being my third pregnancy, my body would be used to this by now. This first trimester has been really hard on me. I am nauseous all day long, and can't stand to eat or drink anything. I had some back pain yesterday that kind of worried me, my mw did a urine culture today and I should know the results by Thursday. She was worried about a bladder infection. As bad as that is, I am almost hoping I have one that I can easily cure and then start feeling "normal" first trimester discomfort rather than absolutely miserable all day long. I have no idea what the point of my post was...I guess I'm just wondering if any other non-first-timers are feeling worse than ever?
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Yup! I am. I don't remember feeling this tired and sick with the first. Its extra hard with a toddler. I just want to lay down but I know I can't for very long.

Hope things look up for you soon!!
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I am feeling HORRIBLE!!! With my last two pregnancies I was nauseas and tired but never like this! I am nauseas almost all day long and I get worse after I eat which is totally the opposite of my last two pregnancies. I am so tired that when I stand up and walk around I practically have to drag myself around because I just want to fall over from being so exhausted. I did stop taking my prenatels because they were making me worse. I am now taking Flinstones until my OB appt on Thursday.

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I am finally not as tired, but my nausea has gotten so much worse this week!! All the little remedies that helped before do nothing now. Just thinking about my prenatal vitamins makes me start gagging, I might have to go get some flinstones (good idea, amy!)

I miss food so much I actually dream about it! But when I am awake I do not want to eat anything!
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While I am certainly not happy there are many of us miserable, it does make me feel better to know it is not something unique to me. I was starting to feel like a wuss!

Anyhow, to all, and come on second trimester!!!!
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Me, too. I don't want to eat anything and I just want to stay in bed, but with a little one crawling around, I obviously can't do that. Pregnancy was so much easier the first time around!
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yes. i'm on #3 and feeling like absolute fucking crap. pardon the potty mouth. but it's how i feel. just isn't strong enough without the f-bomb in there.

constant (CONSTANT) nausea, constipation, extreme exhaustion.

i'm supposed to be finishing up my dissertation this month. i'm at the very end of a loooooooong 8 year road and this hit me like a mack truck and i don't know if i'll be able to finish.

so yeah, i'm miserable. you're not alone.
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I forgot how crappy the first trimester is. I don't remember being this tired, and having no energy. I am starting to feel a bit better, but I really wish I could just sleep through the first trimester. Wake me up when I can feel movement consistently and have more energy! The worrying and the grouchiness and the feeling yucky is just no fun.
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I think I jinxed myself yesterday when I told someone that I was starting to feel better... Literally 2 minutes later I had to run to the bathroom to puke and woke up gagging this morning.
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Originally Posted by IncaMama View Post
yes. i'm on #3 and feeling like absolute fucking crap. pardon the potty mouth. but it's how i feel. just isn't strong enough without the f-bomb in there.
THIS IS ME EXACTLY!! My stomach hurts ALL DAY LONG and at night too. I always feel like there is barf right in my throat, and the slightest bad smell will send it shooting out of my mouth. My kids are 2 and 4 and used to going somewhere all the time and doing fun stuff. Just thinking of that makes me tired and sick!!

And WHY do people say it is GOOD to feel sick??? With my DS when I told people they would say that was good, that means you are 'really pregnant' or something. Is there any truth to this??? I havent seen the mw yet or anything (am not due till 4/28) so I am still skeptical that there is a live baby in me till I see or hear a heartbeat and there fore I am not telling anyone. Which is hard when I feel like this!! BLAH!
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Yeah, I'm no novice to pregnancy and I feel rather crappy myself. I think having other kids to contend with just increases the exhaustion (there really is NO down-time) and that, in turn, makes us feel worse. And I can't even get privacy when I'm puking-- someone's always coming into the bathroom to ask for breakfast, or what to wear to school that day...Oh, and preparing food for the kids?! UGH! Total barf!!
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i have been so nauseated i forgot to make dd lunch yesterday. we normally eat together when not at work/ school and it didn't even occur to me that she needed to eat. poor kid!
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Oh Yeah.... How many times did I fall asleep on the couch today? Two times and I also fell asleep on the couch at 8 last night.
It's pathetic. DH thinks I'm depressed, I'm only depressed because I have no freakin' energy.
The house is a total disaster. I'm suppose to start homeschooling my kindergartener soon. Let's see, he was in jammies until 3 playing with legos.
Luckily both kids have been really good, playing together well and staying out of trouble when I fall asleep.

This is my third pregnancy as well. Right now I'm a little worried I'm anemic, I really don't remember the fatigue being this awful.
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Whooo, I am the same way. Third pregnancy here, too. I absolutely have NO energy... want to nap all day and the house is a disaster, etc.

I did read that increased fatigue and m/s are signs of a "good pregnancy," ie. correlate with reduced rates of miscarriage. Also, Dr. Sears repeats in his book, "The sicker the mother, the better the outcome," so that is where that comes from.

I also don't remember being THIS exhausted, and I'm assuming I'm anemic, since I was before. My midwife recommended a good iron prenatal called Hema-Plex, with 85mg of elemental iron, and liquid chlorophyll. I'll post as to how it affects my energy levels.

I'm so glad I'm not alone.
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Yeah, not feeling good here either. I don't want to do any work at all. And even reading about food sometimes makes me sick. I'd just like to stay in bed all day for the next several weeks and eat frozen grapes.
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Ya know, I haven't had any morning sickness and I think sometimes that's okay. The more I talk to other women about it the more I find people who didn't have m/s either and had healthy babes. My own mother didn't and my brother and I are both goin' strong .
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i was definitely sicker with my youngest dd, but still have bad days now...but i also have good days. yesterday i felt pretty alright minus the super tired that is constant (i have my 2 girls and then take care of 3 other small children during the week, so that might have something to do with that as well..). of course, today i don't feel so hot...which makes me feel good if you all know what i mean.. at least i know something is going on!
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the only symptom my mom ever had with both of her pregnancies was constant euphoria.

i wanna smack her.

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I'm not pregnant, but saw your post. Just wanted to say hope you start to feel better mama!
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