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Bedrest question

Poll Results: Did you have to go on bedrest? If so, when?

  • 46% (42)
    No bedrest for me!
  • 3% (3)
    0-12 weeks
  • 14% (13)
    13-20 weeks
  • 4% (4)
    21-24 weeks
  • 9% (9)
    25-28 weeks
  • 10% (10)
    29-32 weeks
  • 4% (4)
    33-36 weeks
  • 6% (6)
91 Total Votes  
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Did you have to have any bedrest with you multiple pregnancy? I'm really worried about bedrest, so I wanted to see if it was common or not.
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No bedrest, though my boys were born at 35w1d. (Exactly 1 day after the point at which my OB would not attempt to intervene and stop labor).
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i'm almost 12 weeks and supposed to 'take it easy' so i don't have to go on bedrest. :-( i'm having blood pressure problems. it goes down when i relax, but goes high high when i try to run errands with the kids or do real housework. i had no idea i would have problems this early. sucks.
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From 27-34 weeks due to cervical shortening.
I was sprung from bedrest at 34 weeks but took it easy until 35 weeks, and they were born 38w3d.
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My mw requested I take it easy during the last 2-3 months but I was never on bedrest. I took it as easy as possible considering I had 2 young children to tend to and a dh who works 24 hour shifts.
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none for us--delivered at 38 weeks exactly
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No bedrest, but I quit work at 26 weeks (reduced my stress). I still went for walks and swimming until 40 weeks, at which point PUPPs rash made my life hell. Delivered at 42 weeks.
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Bedrest for me because of dilation. I was on bedrest from 28 weeks to 34 weeks. It was hard as I have an older child, but we got through it!
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From 33-36 weeks because I was having frequent contractions. We just wanted to get to the home birth zone. It was 'modified bedrest' not strict bedrest.

They were born at 38 weeks 5 days.
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I didn't do bedrest. BUt from about 34 weeks on, I guess it would've looked that way considering I didn't do much but walk from bed to mat on the floor to bathroom to kitchen and back.
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With triplets, I was on 'modified bedrest' from weeks 15-25 but was able to continue working, with limited standing and walking and no lifting. From weeks 25-32, I was on bedrest at home due to cervical shortening, and when it shortened even further, I was on hospital bedrest from weeks 32-34. My cervix held out, but I delivered at 34 weeks due to pre-e and HELLP syndrome.
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I spent 23 weeks on bedrest. The placenta of twin A tore at 13 weeks and one day. I spent 4 days in the hospital getting blood transfusions and waiting for the bleeding to slow down. I was on strict bed rest until baby A reached one pound, that was the weight the doctor said that could put enough pressure on the placenta. I came off bed rest at about week 22 for a total of 3 days. I started bleeding again, had contractions, and baby B was stressing. At week 24 they started steriod treatments just in case. By week 28 baby B was normal except measuring small for age. I stayed on bedrest until 35 weeks 6 days and had my twins at 36 weeks. One had underdeveloped lungs, this was baby A the one whose placenta had torn in half, and spent time in the nicu. Baby B was small with no fat on him at all and although his lungs were developed he was developmentally not a 36 weeker.
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I voted "other" because while I was in bed in the hospital for six weeks, it wasn't due to contractions or cervical shortening or anything. It was to continuously monitor the babies for cord accidents, as they were monoamniotic. So I didn't have the normal movement restrictions that moms on bedrests have.

I like to say that the babies were on bedrest, and I was just tagging along.
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I was taken off from work at 35 1/2 weeks, and placed on 'bed rest' for contractions/dilation. When I saw my OB at 36 weeks, I asked her to at least let me out of the house to go to the store! I called it 'house arrest'! I had my boys at 37w 5 days.

I'm an Emergency Room nurse .... I modified my work schedule some along the way, too .... at 28 weeks, I did nothing but triage pts out front. At 32 weeks, I went to no more than 8 hours at a time. (I normally work 2 days/week, 10 hour shifts) I've thanked my co-workers and manager numerous times, since they were so good to me when I was PG. I was able to work a lot longer than anyone thought I could.
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Originally Posted by vanauken View Post
I like to say that the babies were on bedrest, and I was just tagging along.
that's so sweet!

I've been pretty bedridden the whole time. Initially because of hyperemesis sickness that finally responded to homeopathic treatment, but soon after all the aches and pains and braxton hicks kicked in, ( by 15ish weeks my uterus was 'braxtoning'!), and now I'm in to the phase where the braxtons frequently feel like early labour. I had a jelly like show yesterday but am choosing to just try and sit ( and lie down) it out at home until anything really dramatic happens. I had a show for weeks with my third child and ditto the intense contractions. Initially, ( like just a few days ago!!!), I was freaking out that labour was iminent, but hopefully if it follows the pattern for previous children then I'll go at least another few weeks.

I figure I can eat and rest better at home in a cleaner ( germ wise anyway ) environment than checking myself in to the hospital. I can skip the internals that might even contribute to problems and so on....so here I am a waiting. I've read voraciously on prem birth the last few days and written a birth plan and that has brought me to a point where I can say more 'what will be will be'.

And thank God we are just about at 28 weeks, so I'm concentrating on being grateful for that. :

ps: I've also been using homeopathic remedies to calm things down when contractions get regular and for the other niggles and complaints, so it's not entirely an uninterventional approach I'm taking iyswim.

pps: umm, that went a bit off topic. sorry!!!
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No bedrest for me. First set was born at 39w1d. I'm 38w1d with my second set right now.
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No bedrest here
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Crap! I voted wrong. I thought it was asking how many weeks of bedrest I had, not at what week I had to go on bedrest.

I went on bedrest at 27 weeks for 7 weeks because of PTL. The boys were born at 34w3d. I think if you are prepared for the possibility it's not so bad and if you're an introvert who needs a break from work anyway I'd be looking forward to it...aside from the constant worry that your babies are going to fall out!

My problem came in that I was planning to work up to 36 weeks and my thoughts on bedrest were "Oh, that won't happen to me!" And when it did I was totally unprepared and scared. My other problem was that my husband was gone 15 hours a day and I had no family nearby so that made it hard. But I had my little routines everyday and loved it some days, hated it others.

What I would give for some bedrest now!
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Originally Posted by purpleheather79 View Post
No bedrest for me. First set was born at 39w1d. I'm 38w1d with my second set right now.

At this point woman, you DESERVE some good bed rest!
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off topic here, but purple heather, you are awesome!!!! can't wait to get more updates! sending peaceful birthing energy your way....
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