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Poll Results: Did you have to go on bedrest? If so, when?

  • 46% (42)
    No bedrest for me!
  • 3% (3)
    0-12 weeks
  • 14% (13)
    13-20 weeks
  • 4% (4)
    21-24 weeks
  • 9% (9)
    25-28 weeks
  • 10% (10)
    29-32 weeks
  • 4% (4)
    33-36 weeks
  • 6% (6)
91 Total Votes  
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with the surro twins I went into early labor at 30 weeks and spent the rest of the time on bedrest. strict bedrest with a trib pump attached to my leg.

I delivered the twins at 38 weeks

two girls .. Twins A weighed in at 5 lbs 7 oz and Twin B was 6 pounds even.

C-section both breach babies and it was in my contract to obey drs orders
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I'm at 32 weeks right now and - knock on wood - there has been no mention of bedrest at all yet. I'm not sure what I would do with my toddler if I got put on strict bedrest?!
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I voted Other. My doctors never ordered me to go on bedrest, but I was so uncomfortable at work that I put myself on "couch rest" at 35 weeks. Before that I was taking a nap on my lunch hour every day.

I delivered at 39 weeks; the babies weighed 8 pounds each.
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With triplets, I was told to take it easy from the end of the 1st trimester, but my body was stricter about that than my doctor. I was never on bedrest at home, but rested a lot. I was admitted for hospital bedrest at just over 32 weeks because the blood flow to my IUGR baby was shifting into the dangerous realm. I don't think the doctor would have admitted me except she knew that I wouldn't stick to full bedrest at home with a wild and crazy 3.5 year old at home. I had two days of bedrest before the doctor decided that things were bad enough that my little guy had to be delivered.

When my doctor put me on bedrest, she said that I shouldn't count on it helping to make things better for my little guy, but if we could get a few more days for the babies without problems, it would be good for them.
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Can I just say what a nerd i am b/c I LOVE polls!!!! Love them!

Anyhoo, no bedrest here.....but I wasn't moving too much in those last few weeks
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I was put on bedrest at 18w, which was when I found out I was having twins, because they had chronic TTTS. It was fairly modified; I went out probably 3x/week, but I didn't have any other kids at the time. In retrospect, it was the time of my life! I read books, watched movies, and napped.
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I started modified bedrest at about 18 weeks because I'd already started having hard, regular contractions every evening. I was up for a few hours every morning, but after noon, I was off my feet and in bed or on the couch. I went through the same with DD1, but that started later-- about 30 weeks. I delivered my first DS prematurely, so I had a history of preterm delivery so we took contractions pretty seriously.

According to the peri, I should have been on full-time bedrest, but I had a two year old and no help all day, so that was clearly out of the question.
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I went on modified bedrest at 25 weeks as a precaution. I was perfectly happy to do so. I had a stressful job with a long railroad/subway/walking commute and late nights at a moments' notice. I ended up going into PTL at 27 weeks and did 2 weeks of hospital bedrest (medicated) before having my babies at 29 weeks.
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No bedrest for us, but I slept 10-14 hours a day and barely left the house the last 4 weeks. So I don't know what you would call that .

My boys were born at 37w6d.
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I went on bed rest at like 27 weeks (I was on br for 3.5 months and delivered at 37w3d, so you can do the math )

I had to go on because of TTTS and general low birth weight. They where born at 4#11oz and 3#3oz, and perfectly healthy.

Just a little extra unsolicited advice... don't worry about things that aren't a problem! Enjoy your pregnancy and worry about things as/if they turn up.

I was so tired at the end anyway it was probably a good thing.
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28 weeks was on rest for 1 week due to contractions (but no change in cervix AT ALL).

Went on bedrest due to rise of BP (but no protein, kidney issues, etc. etc.) starting at 31 weeks. Delivered via c/s after induction failed at 33 weeks due to an even higher BP that even mag sulfate wouldn't bring down.
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I didn't vote - I'm 31 weeks today and no sign of bed rest yet! I self-regulate when I need more rest, but with a 10 year old and a 16 month old it is not much rest. Sometimes I have a rough day, too busy and too many BH, so I make a point to rest more the next day.

My OB isn't interested in doing internal exams unless I tell him that things are feeling "wierd" or "different" contraction-wise. We could see the cervix length at my last ultrasound and it was only 0.2cm shorter than it was 12 weeks earlier. We are both happy with that.
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My pregnancy was extremely stressful, but no bedrest. If my boys had bumped up to meeting the threshold for the TTTS surgery though I would have been on bedrest from whenever that occured onwards though. But that's because of the surgery, not because of the pregnancy.

I think most twin pregnancies do NOT involve bedrest. Higher order multiples though...almost all the moms I know with triplets+ had some bedrest, some for a long time, others just a bit.
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i began modified bedrest st 13 weeks (preterm labor), more strict bedrest at 21 weeks (rushed to Vanderbilt in an ambulance in full labor), hospitalized at 28 weeks on full blown bedrest and birthed my twins at 30 weeks, 2 days.

I did everything i could to NOT have that happen. I followed Barbara Luke's recomendations. I STRONGLY believe her twin diet helped my babies along, they were 3 kbs 7 1/4 oz and 3 lbs 8 1/4 oz. I rested, took it easy, ate a minimum of 120 g of protein a day, drank water water water. Took preterm meds. But it came to a point where the meds just didnt work anymmore and the babies were coming.

However, we were very blessed. OUr babies only spent 4 weeks in the NICU, no problems, and are very healthy 21 month old toddlers

I am a teeny bit jealous of the mamas who carry their mulitples to term and can bring them home when they are discharged (for the moms who birth in hospitals). But it all worked out in the end. I do still have Nicu trauma tho. Comes and goes. But my babies are healthy and thats what matters.
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I voted "other", b/c although I was never officially on bedrest, I did have to quit working around 20 weeks and had to take it super easy toward the end.

From about 30 weeks till delivery (39 weeks) I couldn't really walk more than a few yards or do stairs without getting REALLY strong BH contractions. I had to sit on a stool while cooking, limit trips up and down stairs, and lie down for a couple of hours on my side every afternoon - oh yeah, and I had to use those motorized carts at Target -- the ones that beep when you back up. But at least I still got to shower and move about a little bit
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Ok I was told when we fist found out that at 20 weeks we'd start albuterol for PTL and I'd likely be on bedrest for at least the last trimester. At twenty weeks my cervix was ... and I quote... Longer then all the cervixes she had seen that day put together. I think I was at 5cm long ROFLMAO! Needless to say no PTL here! I did need modified bedrest at the VERY end (at 39 weeks) due to Pre-E so I was to left lie for 2 hours a day in the afternoon and take it easy the rest of the time. I had them at 39w4d because of the pre e. I was fine and energetic until about 28 weeks then just big and pregnant until 38 weeks when I started having blood pressure issues and protein in my urine. Even then at 38 weeks I was taking long walks to try to kick start labor! I voted other because I was sorta on it but it was really late in the game.
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Nope! Worked until 2 days before their birth (at 38.4 wks)
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Nope. I was told in the beginning that by 4 months I wouldn't be able to do stairs (we lived on the 5th floor) so we moved. I went to 35 weeks without any bedrest.
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Since 22 wks here, and will be "let up" at about 34 wks or so, if we get that far. All due to cervical shortening.
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I was on bed rest from about 20 weeks to 30 weeks 6 days when the babies were born. At first it was restricted activity/modified bed rest, then full bed rest (up to bathroom only). I was also in and out of the hospital for up to 5 days at a time, though. None of this was due to pre-term labor, which I didn't experience (actually my cervix measured 4.5 cm the day before I delivered...go figure), but due to extensive bleeding from a placenta previa. I finally had a placental abruption at just under 31 weeks and the guys were born. This is all pretty rare, and not something to be scared of. I think pre-term labor is much more common.
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