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Wow incorrigible sounds like a real trip! Lots of unexpecteds. I guess people like us are probably pretty good at dealing with the unexpected or else we wouldn't be living in a camper smile.gif Staying at a nice resort sounds like a great cure for a bad day on the road! That's what we tend to do too.

Leslie, you're a brave woman but I wish I was there! I just had a baby last week. We're in a rental house buried in the snow. We have plans to get on the road in our 5th come spring. I can't wait! We'll be heading to Missouri and then on to west Colorado, Vale area I think and hopefully DH will be working there a bit with friends.
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How is everyone doing? I haven't been on for a while. My grandmother was in the hospital and then passed Thanksgiving week and it's been hectic holidays for us. Things are starting to calm down a little though. I quit working so we can stay with DH fulltime yay! We have still been working on getting the house up for sale although I have had some interest already. DH has a few days off at the end of next week and we'll be going back to finish up the house to put it on the market. I hope it sells. *crosses fingers* I have figured out my birth drama. We found out where dh's next location is and should be moving sometime in February. It's about 1-1 1/2 hrs from our home town. I found a midwife in that town that will travel to our home town for the birth as well just in case dh gets moved just before the birth and I have to go home. We're fulltime in the rv now and it's not too bad although I really wish we had more space with the baby coming. We're hoping to get a new camper before the baby comes though and that would make things a lot more comfortable. How is everyone else?

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Getting so sleepy, got to page 10 tonight. We have decided on a Class B, a little Roadtrek 210 Versatile to be kind of exact, or something like that in diesel. Right now we are taking our compact car w/ roof rack & huge Thule Cargo container to LA (leaving Hawaii) & going to being driving & searching for something used. Checking out all kinds of Class B's w/ 4 captain chairs. I’m excited; many reasons got us to the class b, having two kids are the 1st. 


I’m going to love traveling & I feel like Aimee & I have very similar DH's though, so we actually had to do a lot of mental compromising & growing at different stages about the idea. The Class B really fit the dream. At 22 ft or less, we are excited about staying in many parks (state, nat, & WLRs) also just having the ability to park in a parking lot (some places). DH started out pretty scared & freaked out by my 2.5 year journey, & he is requesting till late fall & then we do some renting - I can live w/ that. I really love the outlook that he has always been geared towards finding (marrying) our new home & I’ve been much more dreamy about traveling (he & I meet at 35 & 20... guess who had already been everywhere?) Now. As we release 10 years of stuff living in Hawaii, it is amazing to me to listen to him so pumped up for adventure. I’m so happy about this! I’ve been preparing since last April but we have just now really gotten our minds made up. First I wanted an Airstream, good used one, but now I’m seeing almost limitless interactions w/ nature in a Class B. I like that. I actually found a huge amount of confidence before I gave away my backpacking books, I leafed through them & it all came back to me (long hiking trips on Kaua'i) & I really became more comfortable thinking of it like hiking w/ a cozy bed :). At some point our sheepskin (big) is going to come along & we can take it outside (on a tarp or sheet, & then cover w/ another sheet to keep it clean) It is a very warm thing & I’m so glad it is coming. I actually don't think I will be hiking much w/ the kids, but we will try, hiking is more like walking down a road w/ a double stroller now days. That is the only thing I’m struggling w/. I can see a single in the future probably :). Hey & maybe it will be a Quinny. Ha-ha. Yeah, well we will see. 


Money is kind of an issue for us as well. We are very green & organic people. The change will be from fruit trees that so often give, & kale & carrots 'oh my' here. Our family is so sad that we are never around & we are very excited to be seeing them again, so the RV takes on a vital role in our first year back on the mainland. We are unjobbing, but not exactly, I mean I think we are. I would love to find other friends to start our company up w/, but it really is about negotiations & communication (answering the phone) for right now. I have a pretty sold green invention. Basically used the shelf parts of other inventions. Blah. Lots of loyalties to pay. BUT it IS going to make us all greener & happier so I’m finding a lot of passion to try & do this w/ my honey & not sell it out so quickly.


We vacillate I think still. Not enough money yet to retire & not enough will to grow all our own food. Maybe bc we love oranges, mangos, avocados, & coconuts. Raw food has been growing steadily in my diet for a while now. Looking into a solar oven, but camp fire/ camp stove is fine. Stowing pounds of fresh produce is going to keep us busy, but then again, a nice pace of soups, rice & beans is what everyone else in the family likes... 


We love the adventure vibes making us so happy right now! It is a little fun too that we decided to marry a place, which means we go from $5500 a month down to... honestly? I’m not sure. We need to meet everything in that new small town, but I’m on the hunt for an East Coast "Transition Handbook" crowd or semi crowd. I want to be slow family living so much! So much! I want to home school by taking an easel to the countryside, the kids to a CSA, farm, garden and garden community at the elderly widow's house by the people that need a plot :). I want to walk to the organic co-op, farmer's market, playground, waterfall, lake, & library... then every other weekend driving off to a festival or big city museum far away (in class B? COOL!) Or in a hybrid mini van. Totally want to rock off the grid & w/ an electric car. The setup small town feels so right to me. If many hippies lived there too even more awesome (raw food potlucks at my house :D), I know the off the grid living can be an expense, so I want to really be as frugal as I can get w/ attractions right now...I really want to have all extra any dough go towards the garden patch. Seems like there could be more freedom long term if we think that way. Not to say I don’t want to rock out at u-pic farms and playgrounds along the way, but a Disneyland or children’s museum is where I want to pass this year, although festivals are calling us and thinking of any alternative news on the net to try to get me at good ones. I’ve also been looking into tiny house living, yurts, domes, & anything else. The idea being to find a double wide, or anything still functioning & standing for about 30-50k & start trying to live the off the grid dream. Earlier people compared that expenses & that is one we could be cheering about having, but really, I feel like getting a frugal place for at least winter, or even renting to get paid off is what where we see the RV living/semi full timing as fun! The other deal is we have family in WNY & WNC, so we are looking to be near them lots more. We are interested in checking out VT, NH, & Maine, but also all the way down. From the macro prospective, I’m worried about a lot of "other' stuff that is out of the range of my healthy lifestyle & connection to nature. Like a coal factory, factory farming, fast food major areas. Need some crunchy vibes to come out rocking when I come to WNC. All I’m getting is fancy golf resorts & a few organic places. I want food culture. We are thinking of maybe even buying two homes one day, one in WNC & the other maybe in New England... that dream doesn't do farm pets very well :(. 


Anyway! My resources are from a FOTR post, I asked for "crunchy places you have been" & "Organic, natural resources" but everyone seems "off the grid" right now :). Or for the past 2 weeks anyway! It is hard to plan where I want to go exactly bc small walkable food culture towns are way below the radar... & we want a low real estate price range.... I basically want to find a "Rainbow tribe family" in a small town!!! 


"I know they are on the East Coast because of this map: http://ofrf.org/community/maps.html and this one.http://www.nytimes.com/imagepages/2009/05/03/business/03metrics.gra...

I also love this one: eatwellguide.org GO EXPLORE IT entirely! It is a great road resource! 

On Etsy you can look locally and find out the vibe of the crafts.. I think that says a lot actually. :http://www.etsy.com/shop_local.php?ref=fp_nav_local 

This one helps you find lots, and they have one for festivals : http://www.pickyourown.org/ 

A good Renaissance Fair (check on pricing) seems like a great way to find people.. but I can't eat at one... Or I guess the only one I tried was all meat and beer.http://www.renfaire.com/Sites/index.html 

Okay this one is just a pure search and select... I think .. "Sheep and Wool Festival" 

"Organic Festival" came up with some great ones! 

Anything else you use? 

Would be fun to collaborate with a map or calendar program of some kind to share with everyone.. assign mamas to each website to extract location data.. even like WLR or NP and SP, Beaches entries, etc. That would be mega awesome." end quote

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God bless you if you took the day to read my post! I do have a question I didn't want getting lost.. okay..(breathing) I suffer from repressed freak flag flying due to being a VIP wife on a pretty small island that felt such a strong grossness towards my DH whenever I brought up my earthness and "rough it/live simple/stay connected to the earth" ways at the "bank" functions... even the richest most affording of organic food where looking down.. it took a long time for people to point at me and say "You ARE crunchy!" I feel a little weirded out by this actually. I have kind of felt a pull to take only my hippie clothing and vintage looks... I can't say I have had time and money to figure it out for the kids, (but want too!) and so, DH and I were playing a game that was taking turns saying "bumper stickers" we would pick "if" we thought that they were a good idea..o.m.goodness! MY sweet BF is a flaming earth, peace, food activist (plus good parenting)! It was amazing, but it made me sad in a way, he doesn't look it, all but the few shirts I have been buying him for presents in the past few years. If we ever did go to a Rainbow Tribe gathering.. would people even be friendly to his haircut? KWIM? (The other night we were walking on the beach at the NS and I passed a yellow shirt and wanted to pick it up.. he yelled "Eww no!" and I just had to pick it up on the way back, turned it inside out.. I cursed words under my breath.. it is the most awesome shirt I would have never bought him! It says "Free your mind" on it with this head with all the nerves and muscles showing growing out of the earth into the sky and the dude is wearing head phones.. "Okay, but wash it twice for me?" is what he said. He has been wearing it like a fav :) . 


Are we going to attract more of our "tribe" by dressing this way? Is this.. along with the camping smells going to get us bad service? Do you know what I am talking about? Should I bring along my white turtleneck attire :P when I am in not so crunchy places? It is my only fear actually. And I freaking hate it! I hate to think like this.. I need support on this issue! Also the bumper stickers, gains you anything? 


I just turned 30, right? I mean of course! And I asked him the other day.. I was kind of flipping out feeling this "free her!" feeling inside me, trying to relate to my honey that hippies are beautiful and responsible parents, etc.. and I asked him "Do you think I am beautiful, cool or just crazy?" and he answered.. "You are crazy (laughing)....... but I have never lived more than I have in my life right now..I am jobless, yet feel so alive when I am with you and the kids.... all I pray for now is that we are happy, healthy, and together." He has been writing me love notes all the time now.. I do wonder if me dressing this way is deep, not wishy washy, but also great for my marriage! I think it invites him into the "Janglin' Souls" crowd and I really love it there... 


Namaste!!! XOXOXO!! Hare Krishna!! (Yes, I visit temples of all sorts and plan on making these clear "attractions" and also any health food healing meccas - resources for those please?) 

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We hope to be able to put our house on the market next spring (can't do it till then, cause we got the homeowner's tax credit and paid off our truck with it). Once it sells and we have an RV and we've got a good location independent kind of job for DH then we will finally be able to hit the road. We've been dreaming of this since last July and I THINK we've got it narrowed down to three RV's that we like...two fifth wheels and a toy hauler. I can hardly wait to get on the road...but meanwhile we are on a serious minimizing and simplifying kick...getting rid of a lot of junk we definitely do not need!!
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I don't really belong in this tribe but I just read the whole thread and love it! I really wish I could afford a RV of any size that runs off of veggie oil. That would be a dream come true. I would pack up my kids and my dogs and head to Alaska to start at the northen most point of the Pan Am highway and then spend a year driving it to the southern most point in Patagonia. Right now that's truly just a pipe dream as I can't even afford to fix my van to move in in the fall! But one thing I've learned from lurking on MDC is that with some mindful living anything is possible! Love the thread mamas-


ETA: I've been researching this like crazy over the past day. Living in a Skooly/RV would be an ideal solution for me. My ex got evicted from a house that was somehow still leased by me and he had an aquarium that flooded and did water damage so the owner is trying to sue me even though I told the landlord I moved out and had been living in my current rental for six months! So bottom line is when my lease here ends I doubt I'll be able to rent anywhere else and I am planning on moving into a more rural town this fall. I have found a few Buses in my area that would be suitable for two kids a mama and  a big dog. i just need to find a way to fund it! One is the just a little more pricey than my van so if I sell my van I can buy it the other is just way to expensive at the moment.

http://www.salmonbaymarina.com/RV-1969GilligPhoto.htm is twice as much as the other bus but would be so perfect! Any suggestions on how to fund this expedition? Also do any of you full time rv live without a hubby there? Thanks


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Texanromaniac, what an exciting time! It feels so good to get rid of all that stuff.

Mamayogibear, I love the look of the converted school buses. DH and I have talked about doing our own conversion some day. I've never been in one personally. That would be an amazing trip. I think we will try RVing to Alaska some day.

We are remodeling our 5th wheel right now. DH is putting down vinyl flooring that looks like hard wood. It looks really nice. We are getting back on the road in one week but it's only temporary. I wish we could find more work for DH on the road. I hope to work that out. He's a carpenter that can fix or build anything but it's still been difficult finding work for him while traveling.
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mamayogibear, that bus you linked to is awesome!  Have you contacted the seller?  Maybe they're open to bartering or a payment plan?  Rent to own?


I'm so excited!  We are finally going to live on the road, starting FRIDAY!  Such an adventure!  I've got too much to do and should get off the computer!


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my DH and I have just decided to sell as much stuff as we can, store what we can, dump what we can and breathe! Once we figure out how to come up with the funds we want to get a 90something bounder or similar class A. We are trying to dump debt dave ramsey style so not sure how to come about purchasing the RV but I have faith that it WILL happen. We want to be out of our stick home (rental) by Spring. We both work retail and plan on keeping our jobs but working as little as possible at first so we can spend some time adjusting to our new life and what adventures it brings. We are very excited! We wish we could start tomorrow but we know its going to take baby steps. We have three kids, DD1 is 7, DS is 4, DD2 is 5mo. We homeschool! 

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We found out last week that I am expecting baby #2, due mid-March (which was right about the time we were planning on putting the house up for sale)...so we may need to wait till a couple months after the baby comes to put the house up for sale and then cross our fingers and hope and pray that it sells fast!!


Something that popped into my head today was if we only didn't have to wait to put the house up for sale and if we could go ahead and have my husband cut back at his current job to at least no more than 50 hours a week (he has been working around 60 and has had a few 70 hour weeks) and spend the time difference getting started on alternate sources of income and go ahead and see about getting our RV...there is an RV park out in the country right off I-35 that is literally around the corner from the birthing center my midwife from my pregnancy with Bug recently opened. Too bad we couldn't already be in our RV and just bring our Sprite home to our little house on wheels!!

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congratulations texanromaniac


couple of questions...


how much does it cost on average to fill up the RV? How often?

When boondocking in a residential area do you have to not run anything and keep the lights out real stealth like or can you just be?

What did you tell friends/family? Any sugar coating?

Have you ever been asked to leave a place you were parked at?

Any families fulltime who aren't traveling and are staying in their local area?

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bumping in the hopes that my questions will be read.

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Sorry, I haven't been watching this thread much. We landed in a condo for a few months, and are heading back out in the RV at the end of August.


Our RV has two 25 gallon tanks. We alternate which tank we're using so the gas doesn't sit, but we usually only have to fill up one tank at a time. We're dropping about $70-80 per fill up.


How often you gas up REALLY varies between families. It depends how long you stay in one place. Our cycle is 2 weeks dispertion camping, then 2-3 days in a motel nearby (real showers, TV, internet, TOILETS - oh how we miss flush toilets on the road! lol) Then we drive a day or two of easy travel to the next location. We fill up about 2x per month at our pace...but sometimes we land somewhere for longer and don't have to buy gas for a while.


When we visit friends in residential areas we just call the local police dept and find out the laws regarding our RV ahead of time. Sometimes it's illegal to park an RV on the street and we have to find a local business willing to let us use their lot. Sometimes we need a permit. Sometimes there's a time limit. Each town is different. We don't ever stay in residential areas unless we're visiting someone, though. If we wanted to live in a neighborhood, we'd be living in one, you know?


We totally sugar coated things at first. We still do for some people, and we are brutally honest with a couple people we trust.


We never park anywhere without permission, so we haven't been asked to leave. We camp on BLM land where we sometimes have to check in with a camp host but often don't...most of the time. We stay at rest stops when we're traveling, and have never had a problem. If we have some mechanical or someone's sick or something and we need to stay at a rest area for more than a single night we just call the highway patrol. Call the non-emergency number and tell them you're having mechanical issues or whatever and want to see if it's ok to stay at this rest area for a couple days until you get it resolved. They've always been really understanding and without fail tell me "that's what rest areas are there for!"


We've met loads of families staying in one place living in their RVs. I don't suggest boondock one area for too long with kids. Eventually someone will catch on and CPS will get involved. If you're staying in one place, I highly recommend an RV park. There will be other families, and all the luxuries that CPS considers neccissary for raising children so it's treated like just another kind of house. If you want to do long term boondocking, BLM land is the way to go. If you do it in a snowbird area, even better. There are communities that are comprised of 75% RVers half the year. Sticking with the snowbirders will give you the stability of staying in one place, but without the dangers of being "too different". ;)

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incorrigible thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. Sounds pretty much as I pictured. I'm unfarmiliar with BLM land and snowbirders so I am on my way to google it. Thanks!

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We have a 5th wheel so when we fill up the truck it costs about $100 in diesel. We get about 12 mpg with our F350 pulling. We have only really boondocked at Walmarts, Flying J's, rest stops. We usually go in and ask a manager to make sure we can be there. We don't have a generator so we don't have to worry about running that. I pretty much waited until the last minute to tell family. Like after we bought the camper and put the house on the market. That way it was too late to say anything! Never been asked to leave a place. I try not to stay in one place too long. It makes me nervous that someone could disagree with our lifestyle and call CPS. Especially with homeschooling laws being different in every state.

incorrigible, too funny about the toilets. I prefer our camper toilet. The one thing I do miss is my recliner, a decent shower or bath and laundry. Camps usually have showers and laundry so that's a rather minor inconvenience but we seriously need to find furniture for our 5th that is more comfortable.
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Hey All! My husband and I are starting to plan for a year of full-timing. We are new to this and have a toddler and expecting one in February. Can anyone give us advice about pediatricians on the road? Mostly concerned about the newborn's vaccines but also curious about wellness checkups.
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moonstarfalling, our RV is 70's model with almost all original everything, so the toilet is nothing better than functional! lol We don't have room for furniture in the RV but we set up our own little gypsy camp when we land. The RV has the beds, toilet, and kitchen. We set up a big tent outside with rugs on the floor and bookcases and things with books/toys/school supplies and whatever else. We have a folding table and chairs and hammocks that get set up outside. When we land, our little 24' motor home bursts open into about a 2 bdrm apt. lol We could probably even cart a recliner around with us if we wanted one, but it seems like more hassle than it's worth for me personally. lol


seedlinghugger - part of living on the road is making decisions for your family yourself. So, you just decide what immunizations and check ups you WANT for your kids and stop into a clinic wherever you are to get them. Just like grocieries. Decide what you want, when you want it, then go to a store that sells it and buy it. ;)  If one of the kids has a special medical issue that you need to have someone oversee, they are usually willing to arrange some kind of distance care program with you. My son has some issues I can't just go into a random doctor that doesn't know his case history for...so we have a kind of distance plan with the best medical professional that's ever worked with him. We do everything by email or phone. She tells me what to do, or she can order tests or prescriptions to a lab or pharmacy near wherever we are.

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Incorrigible, I'd love to see any pictures you have of your "gypsy camp"!! I love the idea of living both indoors and outdoors most of the year (but in Texas that will never happen)!! I am anxiously anticipating the time when we can head out on the road. I think I must have a bit of gypsy in me, I get antsy living somewhere more than a year or two...and we've been in our house already 2 and a half years!! It's a gorgeous house in a nice neighborhood and I like our neighbors...but I'm still antsy!!

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I always plan to spend more time in an outside living space but I fail at that a lot of the time! We should get one of those tents or something where the baby can play easily now that he's crawling and soon to be walking. How do you occupy a new crawler/toddler on the road or at your campsite?

Seedlinghugger we don't do any WBV. I would consider just making an appt wherever you are and telling them what you want. Depending on your insurance if you have it and what dr they will cover. Or try the local health department, they do shots and check ups. One thing we did do was get our xrays from our dentist and took all that with us in case we needed it. You may have other medical records you need to bring with you.

Our camper is in the shop. We had a tire that went bad. The treads just sheared off on the highway and damaged the underbelly. DH happened to notice something flapping in the side mirror but who knows how long it was like that. When we stopped to change the tire we got out and about two minutes later DH starts yelling there are ticks. I checked me and DD over and hopped back in the truck but DH killed over 50 on himself in the time it took to change the tire! It turned a sort of stressful thing into kind of a funny. But CRAZY! He said they were swarming the jack even. It's been ten days and we don't even have an estimate from the shop yet. There is only one shop in the whole area. I sure hope we get it fixed quick so we can get to Colorado next month! How late in the year would you drive through the CO mountains? I'm really paranoid about that.
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I don't have any pics of our set up, but I'll get some once we get back on the road.


If you are staying in RV parks, I'd do Colorado as late as Oct....but the way we camp, I don't want to be that far north past the end of Sept.



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