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Another sling question

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So with my daughter I carried her EVERYwhere. I never put her down but I also didnt use a sling. now my daughter is going to be 19 months when my son is born and I realize that a sling is my best bet so I can still have some free hands. I have NO idea what kind of sling/wrap to get though. I have no sewing skills at all so making one isnt an option. And I need something that is somewhat affordable. Where should I be looking and for what kind?
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Can't believe that no one has responded to you yet. There are soooo many different opinions on this. It all comes down to your comfort and your idea of affordable. I have a new native that I have loved. Many peole don't like this, but it works for me. Read through the guides and look at pictures. Try to imagine what each sling will look like with your body type and check out the prices. Got mine on-line with an unnoticeable defect in the fabric for about $30. Also try www.thebabywearer.com for help. You don't have to sew either. You really can learn to wrap your baby with a piece of fabric. The most help I got with this was on youtube. Good luck.
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I generally recommend a stretchy wrap (very secure, which is great when running after a toddler!), a ring sling, or an adjustable pouch.
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are you going to use the carrier for your 19 month old or newborn? that will affect which one you should purchase.
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For a newborn? Stretchy wrap!! So great - cuddly; hands-free; many positions possible including a very supportive upright tummy-to-tummy; comfy; poppable (i.e. easy to take the baby in and out for diaper changes without removing the wrap).

You can get a used moby wrap on the FSOT at www.thebabywearer.com for $20-25 usually, including shipping. Other good brands are Gypsy Mama Bali Baby Stretch (that one is probably even better, although it's more expensive - it will last longer since it's not SO stretchy), Sleepy Wrap, Hug-a-Bub...
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my favorite for a newborn is a ring sling, but they probably have a steeper learning curve than a stretchy wrap (which is nice too, but not useful past the teeny baby phase, at least not with my gigantic offspring )
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It will be for my newborn. Im a pretty small person so I dont know if that affects the kind I should be looking at. Is it easy to nurse while the baby is in it also? We will be moving from a small island to a big town/city when our son is 6 months so I imagine we will be getting a lot of use out of it. But I also imagine it will be great for just around the house too.
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Yes, you can nurse in a ring sling or stretchy wrap - those are probably actually the best carriers for nursing.
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I love the ring sling with my newborn and I still use it for my toddler too. Newborn can nurse completely hands free and it's great.
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our favorite carrier for our first child was a ring sling. we loved it because it can be used to seat baby in several different ways - i have particularly inquisitive/outgoing babes. the biggest bonus for me was that i could nurse while shopping/in public w/o having to find a place to sit down and get settled, then she would fall asleep and nap good and long while i got other things done. that was our only carrier for her first year.
we got a stretchy wrap (we chose Moby) for second babe, and dh and i wore her LOTS in it also. Having tried about every other kind there is, i still would personally recommend the wrap and the ringsling. honestly, though, i found the ring sling easier to nurse a newborn in.
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A great and affordable Ring sling that is comfy is a Maya Wrap LP {LP stands for lightly padded} just on the shoulder...

I also like Gypsy Mama wraps a bit better than moby's because they can last for longer wearing once your babe gets heavier. Moby's tend to sag. you can see GM wraps at http://www.gypsymama.com
I have an almost 5 month old, and I have worn mostly ring slings the entire time since he was a newborn (He prefered them) but he is now letting me wrap him up in Didymos wraps
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