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hi, all

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it has been a long while since i've posted here, or anywhere on MDC! i am Asher's mommy, who was born at 30 weeks last December. i am expecting again, and this pregnancy seemed to be going so much better. but now at 21 weeks, my OB had me come in early for my appointment today because she didn't like the look of my cervix (i have ultrasounds every 3 weeks). she checked it today and it has indeed shortened (quite a bit - but thankfully, it hasn't dilated), so I am having a cerclage done tomorrow. i am hoping that this will help us avoid another premature labour, but i still wonder...i mean, if i'm in labour, how is a suture going to stop that, KWIM?
anyway, i just thought i would say hello and let you know what's going on with me. i'll keep you posted on how it goes tomorrow!
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Hi Karen,
I have an Asher too! Although my Asher was born at term, my second son, Micah, was a premie. We're pregnant with our third and I'm also 21 weeks. I've been having contractions since 12 weeks and I see our perinatologist weekly.

My cervix began to change more two weeks ago, but the doctor put me on medication that has made a significant difference. My cervix got a little longer (from 2.6 to 3 cm) and my contractions have slowed down most of the time. For now, the plan is to stay on this medication and bed rest and monitor things weekly. We may end up with a cerclage, but hopefully the medicine will keep working. My main issue is contractions not incompetent cervix.

Anyway, sending you hugs! Hopefully we'll both have healthy babies no sooner than December!
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Take care Mama's!
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