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I just needed to respond to this. In many cultures around the world, drugs that are considered illegal or bad here are used just for that purpose for religious or cultural ceremonies.
And I need to respond to this....the point is, recreational pot use is not legal in the USA or Canada. Those who support this illegal industry are probably supporting - perhaps inadvertently- a lot of things that cause pain and suffering to many many people. And illegal drugs are not regulated or subject to any quality control measures.

It takes a village, and our village has this illegal element to it, which like any industry, needs customers to keep it going.

I support the original poster who is trying to prevent her son, who is a child, from smoking pot. I used to think pot was pretty benign, but I don't think that any more.
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And maybe our village needs to change it's views on pot. You said it yourself, it's illegal, and there for unregulated. As Gordon Campbell (I think it was) said "Legalize it and tax the hell out of it!"

I'm not saying she needs to let her son get away from it, but going to an extreme isn't going to benifit anyone.
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I just wanted to chime in and make a few points.

13, IMO, is too young to be experimenting with drugs of any kind and I agree that you need to make sure you are very clear on the rules.

I think moving away is a little extreme, but you do need to be more aware of who his friends are and what their values and their parents' values are.

Why is your son giving into peer pressure by smoking and drinking? What is going on with him?

If it were me, I would start limiting the contact he has with his peers and maybe start spending more time with him and as a family.

Here is a good book http://www.amazon.com/Hold-Your-Kids.../dp/037550821X that will help you reclaim your child and reinforce your values.
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such a hard situation. i hope everything is working out good for you guys! im sorry you and your son are dealing with this. when my parents found pot in my purse we talked about pot and the things it can be laced with. then mom tasted it and barfed for half the night but past that i dont think anything else happened except they were going to let me stay home from school since i stayed up so late but i went in late instead. and then they drug tested me on and off for awhile. lemme tell ya nothing deters drug use like knowing D@mn well your going to get caught. FWIW i understand your worries. especially the fact that its illegal ... whether you are actually opposed to pot or not its still illegal (and no i dont think it should be but it is) and you dont want your son to have to live with the consequences of getting caught doing something that is illegal.. whether or not you agree with the law. its a crappy position to be in.

o and my best friends mom took her bedroom door off for awhile as far as i can tell she has suffered no permanant damage (we live together so i think i would have noticed by now)
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