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What do you plan to do when all of your kids are in school?

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DH (SAHP, things are much better than they were at the time of my last thread, BTW) is wondering about this.
Just curious what others planned to do.
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After ds begins full day school and is well situated I plan to go back to work part time...although I work for the same company as my dh and I am able to work from home if I prefer.
It's important for me to still be there to get ds up each morning, fed a good breakfast and to pick him up after school each day and be home with him then, so this job works out perfectly for us.
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I work casually at the kids school & am on the TA sub list for all the schools here. I am hoipng to get a pt or ft TA job.
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We are pretty sure that we will home school our boys, so I plan to write from home again as time allows. If we don't home school I still plan on writing from home, no plans to go back to work outside the house if I don't absolutely have to.
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go back to school

Even though I have a uni degree in mass media studies, I would love to get a degree to complement my yoga teacher background and experience, like to get qualified as a Physio therapist so I better understand how Yoga can translate better in the western mind when I teach or help people recovering from injuries. Or maybe even east west philosophy. And once the kids are off to college, I would like to open my own yoga studio, if I don't manage it earlier!

Meanwhile, I read when I can "off topic" - as in not for the kids or parenting, but more about what really interests me outside of being a Mom. Although I must say that my own attention span has really been spread thin - must be part of becoming a Mom and multi-tasking - so reading anything takes be FOREVER (and it's not only that the kids might be taking my attention away, I jsut seem to lack the focus to absorb the material).
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when they are all in school I'm gonna spend a week watching movies in bed and napping, LOL.
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When all my little monkey's are in school I plan to go back to school and finish my degree.

Hello debt!
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This is the second year I've had an an empty nest during the school year and I'm going to start my schooling (would've started last year, but the sale of our house took way longer than anticipated). I'll do as much as I can on the Internet so I'll still be home a ton. When I need to go to the actual school,I'll make sure I'm still home when the kids are. Thankfully, DH is home all day too so it works out great!

Sadly, I have all 4 years ahead of me...
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We plan to homeschool so we have a LONG time before they're all "in school" (college level)

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Yup, homeschool 'em! No rest for the wicked.
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I think I will take some time to chill and work on some personal projects. Then I want to get a part time job.
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This year I have 3 big kids in school and 1 kiddo in preschool. I've been focusing on lots of my own projects and find that I am really enjoying my free time. This week I've been spending all my time in my garden and kitchen, harvesting and preserving.

I've been contemplating going back to school for an advanced degree, as my bachelor's degree is pretty much useless. But I haven't made a final decision. I've also considered starting some sort of business; when my kids were little I had a WAHM biz and found it fulfilling.

I guess I'm lucky that I don't need to go back to work, we're financially comfortable if I continue to stay home. I think I'll need to make the decision year-by-year as to whether or not I'm content with my life
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When my older two kids were both in school fulltime (1st and 4th) I started substitute teaching in the elementary schools. I love the flexibility of it - worked the days I wanted to and could say "no" at anytime.

I plan to go back to it when dd2 goes to first grade. But in the meantime dd2 and I are home enjoying the yard, playgroups with friends and other MDC moms, napping and going to sibs field hockey and soccer games!
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the first day that all 4 boys are in school, i will probably sit there in a daze and do absolutely nothing for at least the first day.

no, seriously... i'm thinking of getting a part-time job when it gets to that point, if i can.
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I'm sure I'll be back to work long before school age, but by school age, I know I'll be working happily and hopefully everything will be a bit more smooth in terms of juggling my career and my child's needs.

I can't wait.

Things are harder when children are small and pre-school age.
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My kids are school age, and these days I work part time, around their school schedules. My job is part online and part in the office, so it works out well for family life. I don't work in the office at all during the summer.

When my kids are older, maybe I will ramp up the working a bit to help save for college, etc. For now, I mostly consider myself a sahm who does a little part time work.
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That is quite far off right now, but i already have a few ideas...

I would probably do my freelance writing for about 4 hours a day, teach a couple of yoga classes a week, and do a part-time course, probably in ante-natal teaching and eventually I hope to do doula training when DS is old enough to be left for a weekend with Dad.

Whew...it' s a lot...and there's other stuff too but probably not realistic! Right now that amount of time just seems like heaven to me...
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I think about this fairly often. I'm not sure, but I kind of have it narrowed down to three choices. I'll either find a part time job somewhere fun that I can get a discount on cool stuff (like a bookstore or a coffee shop), or I'll go back to substitute teaching, or I'll go back to school to work on my masters and see where that takes me.
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start a garden and write.
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I will probably go back to school to pursue a degree in nursing.
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