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Birth control?

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Not sure if I'm putting this in the right forum but hopefully you all can help.

What method of birth control do you use? Dh and I aren't sure what we should do about it. I was hoping he would get a vasectomy, but we feel that it may be too soon for something so permanent. I'm 23, he's 25, we have 2 kids. I'm *almost* positive I don't want any more but we are still young.

If any of you have had an IUD, how was it? Any complications? I'm considering getting one but want to hear what other women think about it.

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I am pg with #2 and this is probably our last baby. However, I don't want to do anything final just yet. I did a lot of research into birth control methods because I am slightly allergic to latex and spermicides, and react strongly to bcp in a bad way. I also have irregular periods and don't want to risk FAM.

I have decided to try the new Mirena IUD. I don't like the idea of an IUD but it has the highest success rate among all forms of birth control as long as it's used properly. You have to check for the string after each period and knowing me I'll check more often than that. It has way less hormones than taking the pill, and it can easily be removed if we were to want another child in the future. It also lasts, I think, for 10 years. Our insurance doesn't cover it but it will still be cheaper than birth control pills over the course of 5-10 years.

I'm going to be 30 next spring and will probably do something permanent at age 35 becuase by then we'll know for sure that we are done.

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Edited to stay on topic :LOL

I use the NuvaRing and will do so for the same reasons. We're just not ready for "the snip" yet.
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Just for info, Mirena last for 5 years and Paraguard lasts for 10.
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I have a 30-year-old friend who has no children. He got divorced and decided he didn't want to give up casual sex so he banked sperm and then got a vas. When he remarries his new wife can then be inseminated. It's only costing him $20 a year.

That could be an option...
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I had the Paragard IUD (no hormones) and loved it. I didn't feel the insertion or removal, despite being terrified before each procedure. It was simple.

I had no extra cramping other than the first couple periods after ds was born... I never knew if it was from the iud or just being 3 mos post partum, but I took a midol once or twice during the whole week and was fine.

DH would occasionally feel the string during sex and worried that it'd go up his urethra, but it never happened (the monofilament string hangs out of the cervix for an inch or 2). It never made him not want sex, that's for sure!

I highly recommend it.... I'd do it again if we don't get snipped!
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i use vcf contraceptive film. I like it because it doesn't burn like the other spermicides i've used. But we'll see how effective it is. I think i'm pregnant.........so scratch that idea.
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sorry, having to remove all posts with personal info due to an online stalker.
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We use NFP w/condom back-up. I like it because there is no worry about missing a pill or side effects.
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I would NOT recommend vcf contraceptive film as I'm now pg w/#3 and was using that absolutely correctly as our birth control. We were undecided whether to stop at 2 or have a 3rd, and now our decision has been made. I was very shocked and surprised at the positive hpt.
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I *had* a copper IUD. Had extremely painful cramping and heavier bleeding... Then, one day, I got pg... IUD not there... OB says it probably came out during a period, and since I didn't always check, well, there ya go....

Oh, well, such is my life... We're both getting tied and snipped after this babe is born!!!
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Re: Birth control?

Originally posted by Beowmeow
I'm *almost* positive I don't want any more but we are still young.
Then I would stay away from a tubal or vasectomy. Unless you are 100% sure, don't do it.

Have you thought about NFP?
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Condoms (and a 21 mos son-great birth control! LOL!)
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Nursing! It didn't get my fertility back until 16 months after I delivered with my first son.
We plan to use Natural Family Planning, but want a large family, so its not a huge issue either way.
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We use condoms. We were using FAM and condoms when we got pg with our DD, so we are now using condoms all the time. We're pretty sure our DD is going to be an only child, but definitely not sure enough to get snipped or do anything permanent. And I can't do hormonal BC at all, so condoms are the easiest answer for us. Plus - no mess. :LOL
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Originally posted by mom2katie
so condoms are the easiest answer for us. Plus - no mess. :LOL
:LOL Actually, even though my husband had a vasectomy we use condoms for this reason too.
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Dh got snipped after ds was born- he's over 40, I'm turning 40 next month and we felt two kids was the right amount for our family and at our ages- I had my last at 38 and had two great home births and two healthy kids- so we decided to quit while we were ahead LOL
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I plan on getting a cervical cap, but right now we're using a combination of VCF and condoms.
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We use Natural Family Planning.

We were considering a vasectomy, as well. But, I researched it, and I would NOT recommend it.

Check this out: men's thoughts on their vasectomies
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I plan on getting a cervical cap as well. Right now we use condoms.
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