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I know all babies are different BUT...

DS#1 had about 20 signs that he did before he was 1. DS#2 is 10 months and while definitely understands milk and maybe a few others, shows absolutely no interest in signing. While I'd like him to do it because it is fun, the biggest reason he NEEDS to sign is that he gets very upset about wanting things and I know it would really help us figure out his needs. DS#1 was never as angry and screeching/screaming as DS#2 is when he wants something.

So, what can I do? Are there tactics that you've found helpful with the baby who isn't picking up on signing right away? I also know that he is still young for it, but my experience is with DS#1 as said above.

The other thing I've noticed with friends' babies is that it seems that babies like DS#2 who are focused more on gross motor skills tend to not be interestd in signs or less interested or sign later, so I guess I'm just worried that he isn't going to do it!