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Corpus Luteal cyst experience anyone?

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I had my first ultrasound yesterday: baby a-ok : little goober even waved at us upon appearing onscreen.
However, being 9weeks 5 days along, there is a corpus luteal cyst about the size of my freakin' uterus on my right ovary. that seems quite a bit larger than normal: especially as the placenta should be forming soon, and the yolk sac looked teensy.
Now, I know the nurse cant say anything. But she did ask when I was going to see my doctor. And for full disclosure: I've had a terrible history of cysts, losing my left ovary at 18 to a fibroid/dermoid combo cyst. Since then I've dealt with adhesions, scar tissue, two proceedures to remove that said tissue. I am petrified about this cyst: can it get big enough to impede baby's growth?
are there any chances of losing the right ovary too?
Furthermore, I've got polyps on my cervix, had a leep at 20, and am worried about full term carrying. Would a large cyst further impede my capacity to carry to full term? ack! and i had hoped the ultrasound would remove my fear......
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. I don't really know. I know when I got my ultrasound (at 9 weeks) the corpus luteum cyst was still there and very visible. Much bigger than the ovary, which I'm not totally sure I could really see, but the technician could identify it. When she said "Cyst" I almost freaked until I remembered my FF lessons. I hope everything's okay. I've heard of women carrying to term with other large cysts. Did she say "are you seeing your doc soon" right after showing you the cyst, or just in general? Because mine asked me the same thing, but I think she just wanted to know if she needed the results right away.

Anyway, Good Luck and you're in my thoughts.
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I have one too but mine is measuring only about 2cm. My ultrasound tech was sort of perplexed why I was even in there to have it checked b/c they do serve a purpose at the beginning of a pregnancy by giving off hormones. Of course I was concerned but everything the doc said seemed to indicate that you can still carry to term and even if it resolves or causes bleeding your baby should still be just fine...apparently it is a concern if it begins to wrap around your ovary but I think that is pretty rare...I'm sure they will just want to keep an eye on it.
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Did they measure it or give you a lenght? Mine has grown from 17mm to 21mm in size. ( which is quite normal) But it was huge in comparison to my baby ( which was only 2.8mm!!) Remember that this is what is producing the much needed progesterone at this state in the pregnancy. It will eventually shrink down and the placenta will gradually take over by around 12 weeks. So for all of us who are feeling major 'belly bloat' so early on: perhaps its our huge corpus luteums, and not the tiny bean doing it!
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I have a cyst as well. I'm not worried. Sometimes they go away. Sometimes they remove them surgically because they are growing. Surgery after 12 weeks is safe. And you'll still be able have whatever birth you want.
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I can't speak to your cervical issues, but interms of the cyst "crowding out" the baby... just remember that women can carry twins to term & more multiples that just seems super-human!

I promise, your uterus will have plenty of room for your baby & your cyst
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