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Not a good candidate for a VBAC...agree??

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First, I'd like to introduce myself.
I'm new here, this is my first post.
My son is turning 2 this Saturday and I am 12 weeks pregnant with #2!
I had an unplanned c/s with my son.
Here's just a bit a background.
I saw a midwife throughout my first pregnancy, she is in a group practice with a few obs.
I had hoped for a low-no intervention vaginal birth. I was opposed to induction. Here's my story ~

I was sent to the hospital for an induction at 41 weeks 2 days because I had slightly elevated blood pressure @ my 41 w 1d appt.
My bp dropped before I left the doctors office but I was still told, you need to go over today and start your induction.
I was given 2 doses of cervadil (sp?) and my water broke (after I was at the hospital for about 10 hrs). Then I labored for a awhile and decided to get an epi at about 4 cm. After the epi, they began to administer pitocin.
At that point I had been at the hospital for over 12 hours and thought that I would need some rest if I was going to get to 10 and push.
I progressed throught the night, was checked at about 6 am and was 9 cm.
I was told they would be back in about an hour and I would likely e ready to push at that time.
Then I stalled. I never progressed past 9 cm.
I had a c/s at 2:30 pm after laboring for ~32 hours.

I had a really hard time after my section. It was exactly what I didn't want...
Later I learned that my son was in the posterior position.

The reason for my c/s in my chart is 'failure to progess.'

At my first prenatal appt. I was told that I wasn't a good candiate for a VBAC since I was 'failure to progess.'

I'm dissapointed. My midwife said that we can talk more...
I guess I'm hoping that I'll be allowed to labor and see how it goes -
My hope is that if this baby is not posterior, I may have a successful VBAC.

Has anyone been in this situation?
Did you attempt a VBAC? How did it go?
Is my midwife's determination of 'not a good candidate' pretty typical for my situation?

Thanks in advance,
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By the sound of it the real reason for your section was an un-needed induction.

Find a homebirth midwife.

I see no reason you can't birth normally.

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I'm not a medical professional, but I'm quite familiar with vbacs. IMO your "failure to progress" had more to do with your induction and epideral than actual anatomical disfuntion. If you would have gone home I'm pretty certain that you would have had your baby naturally in a few days. That you made it to 9cm with all those interventions I would think you would be a great candidate for vbac! GL...
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I have a hard time believing if you'd gone into labor naturally, been able to move around, change positions, etc that you wouldn't have *progressed* just fine.

My DD2 was posterior and after 19 hours of labor I'd gone from 3 (where I was when I started labor, I checked myself) to... 3. Yep, no change. My midwife suggested I get on my hands and knees, so I did. Within a few minutes my water broke, I could feel DD turning herself around and I went to 10 within an hour. DD was born shortly after that.

I couldn't have done that if I'd been in a hospital. She would have been born by unnecessary c-section for *failuer to progress*, just like you.

So no, I don't agree that you're not a good condidate for VBAC.
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I had a very similiar first birth, with a bunch of nasty docs/nurses. However i made it to 10 (after a LONGGGGGG time and refusing a section for a LONGGGGGGG time) and just couldn't push him out. He was wedged in weird. I was told that the chance of me VBACing successfully was next to none. I decided that I WOULD VBAC, read everything i could etc. I started taking evening primrose oil at 36 weeks to soften my cervix and drinking buttloads of red raspberry leaf tea. I went into labor at 37 weeks 5 days. I labored at home for as long as possible (it wasn't real painful either, nothing like pit contrax!) and then head to the hospital. The second i got there, everything just stopped. I seriously did not progress at all that night. The next morning they started pit and i progressed to 10 and delivered 32 minutes after i began pushing and had my successful vbac. So, it CAN be done. I have no doubt had i stayed home that everything would have been fine though and i think going to the hospital stalled my labor. Every baby is different, every delivery is different.
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Yeah...that's the standard answer/excuse by care providers when their unnecessary interventions didn't work. The failure was theirs, not you or your body's.

I completely agree w/ pp.

From what you've said, I think you're an excellent candidate for a VBAC.

Ditto to the recommendation of finding a homebirth midwife.
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The fact that you got to 9 cm was great. I bet if they had just left you alone for a bit longer you would have gotten to 10 and had that vaginal birth you wanted. I got to 10 and was pushing, but baby was posterior also. I too was labeled as failure to progress. Really, FTP is a catch all reason for a c-section. How much more progressed can you be than pushing short of actually having the baby? KWIM?

You are an excellent candidate for a VBAC. Get your medical record and see a real midwife (not a MEDwife). My midwife wanted to be sure I met a few criteria to make me a low risk patient.
1) Low transverse incision on the uterus. This is called the Bikini cut to most people.
2) MW preferred double stitching on the uterus, but said a single layer would be fine too.
3) no postpartum infection. I did spike a fever right out of surgery, but it was quickly gone so I was good.
4) I need a u/s around 20 weeks to check for placenta placement because a c-section can make it more likely for the placenta to be low or on the incision, which can be dangerous.

I fit all these criteria, so I am planning a HBAC in March, probably the same time as you, right?
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Thanks all.
I have 1 low transverse incision scar.
I'm not sure abouot stitching? I'll have to check on that.
Yes, I am due 3.16.09

Any recommendations for midwives/doulas in SNJ or Philadelphia?

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Check out ICAN too, and see if there's a group in your area. I've learned a lot about VBAC since finding my local group.
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Absolutely disagree! You are a perfect candidate!

I'm telling you, medical birth intervention (and all its resulting 'joy') is the perfect way to make a women feel inadequate and broken!

You CAN do it mama!!!
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Our birth stories are pretty much identical. I FULLY agree with the previous posters, I believe the FTP would not have happened had we not been rushed into a delivery using induction/augmentation meds.

I am preparing for a VBAC, my new doctor feels very positive about it. I have also done lots of reading, and feel even more strongly that my body is totally capable of having a normal birth.

Kudos to you that you are exploring other options!
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Sounds like you are fine for a vbac. Like others have said "FTP" is a common 'diagnosis' and excuse for a c-section. If the practice you are with now isn't supportive of vbacs, find one that is supportive.

Not exactly the same situation, but I was told I had "CPD" with a 9lb 6oz child and, after pushing for two hours, I ended up with a c-section. With my second child, I had a 9lbs 10oz child and pushed for 2.5 hours. Perhaps if I'd had the extra half hour with my first, I'd have pushed her out as well. It sounds like if they'd waited just a little bit longer, you may have dilated to 10.
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Not sure if I would have made it to 10 under the circumstances....
I went from 6 am until 2:30 pm with no furhter dialation. I waited as long as I could/was allowed. I went from 2-9 cm in about 6.5-7 hours and then nothing for the next 7 hours.

I may have (probably would have?) made it to 10 cm if I didn't get the epi and didn't lay on my back from midnight until 2:30 pm the next day.
After my water broke my contractions were getting strong and painful and my body was telling me to move, I kept calling in the nurses to see if they would let me out of bed because I felt so much better off of my back.
I went into the bathroom twice for about 8 minutes each time but they wanted back in bed and on the monitors so I listened got back in bed and took the epi.
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lisat77, go to different people.

Listen to this. I was 42 weeks 3 days when DS was taken out of me. I had been in labor for 96 hours (90 hours at home, 4 at the hospital after a forced transfer, 2 with an unwanted epidural that made me forget I was pregnant, flat on my back). I barely got to 8, but the DOCTOR changed it to 9 on my chart.

Why? Because he said that i would be a GREAT candidate for a VBAC, and he wanted to make sure nothing in the records would cause someone else to say "hmm". Oh and he said I had been in labor 48 hours. Yep, he halved it.

If I can be a great candidate per the medicos (and I am, even without his say so), then YOU are too. You DID get to 9, despite having a baby that was NOT ready for labor, that had NOT started labor, and having a BODY that was not ready for labor! And you did it all in the hospital!!!!!

You're obviously a fabulous candidate, despite what these silly doctors and their midwives are saying, or rather most likely, what their malpractice insurance companies are telling them to say....

Find someone else!
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FTP is really FTW (failure to wait). It has nothing to do with a woman's ability to give birth & everything to do with her ability to give birth the way the "care" provider thinks she should. It says more about them than it does about you.

I never got past 1 with ds1, since I was on their stupid clock for having broken water & wasn't ready to be in labour. I got an FTP/CPD diagnosis. I gave birth to ds2 after 20 hours of labour which started *3* days after my water broke. I know I could have birthed ds1 if it weren't for their rules and stupid expectations.

You got all the way to 9cm. You are a great VBAC candidate. Find someone else to attend your birth.
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I labored for 70 hrs, pushed for 4.5, birthed my babe just fine with absolutely no medical intervention, would have for sure been failure to progress if I'd gone to the hospital before the last 7 hrs of labor and had a different ob/no doula. Labor can take awhile, and every woman labors different. Failure to progress is complete bs, especially after an induction. Go for the vbac, mama!
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I labored for 29 hours with my first baby. Went into spontaneous labor but arrived at the hospital only 2.5cm dilated. I had the whole 9 yards - pit, stadol, and an epidural..... and then had a c-section when I wouldn't progress past 4-5cm. Oh, and I had a midwife! She told me I would never birth vaginally and I should just schedule c-sections.

I met with 2 of NJ's best vbac midwives 2.5 years later who were completely unphased by FTP diagnosis. After 41 hours of continuous labor (following nearly a week of prodromal labor), I pushed my second baby out. The one midwife sat in the hospital with me for 17 hours and never let me know that I wasn't progressing. She just knew what to do to get me (and my cervix) moving when it was time.

You can click on my VBAC story in my siggy to read more. They don't do hbacs since it's illegal for them in NJ but there are Philly midwives that can do them since it's fine in PA.
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I agree with what others have said: you sound like a perfect candidate to me. I had a 32 hour long labor with my succcessful VBA2C.
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I was sectioned for a combination of failure to descend and CPD (DS1 was posterior with a very large head, and I do have a narrow pelvis, so it was only partly B.S.). I labored for 46 hours in the hospital, I, too, got everything I didn't want (epidural, Pitocin, stuck in bed, etc.) I was told I wasn't a good candidate for VBAC either. 4 years later, I had a wonderful, successful HBAC.

I see no reason you can't have this baby vaginally. My advice would be to stay out of the hospital this time, though.
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I second what others have told you. You are an excellent candidate and need to find a provider who will support you.

I have a similar birth story to yours and I am planning a hospital VBAC in Feb.

Good luck. Fight for yourself, learn all you can and make it happen.
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