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20lbs? Say it isnt so!

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Ok, so I just stepped onto a scale and found that much to my horror, I have gained 20lbs. Is that normal? 20lbs by 19 weeks? The scary thing is that I am wearing size 2 maternity jeans. My butt and thighs havent gotten any bigger. Just my belly and my boobs. I can still wear my pre-preg pants (unbuttoned and partially unzipped with a bella band to keep them on, of course) and not have difficulty getting my legs and butt into them. I look like my normal self, just with an abdomnial growth and boobs.

Is this normal? I only gained 30lbs with DS and 25 with DD and most of that I put on in the last trimester, last month really. Does this mean I am going to have a giant monster baby? DH weighed 10lb 14oz and he was the smallest of his mom's offspring.

My back, knees, and ankles are already killing me from the extra weight.
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you know what? I'll bet we're in the same boat! I'll know for sure on Friday, but I'm sure I've already passed the 20lb mark at 23 weeks. And I'm still wearing size 2 maternity pants, my pre-pregnancy pants with bella band, etc. This is my first so who knows how much I'll put on. And everyone swears I look too small! I figure if my body needs to put it on, it will. I'm eating healthy foods and was actually worried I wasn't getting enough food in. My back is starting to hurt though. But I am just banking on the weight gain not necessarily resulting in a monster baby
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This is my 3rd - I'm 21 weeks and I've already put on 15 pounds. I can still wear all my pre-pregnancy pants buttoned, though, so I'm not going to freak too much just yet!

As long as you're feeling well and not eating junk all the time, you should be just fine.
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Well, finally glad to hear of someone gaining weight more like I am. I was gaining an average of a pound a week for the first 18 weeks! I've stayed pretty much the same though for the last three weeks. I gained 25 to 30 pounds total in my previous pregnancies so this was kind of freaking me out. (And I've had baby boys 9lb6oz, and 10lb3oz.) All is normal and healthy though. The only difference for me is that this one is a girl. Watch, she'll be the smallest baby yet!
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I am eating healthy. I have been excercising. I feel good. And Im not by any means concerned about gaining weight for asthetic reasons. I could stand to put on some extra weight before I got preg but I am worried that I am going to have one hell of a big baby!

Im just glad to know that I need not be alarmed. I mean, my MW told me to chill out because if I feel good and I am healthy then I am fine. Chill out? At my US, I was 18 weeks and 2 days. Baby's head measured 19 wks 6 days. *gasp*
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lol, remember the words of wisdom: "Your body will not grow a baby bigger than you can give birth to."

I know mamas who said their 10lbers were easier than their 7.5 lbers. It's all about position, readiness and time. Size is really the least consideration. It's just the scariest sounding And drs like to blow it out of proportion, so be glad for your midwife. When I blew off 8lbs, 7oz as "not really big" my OB blinked at me like I was nuts. But it's not! I consider anything under 7lbs "tiny". I'm just old-fashioned I guess
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I've only gained 10lbs so far, but I feel as big as I was at 8 mos. preggo with my others! So I think you're doing fine!

FWIW, I've had 2 kids that were 8 lb 8oz each, and one whopper at 10 lb 7 oz. I'm a size 6, and I had no problems having that big girl. In fact, she pretty much birthed herself .
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DD was 7lb 14oz and DS was 6lbs 14 oz at 5 weeks preterm... my babies were tiny. I guess my fear of a huge baby comes from my sister. She was 8lb 10oz and she was my mom's biggest. My mom is built like me and my sister was very difficult.
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DD was 7lb 14 oz and DS was 6lb 4 oz at 5 weeks preterm. I had tiny babies.

I guess my fear of a huge baby came from my mom who is built just like me and her biggest baby was my oldest little sister who was 8lb 10oz adn did massive damage. She was in labor for a couple of days. She ended up with 4th degree tearing. then again she had a horrible OB who treated her badly. She deliviered a week early and her dr. was out of the country on vacation and she was stuck with the resident OB at the time. He talked to her like she was a child, he was verbally abusive, and he actually told her to shut up because she was making too much noise and he couldnt concentrate through the crying. He actually left the room after my sister had crowned because he said my mom was being uncooperative. He told her not to push. He went out for a smoke break and came back 10 minutes later.

Thank god I wont every have to go through anything like that.
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Maybe it is water weight?
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HA! HA! GEEZ!! I found a pair of pre preg pants that were low cut and loose enough to wear buttoned (luckily I had the good sense to wear a bella band too) because I went to unbutton them in the bathroom and the button shot off my pants and hit the wall... nicked the fresh paint. It was like a bullet!Should have just stopped at the zipper and left the buttons undone.
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It's normal.

Look here:


i love that handy table.

i however lost 60 lbs in labor and the following week with DD. i was so swollen that no shoes fit comfortably. so some of yours might be water weight.
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Originally Posted by alaskaberry View Post
Maybe it is water weight?
Feel totally stupid asking this but what can be done about WWG? My hands swell up in the morning and my feet at night.
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I gained exactly 30 lbs with DD, she was about 6-1/2 lbs. I've already gained 22 lbs this time around, about a pound a week. My boobs have gotten much bigger but so have my butt and thighs. There's no way my prepregnant pants would fit. I live a pretty healthy lifestyle so I'm trying to assure myself that this must be what my body needs.
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Originally Posted by acory23 View Post
Feel totally stupid asking this but what can be done about WWG? My hands swell up in the morning and my feet at night.
I've heard alfalfa can help. (There are capsules you can take.) BUT, I've also heard the reason it helps is that it's a diuretic. I don't think you really want to take a diuretic while your blood supply is increasing so dramatically.

I had to take off my rings at 3 weeks PG! My hands and feet are swollen all the time, but noticably to others in the heat or after being on my feet all day. As long as your blood pressure is normal, I think it is normal. I trust my body to do what it needs.
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So basically what you are all trying to say is "shut up and deal with it... if the blood pressure is normal, drinking enough water, adn eating healthy, Im probably ok..." LOL

After all this is kid #3 and PG #6.
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I just had to pipe in with all this discussion of giant babies. I gained 25 pounds with my second DS and, born one day shy of 40 weeks he weighed 11 pounds exactly. No gestational diabetes, perfectly healthy pregnancy, and I delivered him at home with no tearing at all. It was a wonderful birth and because of that experience I know that weight gain has very little to do with birth weight (and birth weight has little to do with how well the birth goes). My first DS was 9 lbs 9 oz and I had a 4th degree tear (a horrible hospital birth).
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I gained almost 100 pounds (no joke) with all three of my children and I seem to be well on the way with this one too. One was 7lbs 14oz and two were 8lbs 6oz- so definitely not huge babies. I literally almost double my weight.
My docs were never concerned because I eat relatively healthy, blood pressure was always good, I always lose the weight, etc. It's just that my body must like to be extremely huge when I am pregnant!
It happens and is okay and does not correlate with the size of the baby.
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To help with swelling, eat more protein. My MW says 100g a day.
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Originally Posted by quietserena View Post
To help with swelling, eat more protein. My MW says 100g a day.
Holy Mackerel! How in the heck am I supposed to do that? Where am I supposed to put all of this extra food adn water I am supposed to be consuming?
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