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wilmington meetup?

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Hi ladies~
My dd and I will be coming up to town from ocean isle next week sometime. We need to check out the co-op store. I was hoping that we could meet some mommas and dcs for a little playdate maybe... I was planning on coming in the morning.. but could swing it any time really.

Hope we can make this work!

If not could anyone suggest a playground that isn't too far away from the co-op? I have never been there... thanks!
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I would love to meet up but I have been put on bed rest. There is a really pretty park about 10 minutes from tidal creek called hugh mcray (sp) park. There are a couple great playgrounds, a pond, and gazebo.
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Thank you! I really hope you don't have too long to go. I'm hoping we can get there between storms... : )
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I'm not free this coming week, but wanted to get my post in here as another Wilmington mama (mom to be!)

I second Hugh McRae park. Its nice - kids like the pond (bring bread, there are tons of big turtles in the pond that come out for the food!)

You could also head down to Wrightsville Beach Park, it's the start of the walking "loop" that will walk you over the intercoastal and through the small town of Wrightsville Beach - very pretty. There is a small playground in that park as well.

Both have websites, I think.

Have fun!!
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thanks mama.rye- sorry to miss out on meeting with you.
Just wanted to let whoever is lurking that I think Lilah and I will try to come up tomorrow am. If any one is interested meeting up with us for lunch, let me know!
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darn it, sorry I missed you guys I need to make it a point to get online more! Did you guys make it into town? Did you go to Tidal Creek? We practically LIVE at Hugh MacRae, both my boys play ball and between Cade playing machine pitch and Jaxon tee-ball we are there 4 nights a week! If you guys come again i would love to get together.

Violets8 sorry for the bed rest when are you due again? Do you need anything?


I meant to ask you Camille, if anyone told you about Lovey's? It is another great health food store in the Landfall shopping center with a small eatery in it, you should check it out next time you come to town!
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Hey thanks Brooke! We did go to town- and really enjoyed ourselves. We lucked out with the rain too! We did the park, and found the ducks- tho we were the 5th to feed them so they were in a gluten coma under a tree. We had a little excitement as my dd knocked my glasses off when we were on the bridge (horrors!) but the groundsmen were very patient and after an hour were able to rack them up (thank you!)...
We headed to tidal creek and had a lovely lunch, and shopped a bit (miso is impossible to find down here in Ocean Isle), and then went to the bakery for a cookie

So it was a great field trip. We will be coming back as it really didn't take that long, and that big playground at the park looks very exciting. I will def let you know the next time for sure. I was surprised that not anyone at the playground knew about the co-op. I will look forward to visiting again, and checking out Lovey's. Thanks!
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Glad you guys had a good time and thank goodness for nice groundsmen
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