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September IUIs

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Well, if no one else will start the September thread, I'll take a page from Cori's book and start one.

Hi. I'm Angi. I am using IUI to get pregnant using a donor. I'm 38 and haven't found my mother's son-in-law, so there you are.

I'm CD9 and have my u/s to check the follicles on Sunday. I'm guestimating the IUI will be on Tuesday.

Anyone else?
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Count me in, tho I won't here for long. Had my first IUI August 26th and I'm 9DPO. Should know in a few days.
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I'm looking at the end of September if things don't go my way.
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I'm also planning a late Sept. IUI if AF comes (currently halfway through tww).
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I did my IUI 9/2 so I'm in my 2ww already! Just started with progesterone pills so I'm fully expecting to go CRAZY on them! I've already warned DH.

I'm also planning for IVF if this IUI doesn't work (we've already done 4 IUIs). I'm hoping this one works for us!

GL to all here...
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GL Bio mama!

I'll be about a week behind you. On Sunday morning I go in for the ultrasound. The OPK is already showing a faint line, and my chart did a really weird up/down thing. But I've had really bad allergies the last couple of days so was basically a drooling mouth-breather all night. I'm thinking of discarding the temps.

I'm having mixed feelings about this one. I don't want to let myself get too exciting or optimistic. It's only my 2nd try, but... I don't know how to put it into words. I want to be excited, but I don't want the disappointment again. I cried for an entire day when I got the official BFN on the first try. I let myself get too psyched up about it. So maybe I'm just trying to protect myself this time?

Anyway, if this one doesn't work, I'm going to probably not do another one until after the beginning of the year. And then to top it off, last month my LP was only 6 days. I think it may have been stress, but I'm going to check with the NP about starting progesterone supplements right after the IUI. Maybe that will help. My prog numbers were pretty darn low last time, though my lining was good.

*Sigh* I sometimes wonder why I'm doing this to myself. And did I mention that I have two really good friends that are both pregnant. They are three weeks apart.
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To our surprise we had our IUI this morning. I'm only on day 10 and the OPK didn't even have 2 bars. I figured I'd go Tuesday or Wednesday. I went to the appt myself this morning to have the US and they told me to call DH and get those little buggers out here (OK, they didn't really say that, but they did ask if he was in-town and had a car).

So then I had to call DH and say the good news was that we wouldn't have to work this out while we were at work. THe bad news was that he needed to come in right then.

The really interesting part of this story is that we also have a 5 yo DD. So I'm suggesting to him that he bring her to a neighbors and "collect" and come in. I get this call back asking if she can come. Well, sure honey, but you'll need to collect somewhere. He's all flustered and tells me to stop worrying about his collection - which hasn't always been successful. He doesn't do well under pressure.

So they both come in and he hand a little container to the nurse. DD has been about all day, but I'm really curious how he managed this feat. So, 2 WW starts today and we'll have another IUI on Monday morning. This is our second try so I know a little bit about what to expect.
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How exciting Ellien! Good luck!

Well, I had the ultrasound this morning. I have six follicles in total that are doing what they do, but none of them are very large yet. Four are in the 9-10mm range, on is a bit over 10, and the largest one is 14.5; three on each ovary. I think the 14.5 is going to "win". They want me to go back in on Tuesday afternoon for another u/s.

The good news is that they are not going to charge me for the u/s since the follicles aren't large enough to take the trigger shot. And after talking to the nurse about my really really short cycle last month, she said that can happen after the ovidrel, progestrone, and my body is getting back to a natural rhythm.

So, on Tuesday, another u/s. Then more then likely the trigger shot. Then the IUI on Thursday.
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We had the second insemination this morning. Poor DH was afraid to DTD last night and he was afraid he wouldn't have any this morning. We started out with wanting to have him present for the conception of all children, but that went out the window when he brought DD with him to the emergency appt on Saturday morning. So me and the simmwers went out there alone this morning.

Do all of your DHs come with you to appointments?

I'm on to the TWW. I felt a little crampy yesterday as the ovidrel did its work.
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Count me in.

This will be our first IUI. I am on 100mg chlomid and will have 5000 hcg followed by 2500 more during the 2ww. I am on cd4, so a long way to go yet. I am excited, nervous, grumpy, and jaded all at once .
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Hello everyone. I'm hoping for 100% success rate for September!!!

Ellien - my husband has yet to witness an IUI. He makes his deposit and then heads off to work. Sometimes he's even gone before I get to the clinic. Ah, the romance...

I'm on DPO 11 and am having pretty bad cramping. This is my first time on clomid and I've been pretty sensitive to it. The cramping feels like an exaggerated period. Should I assume AF is on its way or is it an unrelated side effect? Any thoughts?

Good luck to all!
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well, today is the day for the second u/s. I have a feeling that I may be ovulating today (tightness, mild ache where the ovary is), and the line on the OPK is almost as dark as the control line. Plus a temp dip this morning.

The stars seem to be lining up. I'm a little anxious about this IUI. It will be the last one this year one way or the other. If it doesn't work, then I'm going to take the opportunity to get some financial stuff in order. Basically I've gone off budget the last few months (thanks Madam Depression and my compulsive buying) and really need to get back on it.

If it does work... I'll burn that bridge when I get there.

So here goes! :
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I'm supposed to have my first IUI sometime this month. They wanted me to be off Liptor for a month befor trying. If my period starts soon that would be in another couple weeks. taps fingers.

Hugs to Ellien and thank you for the smile. I won't let him know I know.

I'm not sure how we'll handle the logistics of this. It is difficult to imagine himself expressing at my Dr's office since him mom works there too. LOL
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The IUI has been scheduled. Thursday, September 11 @ 9:15 am.

And in typing it, the date hit me. I don't know how to feel about it. So much death happened on this date, and I'm going to try and make a life. It's either fitting, a way to push back at the sadness that I still feel for all those that lost their lives and those that lost loved ones, or it's... I don't know. I can't express the conflicted feelings adequately.

Maybe I'm just being maudlin. It's a thinker.
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Originally Posted by Masel View Post
I'm not sure how we'll handle the logistics of this. It is difficult to imagine himself expressing at my Dr's office since him mom works there too. LOL

We've had good luck just bringing the little cup into the office "full." My doc said they need a little time to "rest" and not be so clumpy so the 30 minute drive to the office isn't a problem.
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Good luck Angi.

I'm still here waiting.
I was feeling terrible on Wednesday. The ovidrel just floods my system with hormones and I feel totally hungover. I have to remember to get my progesterone test today. It hasn't been on my mind at all.

Monday is DH's b-day and I was thinking of testing. I'm not a big tester - I just wait for aunt flo and tell myself if she is 2 days late, I'll test. But so far she never is. I don't even have any sticks in the house. But I was thinking of testing for Monday - 8 DP I. Think it's too, early?
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well, my self serve IUI/real IUI combo didn't work. AF showed up today. I'm pretty bummed. Now IVF is the reality. We are doing it. I'm scared.

I call the RE tomorrow to get the IVF cycle started.

How's everyone else doing? This thread has been pretty quiet lately.... I hope everyone is ok.
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Hey, The dumb b@!#& AF is on her way. BFN day 14. So here goes round #4. We are adding injectibles this go round. Not sure how that will be. Last cycle I did the Hcg trigger myself (well, not really.) I took it to work, and one friend held me down while the other shot me. There are some perks to being a nurse, except its getting harder because I work on a Birthing Center. Anyhow, they are willing to help me with the injectibles at any rate. How is anyone else? Jazcat? Sunshine? Eileen? Angi, I know you are early on yet.
Biomama- Sorry things aren't working out. Onward to IVF, best of luck to you
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Hi everyone

We're trying our first IUI this month, using Clomid and Follistim. I've used the Clomid before, and it makes me HORRIBLE! I can't imagine what the Follistim will do.... I just got all of my meds in mail yesterday, and was a bit overwhelmed. The clomid, Follistim, HCG, and progesterone (the doc does suppositories twice a day after the IUI for at least 2 weeks.)

So, does anyone have any good advice? I'm sort of nervous about the whole thing.

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The saying is bad news comes in threes. Well, AF came this morning so looks like I'm number three. I'm bummed (goes w/o saying I guess) but I could already tell it was on its way so my disappointment is tempered.

Looking at the calendar, our next IUI will be around the 28th. In the meantime I'm going to continue to recover from the clomid I took last month and start exercising again. It really knocked me for a loop. (Sorry, Jen in NH, not what you want to hear right now. I'm sure you'll do fine! It was my first time taking it and the dose was too high for me.) I'm going unmedicated this month and hoping the clomid left in my system will keep my progesterone level normal this cycle.

Biomama - sorry the IUIs didn't work, I know IVF is scary but hopefully it'll bring you to your ultimate goal much quicker and with less heartache than the IUIs.

Angi - hope your IUI went well. I would also have conflicting thoughts about purposely creating a life on that date. But in the end the date wouldn't have stopped me. I hope you're only thinking positive thoughts!
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