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My charts over the last couple months had looked good and since I got both the LH surge and the rising temp we decided not to scan to save us some money. Has this been like when I was TTC before I would have had a US scan since I had no history of healthy looking charts.

I was panicy on Saturday morning. It all happend just as it was supposed to. Maybe Sunday would have been better but I was getting a slightly darker surge line on the OPK then. My doctor's nurse did get the message and called me Monday morning before their office oppened.

Ellien I'd offer to watch your DD but DH's sister will be in town and plans are in flux. I should know by Thursday.
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I'm so sorry natrualmama. That really sucks. I hope you do get your period soon.
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Hey Girls...

I don't know if you remember me from the August IUI thread...
I'm delighted to say that on my 2nd IUI - as of yesterday morn, I finally got myself a BFP!

There I was standing there in the bathroom, hand trembling, my mouth wide open, completely gawking at this test. I've never seen a BFP in real-life! I couldn't hide the shock when I went to the bedroom - I just handed DH the test for him to see. He was equally delighted.

Girls, after 23 cycles and 2 IUI, on my 24th cycle I finally have a BFP! ::: I hope it's a good little bean and sticks, with a nice strong heart-beat.

As for symptoms, if you look at my chart, I really didn't have much symptoms this cycle! Believe it or not last cycle I had more symptoms than this time around....and ended up being NOT pregnant! WTF?

The thing that I thought was noticeable 'different' symptoms wise for me this cycle was a backache I had a couple of nights ago... it was a dull ache that just needed some heat to relieve it IYKWIM? I actually went to bed with one of those microwavable heat bears against my lower back to relieve it.

At the moment I still don't really feel any different - no cramps at the moment, so feeling good. Felt a little nauseous today at yesterday at work, and tiredness kicked in after lunch... but I just put it down to the excitement of the day.

I've been told to take it easy by the clinic and I have a 7-week scan scheduled for 22 Oct to check on growth and heartbeat. I hope everything goes fine, and this little one sticks with me for the entire term. Wish me luck!
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: Oh so wonderful to hear! Was this medicated or natrual cycle? Please keep us posted and good luck the next 9 months
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WOW, SOC, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Am so happy for you!! :
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Soc- "Past cycle buddy" Yeah!!!!! That is awesome!::::: I'm so excited for you and I hope and pray that you have a happy/healthy 9 months and a very sticky one!!!! I'm heading for my 2nd IUI possibly on Monday depending what my U/S says Sat morning so I hope maybe we can be BFP buddies in the near future!!! Congrats again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:::::
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Thanks girls!

Oh, this was medicated all the way...
I was on Tamoxifen to suppress Estrogen in the beginning of my cycle, moved onto Gonal-F injections (FSH), then onto Orgulatron to stop O, and finally onto Pregnyl (HSG) the day before IUI.

This IUI was SO MUCH better than last time around. The girl doing it took it nice and slow... which I think made all the difference... and I wasn't being used like a pin-cushion, unlike last time! When she put the catheter in, and proceeded to inject the spermie, I felt cramping right at the very top of my uterus, right beneath my bellybutton. She said that was a good sign, cos it meant she was all the way at the top. During my 1st IUI, I had cramping further below closer to my pubic bone. Also, during the 2nd IUI, after injecting the sperm, she let the catheter 'sit' just for a couple of minutes in me to let things settle. Then she slowly removed it, before putting me in the 'spaceman' position (i.e tilt the bed head down, feet up). I got to relax for about 40min in that position... in comparison to 1st IUI, where a Doc ended up helping the nurse to inject, and just went wham bam, and it was over. And I rested with my feet on top of a chair for 20min... it didn't make much of a difference IMO cos my hips weren't tilted in anyway.

I just want to thank all you girls for support & information. Although I'm not a frequent poster, I'm an avid reader. This & the TTC forum have been keeping me occupied during all my time trying... and it was most informative.
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Soc- you have given me a thrill of hope- we are going big guns meds this next cycle
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Soc, What wonderful news!!! I hope you have a healthy, happy nine months!
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AttachedtoMason, any test results you'd like to share with us???

I'm 10DPO today, feeling nothing, no spotting yet. I don't know if I'll test tomorrow or not....feeling pretty hopeless.
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