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OB/midwife in Chicago area?

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Hi, there. I'm currently 21 wks pregnant with #3 and seeing a midwife in Evanston (although after today's visit, likely seeking someone new). My 2 boys, ages 3 and 1, were delivered by midwives in Aurora. Natural, unmedicated births, totally without incident. They were great, but we've since moved to Northbrook and I had to find a practitioner here. Well, today, I went for an ultrasound and it showed light spots in the baby's bowel. DH and I have since figured out that this is called hyperechoic bowel. We read it's a marker for Down Syndrome and CF and can be caused by CMV or toxoplasmosis infection. It can be caused by ingested blood from the amniotic fluid. But most of the time, it means nothing. I think this is the case over 90% of the time. It's just another one of those "false positives" you can have with all the "recommended" testing. While I've not been tested for any of the above diseases, I don't feel strongly that they are the cause (no other indicators). I also haven't had any bleeding.
Anyway, the ultrasound technician and midwife had no info for us and were not reasuring in the least, so we were really freaked out when we left. They told me I'd have to have a level 2 ultrasound, which I am stressing out about. DH wants to find a new practice immediately. I feel that one thing is going to lead to another and I am going to wind up having a million tests and declared high risk and kicked from the practice we are now going to. The plan so far is to try to find a better ultrasound technician and just do the routine one again. Although now I want to kick myself for having the ultrasound in the first place. Any ideas? Does anyone know of anyone good in the Chicago area? Please, any info on ultrasound experience would be most helpful.
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Hi Jenni!

I highly recommend the midwives at West Suburban Midwives Associates. The number is 708-848-3800. Good luck!
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There's also great midwives at West Suburban Woman's Health in Willowbrook. http://www.wswomenshealth.com/

There's nothing to worry about with a level 2 u/s. That's all my OBs send you for around 20 weeks, if you get an u/s, it's a level 2.
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Thanks for the info, ladies. Good to know about the level 2 not being a huge issue. My kids' ped called me today and said I should just do the L2 -- odds are, nothing out of the ordinary will show. He also recommended a new midwife in Evanston. While I'd love to see a midwife at West Suburban, I barely made it to the hospital last time and that was only 15 minutes away.
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