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First OB appointment - what to expect?

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Hi experienced mamas,

I have my first OB appointment scheduled for when I'm 6 weeks along - what should I expect to happen at this appointment? I've heard of some women getting dating scans early while others just a filled out forms.

What happened at your first appointment? How far along were you?

Anything I should remember to ask/say?

I'm currently with the OB that I went to for fertility treatment, but I'm hoping to switch to a midwife once I get an a-ok.

Thank you!!
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Also interested in the replies to this...
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Haha. I'm another first timer, so I also have no idea what's in store. Good luck though, and I am eagerly awaiting the responses of the more experienced mamas.
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with my dd, the first prenatal with a hospital based cnm was bp, weight, pee in a cup, pap, listen to heart beat, and talk a little bit.. there was random questions about history like last af, previous pregnancies/mc/abortion.. that kinda thing. asked if i was going to bf or ff, and then talked briefly about birth preferences/hospital policies and such. Then go back to the waiting room and wait to get blood drawn. i got a mostly useless goody bag filled with coupons and ads and junk. And a packet of info that listed random things you should know when you're pregnant. Mostly pretty basic/obvious things like.. don't smoke.
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I had almost the exact same experience as PP ^. They did a vaginal ultrasound to see the gestational sac. Here's my advice. Don't go too early. I'm waiting this time until about 8 weeks to go in (hopefully) as when I first went with DS, I was earlier than I thought and they couldn't see anything in the ultrasound and what I heard was, "well, you are either too early or about to miscarry". I had to wait TWO weeks for another ultrasound to see my little guy. The worst two weeks of my life and when I FINALLY had that second ultrasound, there he was, beating away and I burst out weeping hysterically in relief. Anyway, just my experience...
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First appointment with an OB with my first baby involved a urine test, filling out tons of paperwork, getting weighed in and getting a goody bag of pregnancy stuff (from Similac ick) from the nurse. I didn't see the actual Dr. until the next appointment but I was certain of my dates so there was no question on that.
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Oh I want to agree with Catters too. There isn't much of a need to go in early unless you really want to, there is not much to see or do unless there is a problem. I have switched care providers now to somone who doesn't even want to see me until later into the first trimester unless there is a problem.
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I just wanted to mention- I declined the pap during my pregnancy. I didn't want anyone poking at my cervix!! I also declined a lot of testing but that was just my personal choice. You can decline anything that you want. Don't let them pressure you into anything.

My midwife did all the usual things mentioned previously and did a breast exam and told me I had perfect nipples for breastfeeding!! DH and I had a good laugh at that because my midwife sounded like Minnie Mouse and just coming from her at the moment sounded so hilarious.

I'm having my first appt with my HB midwife when I am 9 weeks. They are booked pretty solid this month! But I don't mind. First poregnancies are so exciting and can be filled with such anxiousness but once you go through it once, you realise how useless prenatals are (if you are low risk of course)
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Every appt is different. Since you went to a fertility specialist, I am going to guess they will do a vag u/s to check for sac or sacs. Heartbeat isn't generally heard until 10+weeks, so don't go in at 6 weeks expecting to heart it/see it

I agree with lotus.blossom about declining lots of stuff. Cervical checks, hell vaginal anything I declined with #2, not with #1 because I didn't realize I had that power, because of the risks. Stuff like bacteria, additionally my cervix didn't need to be messed with when it was doing it's job

You will probably get weighed, they will likely palpate to see that your uterus is pregnant, have you pee on a litmus paper or in a cup to put the test strip in, for ph levels, get your blood pressure checked. Other stuff depends on the practice. I had a meet and greet with mine, but I didn't go until 12 weeks with #1 so I did get to hear the heartbeat.

OOOH, my suggestion is to take knitting or something to work on in the waiting room. You could probably get a hat and booties and blanket made for the baby while you wait for your appointments.... plus how cool to say you made xyz while waiting at the docs for the baby to the baby!
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Thanks so much. This advice is really helpful - especially the advice about remembering we have the power to decline testing. Thanks again!
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