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It is time for me to sign off of mdc.I have been on this board since 2001. It was the first site I came to when I first got a computer. I have seen it grow from 3500 members to over 100,000. it has seen me through the birth of my youngest, two bouts of homelessness, two cross country moves, an Asperger's diagnosis, homeschooling, public schooling, a home purchase, crazy neighbor, and subsequent home sale, the beginning of my college career, and my departure from conservative Christianity and politics. I have seen a lot of people come and go, and now it is time for me to do the same.
I am spending too much time here, and always have. I know a lot of people talk about popping in here on their breaks and whatnot, but I literally spend hours a day online. My house is a mess, my boys are growing up, I have a ton of shit to do and I can't do it with my nose stuck in the computer. I need to get out and live my life. Invest in my home, family, career, health, and community. It is time.
I am going to leave mdc and start thinking for myself again, instead of filtering news topics and ideas through a message board. This has become a bad habit of mine. I read a news story or watch a movie and then run to the internet to see what others think instead of digesting it for myself! Time to stop that.
You are all amazing people and I am glad to have had these opportunities. I am not yet ready to delete my account, but it may come soon. I will check back on this thread some, because goodbye is hard and I want to do it properly.
If you want to stay in touch, reach me here: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=597521782
Hopefully that link is right. My sparkpage is here:
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Best wishes, boysrus.
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Good for you, really you are honoring yourself and that's always a good thing!!
Of course you will be missed.
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It is always best to be true to yourself...best wishes!
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I wish you well, mate, & good luck on your new adventures.

I will miss you, but I understand that it's what you need to do. :
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I know how you feel, boysrus, and I'm proud of you for taking a stand and going out to live your life! Best wishes on whatever path your life takes you!
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take care
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I can tell you really value yourself, your family, and your ideals. Good for you for making changes towards bettering your life on your own terms!
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Best wishes t you!
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Good luck to you!
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I'm so sorry that you're leaving.
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Take good care mama.
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I wish you all the best!
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Hi, I was just starting to get to know you.
Thanks for being the example and giving us permission to be who we truly are.
Take care and enjoy those boys.
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Take Care!
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Sorry I didn't get to know you. You sound like a really nice person. Wishing you the best.
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best wishes in your future endeavors. I feel much the same way but lack the 'spine' as it were to make the leap right now with everything else in turmoil
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I totally understand.
I have to take 6 month to one year long breaks from this place from time to time.
I hope this is a positive exerience for you.

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Good luck!
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I totally understand and wish you good luck. I, too, have had to be introspective in the past to try to determine how "AP" I can be when I spend too much time here. I've had to take week-long breaks, myself. A permanent vacation has not been beyond my thoughts, as well. Take care!!
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