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I would have to say IMHO sewing clothes and buying ready made clothes...well both can be really expensive, just epends on if you shop the sales , "reinvent" old clothing and check out thrift stores and such

I always shopped thrift stores and the like..so I do the same for yardage...or soon to be yardage
It used to be a sewing machine was a basic household appliance , much like a stove or microwave Now I recogonize I spend a bit of cash on sewing notions and machines and such, but for the average household / aspiring seamstress' having a machine around can save you tons of cash!
I made our own curtains for a fraction of the cost, it was very very simple and easy, I do constant repairs on items normally we would have thrown out and replaced. Ill of course make costumes this year for halloween out of what I have around here with maybe a little this and that from joanns if needed. I serged up kitchen place mats in 20 minutes...the list goes on and on.
I really think a mid grade basic sewing machine and some basic knowledge is to its operation is very very valueable to any family especially a young one just starting out
Ive taught both my daughters, 7 and 9 the basics , I really hope they show interest in the not so basic at some point!

Ok sorry Im a rambling fool sometimes LOL

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Id also like to add I taught myself to sew several years ago after getting ahold of a few absoloutely beautiful WAHM cloth diapers, while well worth their weight in gold I simply could not afford a full set.....I started making inserts for pockets with a serger..and branced out from there...diapering alone has made my sewing habit economical. I now sell on Ebay..while most arent going to get after it as I did..I still am an avid supporter os basic sewing machine operation to help a household run smoother and more economically!

Ok Im done now promise
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I think it's more worth it for kids' clothes. I can get baby clothes extremely cheaply, but the quality is awful. Made in China, which I'd prefer to avoid, and barely sturdy enough to last through one baby for three months, to say nothing of future kids I might have. Lots of Rowan's baby clothes have torn, popped poppers, or just generally fallen apart. The exceptions are her Pumpkin Patch clothes, which are sturdy and gorgeus, but cost about $30-$40 per item. And for a nice, fancy, dressy-up dress, the average is about $80. For baby clothes!

Which is why I'm about to google 'easy baby dress patterns'. If I were really frugal I'd use thrift shop sheets nd stuff for fabric, but I keep being seduced by gorgeous craft prints. I spent over $20 on enough material to make a bonnet and some frilly overpants. : She'll look adorable in 'em, but I'd better have ten more girls after her to make it worthwhile!
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I follow my religious dress codes and the only way I can find clothing that fits me and my religious codes and that last is by sewing.  I make comfortable clothing to wear for all seasons. Sewing for the right reasons is an investment that is worth it because I don't have to deal with layering clothing in the summer.  

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modestfashions, I also have what I guess you could call religious dress codes. Here are more details for anyone interested: http://cora.dashjr.org/trad/modesty.html


Kudos to those who taught themselves to sew. I do not have the right kind of brain, or enough patience, or something, for that. When I was in home economics class in seventh or eighth grade, I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to thread the sewing machine, and I always had to ask the teacher how to help me. I still don't know how to do it, as I haven't had any practice since then. I don't own a sewing machine, and I don't see any point in owning one unless I can find a friend who has enough time to teach me and my oldest daughter. (Sorry, please excuse my frustrated little rant) I can do very basic sewing by hand, have to be reminded how to sew a button on, and that's about it.


In my experience, buying at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore and Goodwill and the children's consignment shop near my in-laws' house has been affordable. For example, I bought three shirts (two nice enough to wear to church) and one dress at HHRS for under $10 total. The children's consignment shop isn't that nice to my wallet, unfortunately, but it is still easier than buying new clothes online or at some other store. All three of those stores' clothes are almost definitely less expensive than buying everything I would need to make the clothes if I knew how to sew.


I'm glad to see this discussion! Even if it's hard for me to read because I know so little about sewing, I'm learning a little.

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