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PLEASE join us!!!

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For those of you who haven't joined us yet, please come see us at our new DDC location! Of course we will all still hang out over here, too, but this is a board JUST for our DDC so we don't get lost in the LWAB forum!!


PLEASE come join us if you haven't already!! We ARE a private board! No one can read posts, post, etc., without being a registered member! YAY! :

So again, please, please, please come join us there! We will miss you if you don't!!!
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Come, if only to read my latest enticingly-titled thread, "POOTASTROPHE!"
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I agree! That's one NOT to miss!!!! :
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Lol, I didn't think we were bailing until this DDC had closed. No wonder it's been so quiet around here!

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I just joined... :-)
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I keep forgetting to check this ddcnow.
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My apologies, but I just have too much going on to participate. Forgive me!
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