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Now *I* am bleeding!!

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Well, statistically, my turn is here. My other 2 pregnancies/births/children were uncomplicated. One of the reasons I have not told many people is that I have had a bad feeling about the pregnancy from the start. I am sick sick sick though on top of it, I feel like I have had the stomach flu for the last 2 weeks! (I am 6-7 weeks pg)

Last night I felt a 'surge' and went to the bathroom and there was a good sized splotch of bright red blood. Since then it has lessened and is either not there or light pink. Still, blood is never a *good* sign.

I have not seen a dr/mw yet but have an appt with a mw on the 15th. I called today to see if I could come in before then and found the mw is gone but I can see the ob on call who is male. I know this is a hangup of mine but I am extremely uncomfortable with a male dr, especially an obgyn. I was basically told that either I see him at 2pm or I go to the er. I was making an appt with a female dr till the 'office manager' got wind of it and said no, if they recommend seeing the male dr at 2, that is what I need to do. I REALLY wanted to see the mw's at this office, they come highly recommended.

So basically I get off the phone, call the HMO to see who ELSE I can see and they tell me there are 2 mw's that I can go to!! So I call them and cant see them till the 22nd of Sept but the nurse will call me back this afternoon to see if I should come in earlier. Really, I just want to know if my baby is alive or not, is it too much to ask in this highly sensitive situation that I am able to deal with a FEMALE (there are 5 at the office) versus the 2 males that I am uncomfortables seeing?? I am not cramping at this point and since there is nothing anyone really can do I guess I will just hold out for a while but I am SO disappointed that I do not have a whole lot of options on who I can see today. I decided not to see The Man and see how things look in the am. Blah.
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oh....hopefully the bleeding will stop and it's just "normal" for you.. i understand not wanting to see a man, but if it does get worse it might be better to just go in and be checked than wait it out....are there any clinics in your town you can go to just to get an u/s? i know it is scary mama..hang in there..we are all here for you...
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I really hope the other midwifes call you back and tell you to come in today. GL and thinking of you .
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I am the same way as you in that I am VERY uncomfortable seeing a man. I understand things happen and there have been times I have had to see one, but I am right there with you. If you just had one spurt of blood it really could be very minor. I am thinking about you. If it picks up, maybe you can go to the er?? Let us know how it goes.
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Good luck, mama!
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Please do go to the ER if you start feeling woozy or things start to feel really surreal. There is a chance that you are miscarrying. Things can go smoothly (well, it's all relative...) during a miscarriage. I had no symptoms except for spotting, then bleeding. I bled a lot, had very little pain, and all came out the way it should. It was disheartening, sure, to say the least...but a doctor was really not needed, in my opinion. I did go to the ER, got the u/s to find that I was really miscarrying, and they sent me home for it to actually happen.

, mama.
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Thanks mamas!!

I unexpectedly got a call from the mw (who I have not met yet) and told her the saga, and she said that basically bleeding with out cramping is not as concerning as bleeding with cramping. ANd that a burst of blood could be a polyp or something, but light pink cervical mucous present while wiping could be a little more concerning, as that generally comes from inside. She also said that it could take 2-3 weeks for the baby to 'pass' even if the baby was no longer living right now. And I should not worry about hemmoraging as that does not usually happen at 6-7 weeks.

Anyway she suggested going to the ER, as it would be a 'one stop shop' and I could get an u/s on much better equiptment, and actually they send their u/s patients there to the outpatient center in the ER anyway. And I could get bloodwork done too,and if I came to the office I would be sent to a lab to have it done. Of course, she also said it was a 60/40% chance of a male being there!! she is off till Mon, the other m/w just had surgery and is off a few weeks too. I have not had more blood, but she did say too that is not necessarily a sign that all is ok.

I will talk to DH when he gets home.....seems like these things always happen right before the weekend so it is hard to get anyone on the phone!!

Thanks mamas for your kind words!
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hang in there mama
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Hope all goes well.
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I hope things work out for you, mama. Keep us updated.
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Hang in there veggiemom! I just wanted to mention that I had some bleeding issues as well - I had a pretty heavy gush of bright red blood around the 5 week mark and some bright red spotting the following day, and pink mucus on and off for another day. There wasn't any cramping. I didn't go to the ER since I had an appt with the doctor a few days later anyway. She said that it was "minor" bleeding and wasn't really concerned about it all. I went in today for my second ultrasound @ 9 weeks and all looked good!

Even though everyone's different, from my research it seemed like if you don't fill up a pantiliner then you can be pretty (guardedly optimistic! Hope everything goes well!
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How are you doing today, Veggiemom?
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SO, I ended up going to the ER last night....BIG PRODUCTION!! But I was not able to get in anywhere till the 15th of Sept, and the midwife recommended going to the hospital and said that they had the best u/s equiptment, etc since I was only 6-7 weeks. So anyway, after a 4hr ordeal, the baby is alive!! Yippeeee!

I say ordeal because there was SO MUCH WAITING and it wasnt even busy! I told them I did not want anything put 'up there' under the circumstances so I did not get an exam or anything, which they would have done at the dr per the nurse when i called earlier. And you will laugh, my efforts to avoid a male were a joke.......there was a male intake person, male RN, male dr, and male u/s tech!! I couldnt believe it!! So they all got to hear in detail about my bloody crotch. Luckily the blood has stopped. THey said everything was 'in it's place' per the u/s and the heartbeat was 150 so it wasnt ectopic or anything which was also my concern.

The nurse (who claimed to have been an IV therapist for 4 yrs) could not get blood out of me (this is common, I have small veins) after many sticks, so they sent someone from the lab, who finally squeezed some blood out of me (3 vials). Then she.......accidentally threw it in the biohazzard box?? So she couldnt get it out as they are locked. She apologized profusely and it was just so stupid I had to laugh myself. so I came hom with 10 holes in my arms!!! And 2 very poor quality pics of the baby!! Though that is nothing to complain about, I had convinced myself that it had all gone wrong and that I would be leaving in tears.

The dr did say that it still could be the beginning of a m/c, that it is still early yet, or it could have been implantation bleeding (3 weeks late??). I have an appt with the mw next monday but of course they wont be able to hear a h/b or anything so I wont really know!

I am still not thoroughly convinced that all is well, though I do feel much better seeing a h/b as I had convinced myself that it had all gone wrong and the baby was no longer living. I still dont really want to spread the word yet, just in case!!

Thank you for asking about me and for all your hugs, and kind encouraging words mamas!!
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Congrats on getting to see your baby and its heartbeat!! Please take it easy. As long as the baby is doing well right now it might help if you take it easy at least until the bleeding totally stops. I am so happy to read good news!::::
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Yes, yes - very good news is always welcome! Congrats and relax, especially with the ten holes in your arms (yikes - I hate needles and would have cried under your circumstances!).

Hope all goes well at the midwife appointment Monday. I don't get to see my little one until at least the 17th (next appt.) and I'm 10 weeks (I think) today. I can't wait!

Take care of yourself!
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i'm so happy the baby is doing well!! now you take care of you! :
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take good care, mama. I am glad to hear that you heard a heartbeat, that is certainly a wonderful sign.

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: it sounds like good news. I'm happy for you
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