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HELP need a GP in Columbia, SC

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My ped up and moved out of the office she was in and I had no idea until I took dd in today : So I'm annoyed and I want to move to a GP.
They need to be ok with delayed vax, extended bf-ing and have some allergy knowledge since dd has milk and soy allergies.
I live near Broad River so Irmo doctor is a plus, but I'm willing to go to Lexington or even downtown.

Please help me out.
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Have you seen this thread?
I know it's about peds, but still...
Good luck!
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we switched to a gp b/c i got tired of peds and their holier than though pushing of their parenting opinions. i thought maybe a gp would stick more to what i wanted, just the medical stuff and i was right. we go to lexington family practice in irmo by lexington urgent care on st andrews. not sure how they do on delayed vax since we vax but we didnt get my kids hep b till 2 mo (no hospital shots), they limit the # of sticks so sometimes things automatically get delayed, especially if you do the hep b at 2 mo instead of the hospital and then we dont even get the newer hep, rotovirus, flu, gardasil, etc and our doctor leaves it to me, though i do have 5 kids so ppl tend to "think" i know what i am doing lol.

as for ebf, i nursed my last only for 15 mo b/c he weaned himself when i hit my 2nd trimester but were fine with that and nursing while pregnant.

my sister sees the same doctor in the practice with her asthmatic and allergic son as well as her other son who has dairy, soy, and peanut allergies.

we see dr jackson who has a small dd herself and is pregnant again, her nurse is really nice and loves the kids she is used to me with my 5 and my sister with her 4we have also seen Dr beaver and he is good with kids, he has 2 but they are grown his nurse has 3 grown kids but 10 small grandkids, he sees my other sisters son (he is only 3½ mo old though). i think when you opt gp you have to find one that is good with kids. We have also seen the nurse practitioner there, Beth and she is awesome as well. We have seen some of the other doctors but these ones I think are the ones that do best with kids that we have seen, we havent seen all of them though as it isnt hard to get into see your regular doctor for a sick visit unless they are out so we use Dr Beaver as our backup. the only time we couldnt see them was she was out on maternity leave and it was his day off/. that even includes when we frantically rushed in at like 3:30 b/c my dd stuck a balloon up her nose
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