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Saw my midwife today!

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My first appointment. So fun, I love midwifery appointments!
She looked at the u/s report, all looks good. We got a heartbeat at 160's. The u/s edd is April 2nd and ours was April 1st- so that looks right on.
So fun hanging out and talking with her.
Hopefully I'll get some energy soon!
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How great that you had a good appointment. I can't wait to see my mw on Tuesday. I love sitting on her couch and drinking tea and just chatting. And I can bring my kids!

Today I went to the OB to get in Kaiser's system. The woman I saw was nice and respected my wishes (I refuse a lot of things) and said she thought it was fine to skip OB appointments if I was seeing a mw who was doing comprehensive care. So, it went pretty well, but it was nothing like an appointment with my mw.
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I saw mine on Tuesday. She isn't the same MW that I had last time unfortunatly, but we get along great! I love how casual it is. I also love the 1 hour appointments. Ds had fun playing with toys in the office and he was really excited to meet the MW too.
I'm glad dh gets along with her too.
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