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Ann Sathers

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Hi Chicago Mamas!

I'm a former Chicagoan (dying to move back!). I used to love Ann Sathers. My son is now going to DePaul, & I thought I'd get him a gift card there, for a little break from cafeteria food. But the reviews I've read haven't been good. At all. Has it really gone downhill from 19 years ago? I also see that they don't do dinner anymore.

I was also thinking of a LEYE card. I also liked RJ Grunts, & they're getting great reviews.

What would you choose to give a 20 yo foodie a taste of the city? Or is there somewhere else convenient to the Lincoln Park area? It can't be too expensive. Thanks.
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Hmmm. I live right near Ann Sather's, but I've never been a big fan (though I do like their cinnamon rolls). What kind of food does your son like and what kind of price range are you thinking of?
I think Adobo Grill is good and fun and not too pricey, though it's not that convenient to De Paul (SE end of lincoln park, at North and Wells). There are tons of other options, but it would help to know what sort of thing you're looking for...
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You could get a Lettuce Entertain You gift card and then he could use it at a bunch of different places around the city. They have great restaurants and then he will be able to pick and choose.
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I think I will probably do a Lettuce Entertain you card, mostly because it's available online

Adobo Grill sounds great too. Is it a Mexican Restaurant? He likes any kind of food, and he likes to try new things.
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Yes it has gone downhill... I don't know any restaurants in Lincoln Park that have gift certificates, sorry.
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