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Working part-time and having trouble finding childcare? Want to go to the doctor's without children hanging on your leg? Let your kids come play with ours while you go out and do stuff you need to do.

That's right, parents, I'm offering occasional and part-time childcare in my home. You can drop the kids off to play and you can get a haircut, go grocery shopping alone, see a movie or whatever you need to do. Finally have the freedom to work part-time and not worry about childcare.

I have four kids who are eight, five, three and one. We have a big backyard and a cool playroom.

I'm CPR certified and have taken childcare classes at the Baltimore City Childcare Resource Center.

We are a homeschooling family. I practice positive discipline and treat children with respect. When your children are here you can be comfortable knowing that they will be treated well.

When we have lots of kids, I have a mother's helper that comes over (homeschooled teenager). She is also CPR and first aid certified and worked as a lifeguard over the summer.

I can provide references from satisfied parents and kids.

Email me if you need a sitter,

- Liz Baer