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: massaginmommy :
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: thanks Sunrise That is me jumping up and catching the babyvibes
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Wishing you a BFP, massaginmommy.....
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AF found me weird though my Boobs are still super sore. They always stop hurting right before AF arrives,
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Hi everyone. I've been MIA myself lately. Laurie, sorry about AF.
AFM, I am suffering from what I think is bronchitis. Haven't had a voice since Monday, which doesn't fare well for me, since I've had several meetings w/no voice and will have to do lots (5 - at an hour each) of open enrollment presentations this coming week. Been drinking tea w/lemon and ginger (yummy!) and soup, etc, and just bought Robitussin w/DM for coughs. Wish I was over it already. I did a few social things during the week, and wanted to go to another event tonight, but just am not feeling up to it. Trying to get lots of R n R while I can.

Pookie, I know what you mean about making decisions at the start of your cycle. I'm letting the DE IVF take a back seat until I find the right donor. It just doesn't feel right to force it.
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I am pretty sure I ovulated this morning... will wait and see....
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Originally Posted by Tuwamare View Post
I am pretty sure I ovulated this morning... will wait and see....
hmmm. me, too. i'm early... cd11...

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DH left today starting an 8 week travel schedule of Sun through Late Thursday home Friday Saturday and then gone again Sunday-Thurs. So we will miss O time this month most likely. I am going to see if I can't work on dropping some weight and getting the house organized while he is away.
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MsGB sorry you aren't feeling well.
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Hi everyone
Good to see you again.

My LMP is Nov. 19th after no AF for four months and no BFP.

You are all in my prayers and thoughts

Wishing everyone wishful thoughts
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Hi Fola! Let me know if you want to be added to our opening post.

MsGoodBuns... I hope you are feeling better soon.

BHappy... I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!
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Hi Fola good to see you. I think maybe you meant to say LMP is Oct 19th, we aren't even that far into Nov yet. Let's hope this is the cycle for you.
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Sorry about AF Laurie.

MsGBs, I am sick too. My kids are in junior kindy and Gr 1 so no suprise since schools are germ factories. I managed to avoid the last one which was a doozy, DH was sick for 3 weeks. However, I seem to be holding this one off failry well. I had some body aches and fatigue yesterday along with a brutally sore throat. Today so far jsut the sore throat.

I hope you feel better soon.

Hi everyone else!

Me: 3 DPO
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Originally Posted by Tuwamare View Post

BHappy... I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!
Thank you, Tuwamare.

I'm actually having a teeny bit of a panic (? is that the right word, I'm not sure, really). Here I go again with the drama-du-jour. This month I decided not to pay so much attention to what day it is, what my cm is like, how many days until O, etc. etc. I guess I was hoping that I could let things go a little, and not obsess so much.

Anyway, in my lolly-gagging :, I was pretty certain (as certain as one can be really) that it was safe to make love with DH, being that it was somewhere around cd6-7-8 and I always O on cd 13 (well, except for last month, but that was last month's drama... I Oed late last month, on cd18 or something weird). So we were unprotected on that day. Then, lo and behold, yesterday (cd11!!!) I ovulated. What the.......

I guess chances are pretty good that making love on cd8 (and yes, I did go back and count the days...) with an O on cd11 is, well, right in there with the optimum timing.

We shall see.

Thank you for listening...

Blessings to all y'all out there!! :
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Good luck, Karen! Catch that eggie!
VM, sorry to hear you're also under the weather. Thanks to all who have wished me a speedy recovery. I got a "z" pack today from my dr., so hopefully that will knock this outa my system. It's getting old.....

Fola, good to hear from you.
Laurie, self-improvement is an on-going process for all of us, each in our own different way. And house cleaning? That's a constant!

Well, it's beddy bye time for me. Wishing you all good things to come.
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Originally Posted by massaginmommy View Post
Hi Fola good to see you. I think maybe you meant to say LMP is Oct 19th, we aren't even that far into Nov yet. Let's hope this is the cycle for you.

Oh!! Thanks for the correction.

Tuwamare: Thanks for keeping the thread. Me I have never keep it due to no computer at home, I'm just using a friend laptop right now.

You can put me in waiting to be ready. Thanks

Hello everyone else. You are all in my prayers and thoughts. Out of sight is not out of mind.

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I hope everyone is doing better now!

I added you to the first post, Fola!

AFM: 3dpo with giant temp rises. I would have been similar this morning to yesterday if I hadn't gotten up so early. Must be the election stuff... I want to find out who wins so we can finish this up. I am looking forward to no election ads!

updated to here.
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so disgusted

okay, went to the first 'baby' 'doc' appt this morning. first of all, did not even get a doc, i knew it, i got a nurse practitioner,, sometimes they are great but not this time, she was SO NEGATIVE. and she was not a practitioner in the baby dept, just the old regular cold and flu department. what a waste of time. i felt like she was putting me in the grave. i mean she was so disappointing, if she said what was on her mind/face she would have put me in a wheelchair and steralized me so i would not even go attempt at making a baby.

she said not to even try until i saw a genetycist, so i could be 'informed' properly, okay, i might be a bit behind the baby curve but i am by no means an idiot, in fact, while she was sitting there with her nurse practitioner credentials, all i kept thinking was i actually have a doctorate degree and she is talking to me like i am 12 and being really stupid trying to go and get myself all knocked up without making a wise decision.

i was so disgusted and disappointed, i am so glad my husband is not due in till tomorrow because he would have felt awful. he is already obviously concerned about me and my health and that of a potential baby. and she had us just acting like idiots. i had to BEG for an ovulation kit, and she did give over a whole month of prenatal vitamins.

she gladly gave me a referral to the genetics doc so i could be lectured some more, i am talking to them on the phone before i see anyone there, statistics are one thing, negativity is another, and i also received a referral to the infertility doc which is where i wanted to go in the first place. so now i have no clue what kind of attitude to have. i already knew i am 45. what a nightmare at 9am.....

do any of you run into just negative nasty attitude docs like this?? i am sure i am not the only one. she told me to go back on the pill until i knew what i was doing!! yeah, not listening to that little tid bit!

i think if i did not score a whopping one box of ovp's (w/a bonus free pregnancy test), and a bottle of vitamins, would really be upset. anyway, thanks for letting me vent, again. i guess i will finally talk in person to hubby tomorrow, yeah, finally coming home. did my big grocery shopping already and put most away. i am going to call the two referrals and try to make my appts without blowing a gastket!!

best wishes and babies to all, hopefully when hubby comes home tomorow, we get it right the first time and i can send her a card. what a charmer!!! off to try to clean this house/pigsty up for the homecoming. at least there is food in the house!! thanks again for the ears and i hope all these sicknesses go away!! B
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Some people should never go into the service jobs, like nursing. I'm sorry you had such an awful visit.
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