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Adult Vaccinations

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I found this on the cdc's website while I was poking around. Thought it was interesting, does anyone know of an adult that actually follows this? But I bet they follow their kids schedule to a t. Next time my mom gives me a hardtime for not vaxing my baby I am going to ask if she is following her schedule! haha

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The link didn't work.
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Try this instead.

It's been a long time since I've been to the mainstream type med folks for me, but I suspect maybe they're also putting a greater push on adults too? Of course with adults being out of "school" it's much harder to enforce...unless somehow your employer could do it?
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I couldn't follow the link, but adult vax's can be very different from childhood vax's. you still have to be careful.
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The only adults I know who get vaxed(other than for the flu),are those who work in certain areas of the medical field.
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my mom keeps up with tetnus, don't know about anything else though........
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Hardly any adults keep up to date with vaccines in my experience. Even those that push childhood vaccines for ALL.
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There are "ways" to push vaccines on the adult population as well. Think of the countless senior citizens that get lined up for Flumist as if it's an assembly line.

Broke a bone and need a cast or just scraped your knee?? Someone will act as if an immediate Tetanus vax will keep the world turning.

Coming to the US and need a visa?? THey will bully you into "getting up to date" on your vaxes, DTP will be shoved onto everyone, anyone that dares to work will be "forced: to get Hep B, my stupid Doctor wanted me to get Hep B and Hep A in addition to the DTP. (basically refuses to give you the medical paperwork for your visa, exemption with USCIS cost something like 800 Dollars)

My husband gets harrassed at work to get Hep B-yes they figured out that the cash cow not only works with kids.
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I agree. Normally the only ones who actually follow it are in the medical field.
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The mainstream magazines - Parents, Babytalk, etc. - often contain ads for the DTaP boosters for adults. They show a picture of a tiny baby on oxygen, with captions like "Don't you want to keep your baby healthy?".
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I've refused all booster attempts since I became old enough to.
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Medical field AND military members.
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