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I'm dropping in from the April 2009 DDC. I spent most of my 7 months TTC after a miscarriage on a different forum then floated over here during the 6th month.

1. What felt MOST DIFFERENT about your post ovulation symptoms in your BFP cycle? Did something happen that had never happened in previous cycles? Or - did it feel exactly the same? Ovulation hit me pretty hard that cycle, my boobs were sore up until 2dpo and I had nausea worse than usual. I ovulated on CD11, when I normally ovulate on CD12 or CD14 (but never CD13! lol). I had some cramping 6DPO which very well could have been due to the fact that I was slightly constipated. But that was all I had until my BFP at 10DPO. Boobs didn't start getting tender until the day of my missed period and nausea didn't kick in until later. It's funny, my first pregnancy was an oops when the last day we BDed (with protection too) was CD9, so I'm lead to a hunch that I only concieve when I ovulate really early

2. Did you do anything differently in this cycle, or in preparation of this cycle, that you believe helped you get your BFP. The cycle before, I was using Dong Quai tinctures for the uterine tonic affects. It sure as heck worked like it promised, my LMP was by far the crampiest, bloodiest one since my miscarriage. I also started using cloth pads the period before my LMP, so maybe the cloth gave my body enough of a break from the plastics and chemicals to really do it's thing? I prefer to think that it just took that long for the right egg and sperm to meet up though

Hope to see more of you ladies fill up the May DDC and get the June DDC started! :
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Originally Posted by valeria_vi View Post
were you super tired that early?
with dd, that is exactly how I was. I was so tired and so sleepy, I could not function. But I think it came a bit later on. Not that early.
Yes. I'm 10DPO today, I can barely move. Everything is blurry and I can't remember names or words I'm so tired. Yesterday I had to take two naps and then I went to bed early last night and slept today until 11:30 this morning! Today I want to nap desperately but DH is at work and I'm alone with the kids...they tend to do....bad things...when I fall asleep around them. =) I remember being tired the last two times but not until later, it is really early this time.
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Ann ~ This is the Thread I was talking about! Check out Aly2261's photo link!!

I think this might make you feel a little more confident about your possible BFP!!! :
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Originally Posted by LaurieD143 View Post
Ann ~ This is the Thread I was talking about! Check out Aly2261's photo link!!

I think this might make you feel a little more confident about your possible BFP!!! :
it does it does! - Thank you for bumping hun! :

I am going to come back later and put in my testimonial hehe

Need to get ready to go out now...I want one of those digital ones! hehe
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I don't have much to testimonialize (yes, it's a word, so says the OED).

I tested really early and had a faint faint faint line 10DPO. On 11DPO it was only marginally darker, but I had a small feeling of nausea throughout the day. I believe that was my first surge of hormone after implantation. I forced myself to stop testing - a gal can waste a bunch of money on those tests. I've felt pretty normal since then. Occassional twinges of nausea when I am very hungry.

I have been having very vivid dreams every night from a few days past O. That's quite abnormal for me. Last night I dreamt of skunks.

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I am 8 weeks, 6 days pregnant, and got my first BFP at 13 DPO after a BFN at 11 DPO. We'd been TTC this baby since Sept. 2007 and finally caught the egg!

I was shocked that we conceived when we did, since I was out of town when my usual fertile time would have been, but God was looking out for us and it was just our time, because I O'd 4 days early--the day before I left for my trip! I think what did it for us that cycle was taking advantage of my O+1 day, which we hadn't done before.

The first sign I noticed that clued me in that I could be pregnant was a tingly, let-down feeling in my breasts starting about 11 DPO. I don't normally have pre-AF "sensations" in my breasts, so this was a big "ah-ha!" moment for me.

Good luck to all of you! Hope to see all y'all on the DDC boards soon! :
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oops...double post! sorry!
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Okay - here is my testimonial:

My cycle this time around (second try!) was way way different but I do not know if that had anything to really do with it! I ovulated on day 17 this cycle which is way earlier than I normally ovulate! With EPO I ovulate on CD 20 and without on CD 24... Since TTC, I would stop the EPO when I figured I ovulated as I was told it could cause cramping preventing implantation which turned out to bring my LP back down to 11 days (11 days without EPO and 14 with if I carried on through my whole cycle)...So I took up Vitamin B complex this cycle to help lengthen that because I feel 11 days was pushing it a bit. Maybe the B complex really did the trick?
Also - I had DH take some supplements as well! He took a 'pro-natal' for men TTC and some extra vitamin C as he smokes and I read men who smoke should take some extra vitamin C if they are TTC as its helps the sperm maturity etc that may have been affected by the chemicals in fags. Maybe that helped as well?!

I have been tracking since December of last year out of pure interrest at first as I knew my cycle was much longer than the average (at 35 days long!)...And this cycle was certainly the most different!!!

Signs that could be early pregnancy signs but are also usually my pre AF signs:

Gassy! - Woah watch out!
Tender breasts - ouchy, dont touch!
Bloated - Do I look fat in this?
Sore lower back - heavy feeling.
Nausea - sometimes...randomly throughout the day.

My Pre Preg signs...I think:

Tender nipples as well as swollen boobs - not just sore anymore, rather uncomfortable. My nipples feel like your food does when it falls asleep and you are trying to wake it up again when anything touches them.

Cervix positioning high and creamy CM - Normally, when AF is around the corner, my cervix is all over the place...high one day, low the next, somewhere in between...you get the idea. Last cycle I just new I wasnt going to be lucky first time around...my cervix was too all over the place!

I do have a bit of nausea as well. I seem to notice a connection with it and being hungry, needing food. Once something is in my tummy, the morning sickness feeling passes. I think this is why they call it morning sickness as well?!...Your tummy seems to be most empty and in need for food them! hehe

I forgot to add...my skin! When I was pregnant with my son I had lovely acne free skin. When AF is due...I get oily skin and some spots - nothing horrendous though, but this time...kinda dry skin...no spots! Bye bye AF and horrible acne! lol Also - skin seems to be more sensitive. I get itchy red patched after I get out of the shower so I think I need to find a more sensitive body wash!

And...NO PMT!...Im happy! lol Not aggrivated and irratable! (thank Goodness!) hehe

I think I knew mostly I was pregnant because of my cervix though!...So high and creamy and a lovely nest for that growing bean of mine! hehe Its something I can feel and know for sure its not all in my head! hehe

And the best 'knowing' feeling of all...I dont feel alone in myself. Last cycle, I felt alone and when I started craving chocolate...I knew I was alone. I knew there wasnt a baby in there. I dont feel alone in myself this time around! :
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I just took the digital this morning as well! -14DPO!!!...BFP! - Its nice to see the words!...omg, how did woman survive in the past without this technology? lol

I will add that now...since about last night...my nipples have become very very sensitive that they almost hurt. Anything that brushes up against them, even a breeze (not that I am running around nekkid in the fields or anything lol)...but super sensitive...beyond meer breast tenderness.
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Originally Posted by ann_of_loxley View Post
I just took the digital this morning as well! -14DPO!!!...BFP! - Its nice to see the words!...omg, how did woman survive in the past without this technology? lol
Ohhh Ann ~ I'm so excited for you!
I'm still clinging to hope that I will get a faint line in the new couple of days. (AF is due on Saturday). I'm so glad that you have shared your story & expecially the details about the implantation. The fact that I was feeling the same things is really the only reason that I'm still holding out hope. Other than that, I really don't feel any symptoms. But I will keep praying for a BFP (or even just a teeny-weensy faint line like your first ones!!! I'm not picky!!!).

Just wanted to say THANKS for being so open and letting us share this moment with you! :

Happy & Healthy 9 months to you!!!
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This is GREAT. Love to read the BFP stories -its like reading the daily horoscopes!!

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I'm 16 DPO today and just got my BFP.

I'm still coming to terms with this, and can't really believe it. Ok, if I'm pregnant, will it really stick? Or is it a chemical pg? I'm such a skeptic I know, but I'm so worried about getting my hopes up if I'm just going to lose it.

As far as what feels different this cycle - pretty much nothing! I didn't get sore nipples after O like I normally do, and I've been really gassy but I figured that's because I've just changed my diet to heaps of vegetables and fruit.

This is cycle #3 ttc. The first two cycles I was pretty good at taking my folate tablets, as well as either B6 or B12. But I've been slack this cycle and pretty convinced it was never going to happen!

We only BD'ed on O day. It came so much earlier than expected. My cycles are normally 30-31 days long. Since I've been tracking my BBT, my cycles have been 41 and 39 days long due to stress mainly. This cycle I had started working for myself from home and must've been less stressed, as I O'ed when I was supposed to - and not expecting it. I figured we had very little chance as we'd only BD'ed once on O day.

10 DPO I had a BFN.
16 DPO I had a BFP.

My temps this past week have been SO HIGH but I put that down to having a cold. Guess I was wrong!

To all those ttc, keep trying. It's when you're convinced it's not going to happen that it does!
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Ok, so bare with me because I don't know the acronyms so well yet. Only been dabbling here off and on for a month or two. (Btw Stella, this is Kelly, Kat's friend from Orlando - hi!)

I just had a faint positive this morning. I'm only 11 DPO but decided to test for a few reasons...
My cycles are normally 31 days. I'm at 35, but after really doing a good job of charting for the first time I discovered I didn't O until CD 24. Not sure if I normally ovulate that late or not. Just so happened I was in another state on vacation at the time so not sure if that had anything to do with the late O. But nonetheless, wasn't sure when to expect my period.
Last night I couldn't sleep and was SO HOT. I kept thinking my DH had changed the a/c. This morning I woke up to a spiked temp.
9 DPO I felt "weird" all day. Very tired, VERY grumpy and just not at all myself. Almost like life was in slow motion or not real or something.
On 8 and 10 DPO I was also very tired.
Since O, I have been having creamy CM every day.
I had pain in my left hip on 8,9,10 DPO. Not sure this has anything to do with anything but my sister-in-law has been pregnant twice and had hip pain very early both times, so thought I would mention it.

Y'all are freaking me out with the nipples though. I got nothin'. I honestly don't feel pregnant and I am in disbelief. Keep thinking it was a false positive. The tiredness has let up today, maybe because I'm on a bit of a rollercoaster.

But here's the real catch - I've never been pregnant before but am high risk for ectopic because of previous tubal damage. I went in for a blood test this afternoon and just have to wait and see. I'm a natural pessimist and I'm trying HARD not getting my hopes up. I also have some slight off and on cramping. More like a dull ache in my lower abdomen. Any thoughts on all of that?
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Hi girls! I am hesitant to post here because I don't want to jinx, it, but I got a BFP this morning at 10dpo!

I have felt really strongly that this is the month for several reasons... so I had been using OPK's and temping to confirm my O date, but I have had a few wonky cycles w/ spotting and short LPs, so although my temps always confirmed O, I wasn't sure what was going on. This cycle was no different. I started spotting at CD20 so I just thought AF was coming early and we stopped DTD for a few days. Well, my temps and OPK confirmed that I O'd right around CD21, and then I got major EWCM on CD22 and CD23, so I figured what the heck, and jumped my BFs bones again.

But I think I conceived from our DTD on CD19, and may have even O'd on CD20.

Anyway - how did I feel? I had CRAZY sore nipples since CD20. I sometimes get sore bbs before AF, but not really ever the nipples, other than when I went off the pill. I dont' know if this meant I was extra fertile or what. Other than that, there wasn't really much in the way of other symptoms until 4/5 dpo when I started to feel crampy.

Now, my cramps were NOT like AF cramps. My AF cramps just feel like I have diarrhea cramps, honestly. This felt like someone was kneading the inside of my lower abdomen, almost like the muscles themselves were knotting up. It would pretty much be one side, then the other, and continuing like that. Toward the end of last week, I also got a few slight bouts of queasiness, and on Sunday I was queasy almost all day. I was standing up a lot, and sometimes would just get that feeling that I had to sit down.

Also, probably starting last Thursday, I began waking up in the middle of the night WIDE AWAKE. It was hard for me to go back to sleep in the morning, and once I woke up in the morning (at 5:20 AM- usually my alarm rings at 5:30 and I snooze for at least 1/2 hour), I was AWAKE.

Yesterday and the day before, in addition to the crampiness, I also started to get achiness in my lower back and hip joints. I also got a few times where my legs fell asleep or had funny tingles in them.

Finally, I have had creamy CM this whole cycle after I O'd. That NEVER happens. And yesterday, I had to pick my dog up from the vet, and it is the same vet as the emergency vet, and I saw 2 hurt dogs come in and was crying... then this morning I saw on the news about the babies and melamine story in china - crying again. So I guess I'm getting a little weepy.

And last night and the night before I have had slight headaches (almost feels like a very very slight hangover headache, like when you drank 2 glasses of wine and got a little dehydrated).

I've been peeing on OPKs since I O'd (because I'm addicted to POAS) and once on 8 dpo my OPK was almost +. I used the OPK again today at 10dpo (could be 11dpo too) and it was blaringly positive. So I figured what the heck and took an IC HPT. BFN. But then I peed on anOTHER OPK, it was my 3rd morning urine and it was even MORE positive than the first, so I decided to use an FRER. Got a BFP with that, and with a CVS brand digital.

So that's the deal... my dr. said the cramping is normal, and probably a good sign, tslt8500. It sounds like yours - it's just achy and the ache moves from place to place... but it's not painful like AF cramps. Every once in a while I'll get a sharper twinge though. And one thing that was different about my last period is that it lasted FOREVER - 7 days, I think, and I got MAJOR cramps in the middle of it.

THE END. Good luck to everyone!
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Ok, I'll jump in here while I'm still on my euphoric high.

I got a definite BFP this morning at 13dpo. This was after a super-faint BFP the evening of 10dpo and a faint but darker one the evening of 11 dpo.

1. What felt MOST DIFFERENT about your post ovulation symptoms in your BFP cycle? Did something happen that had never happened in previous cycles? Or - did it feel exactly the same?

The only major differences before I tested were cramping, an unusual temp pattern, and my usually copious creamy/sticky post-O CM was scant to non-existent. Well, that, and the tender boobs started practically the next day after O.

2. Did you do anything differently in this cycle, or in preparation of this cycle, that you believe helped you get your BFP.

I gave up. Seriously. I also accidentally did something like Lunaception, but who knows if that contributed.
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CONGRATULATIONS gbutterflykissesm (and everyone else)!!! And thank you for the reassurance on the cramping. I have a friend who is 9 weeks and told her last night and she said the same thing. Mine is just like yours, comes and goes and sometimes a slight twinge. Just a dull ache, nothing painful. Interesting that we both had the creamy CM, achy hips and waking in the middle of the night. Didn't know any of those things were indicators. Hopefully it helps some of you other ladies!
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1. What felt MOST DIFFERENT about your post ovulation symptoms in your BFP cycle? Did something happen that had never happened in previous cycles? Or - did it feel exactly the same?
5dpo I started feeling gassy, crampy, had a few bouts of nausea. That lasted until 10 dpo, then all those symptoms vanished. The day after that, my symptoms turned to fatigue (especially in the evenings), headaches (especially if I hadn't eaten or eaten often enough), and the "screw it" feeling I remember having when pg with my second. I think it's my body's way of telling me to conserve energy and not try to do everything I think I need to do.

2. Did you do anything differently in this cycle, or in preparation of this cycle, that you believe helped you get your BFP.
I read some womens' health books recently, one of which was Wise Women Herbal, and it talks about nutrition for optimal fertility. Last time I was pg I read a natural pregnancy book that had a recipe for nourishment tea. Both of these lists of herbs coincided. I've been drinking the tea since I was about 14 wks pg with my second, and it made me feel sooooo healthy and so much more normal during the pregnancy (it killed the lingering nausea I had SO badly with my daughter). Like gatorade for the pregnant woman's body. Upon reading the Wise Women book, I learned why...the ingredients are packed with things a pregnant and lactating woman's body really needs. I drank it pp and when I stopped, I started diving into PPD, started drinking it again, and I felt better. This stuff is magical. Pregnancy and breastfeeding take so much out of your body, I really believe there is something to drinking a good herbal nourishment tea.

Anyway, I attribute my crazy lucky bfp to drinking this tea, because I don't temp or check cervical position, and all we did otherwise was be aware of my mucous and have sex accordingly. So...if you're looking for something to read, I recommend the Wise Woman Herbal book and the Natural Pregnancy book by Romm. And if you're wanting to try the tea, the rough proportions I use (slightly altered from the NP book recipe) are:

2 parts nettle leaves
1 part RRL
1 part Oatstraw
1 part Alfalfa
1/2 part rosehips
1/2 part red clover
1/4 part spearmint leaves

I put all ingredients into a big Ziploc bag and shake to mix and store.

Then I make it (a big handful in about a quart of simmering water, DO NOT BOIL the tea) and let it steep for at least 2 hours (better if you let it go all day or overnight) with a tea bag of Orange Spice Tea (for flavor), strain (it will be strong) and keep in a jar in the fridge. I drink it hot by heating up a half a mug of water and add the tea to it, dilluting it, or add it to a glass of cool water. It's nice to have to use like that.

Hope this doesn't violate any UA, I gave lotsa shout-outs...
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my story

1. What felt MOST DIFFERENT about your post ovulation symptoms in your BFP cycle? Did something happen that had never happened in previous cycles? Or - did it feel exactly the same?

The first month TTC, I invented every symptom I could think of. Mostly it felt the same, except I found myself tired. The week right before I tested, there were three nights in a row that I could hardly stay awake. I was tired. And really impatient. Read this as really impatient. Like "blocked goals, cranky brat" impatient. My breasts aren't too sore, I did get AF type cramps, and every day I have to go sit on the throne once for almost like diarrhea. That is getting better now. I'm happy. And I'm happy to be starting a family.

2. Did you do anything differently in this cycle, or in preparation of this cycle, that you believe helped you get your BFP.

I temped at 6am every day. Took EPO, and also bought OPK's. I got a little obsessive with those, I have to admit. We also used PreSeed- which for me, just helped the constant DTD go so much more smoothly. It was more comfortable. I don't get scads of EWCM, so it was helpful. I think that if I had been certain of the day I ovulated on the first cycle after birth control, we most likely could have been successful then too. But we weren't that dilligent. So, second month, we were dilligent, and here we are.

It still doesn't feel real. I'm not getting nausea, or puking, but I have a LOT of gas. I can out-burp my husband. That's kind of funny. I have shared with my close family, and it feels really fulfilling to be starting my own family with my husband. (I have three grown stepkids.) It still feels like a dream, but I do feel blessed beyond measure.

For those who are still trying, keep trying. Do things to keep connected with your partner/husband/etc. that don't focus solely on TTC. Find ways to make your time together special. And then when you least expect it, :

Best of luck to all.

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what felt most different post o/did something happen that was different this cycle? nothing, really. that is until 10 dpo. i felt a bit nauseated in the evenings. also my nipples burned everytime dd latched on, much in the same way that they did when i was around o time and i was really tired. oh yeah, i had been having really vivid dreams starting at about 8 dpo or so. also... the gas, oh my freakin' gawd, the gas!!! what was different about this cycle was that i thought i ovulated on both days 16 and 22 b/c of my cf and cervical position, and temps. i had been reading here, though, that o'ing twice can only happen within a 24 hour period. so i think my body was pretending to o on cd 16, and then on cd 22 i actually o'd. that was seven days later than last cycle's o. albeit, last cycle was my first ppaf, and it was induced by acupuncture. then on what would have been cd 32 or 10 dpoo ("official ovulation" i guess), i got my bfp.

what did you do different? we stopped trying to get pg. and used the "reliable" "pull and prey" method as backup during my fertile time. (apparently abstinence in our marriage just didn't make sense to us, even during fertile times) we had no plans of trying to get pg. this month, but i know when the slip up occured. i warned dh too that i suspected i was going to o a second time (cd 21) , but he got lost in the moment and uh, retreated about 2 seconds too late.
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