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Sunday nights

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For those of you on EOW schedules (even if you have weeday time as well) do you keep/do your dc stay at the NCP house overnight on Sundays?
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No, but my former spouse lives about 90 miles away.

Due to my former spouse bringing them back at 7:30-9 pm, the kids sleeping on the way, the disruption of sleep making monday morning horrid, we agreed (okay I stated and gave reasonable reasons why) that the kids are back by 4pm the day before school.

It was a bigger deal when they were younger. They stay up much later at his house than we do. It is not uncommon for them to stay up until past 1 am over there. This way, if and when they sleep on the way home, it does totally screw up a sleep schedual.

Good luck.
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When dsd lived with her mom, there was a period of time when every Sunday she'd ask to stay with us for the night, so we'd call up her mom to ask if that was ok, and she'd stay in most instances. Later on her mom and stepdad became very grumpy about these requests, and we stopped.

Now that dsd lives with us, she is almost never spending the night at her moms. Her mom only calls once every other week.. maybe that's why.
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No, they go to their mom's house at 5:30 PM on Sunday evenings. I wish that we could work it out so we could keep them and take them to school on Monday mornings. They have a much later bedtime at their mom's house so they start every school week off tired.
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Yes, we have SD from Friday after school until Tuesday morning, when we drop her off at school.
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DS is back from the EX's house usually by 5pm on Sundays sometimes earlier... . He does not spend the night.
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DSD goes back to her mother's house on Sunday at 6pm. When we lived in the city (30mins away), we would often keep her on Sunday night and drive her to school on Monday. Since we moved to the burbs 5mins away from her mother's, she does not allow her to stay on Sunday night. She has not been as easy-going with the schedule since we moved closer much to our dismay because DH was trying to make it easier on everyone, particularly DSD, with the move.
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We live about 20 minutes from ex, and he lives closer to dd's school, but even when I've needed ex to take her to school on Monday morning, it's always been too much of a hassle for some reason.

Though, truth be told, I would prefer that he not keep her Sunday nights because he keeps her up too late and since she has ADHD, adequate sleep is crucial to her doing well in school.
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Our Weekend Schedule for my girls is Fri. after school through School Drop off on Monday. My ex has them Mon/Tues nights and I have them Wed/Thurs nights. So we have a 5/5/2/2 schedule with the kids if we stick to the court agreement. but we also live less than 5 min. apart. My 5 year old attend kindergarten at the school her dad is principal of (not hte district we both live in) so even on nights she stays here he picks her up in the am.

My sdd is here every Thursday and every other Thursday morning-Sunday dinner time, on paper we have until Monday morning, but we agreed to let her mom move an hour away so it just doesn't work to get up that early and do a two hour round trip before work.
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DSD goes back to her Mom's between 1 and 2 pm on Sundays, as DH works nights and his work week starts at 7:30 on Sunday night. So we drop her off and he gets a few hours sleep before work.
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