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Hey all. I hope you are having a wonderful day. I just want to say YUCK!!! That's my day. My bestfriend, my bestfriend, has let me go.. I just feel sad about the entire thing.
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I'm still here for ya.

oh, but... not for the next 2 weeks. we're going to tasmania for a rainbow gathering :
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I'm up. I was up last night too but the library pages were sucking too much processor to check in here. It was a productive night last night though: I found some of the research articles I was looking for, brainstormed a way to organize the findings from those articles and invested in a variety of art supplies for the Chunk. I'm trying to rein in my ECE tendencies and not go all out preschool teacher on the kid. But he asked for school and I can give him developmentally appropriate learning activities like a school so here we go. I was considering a co-op but I guess I'm choosing homeschool by default. I think I'll like it more this way and I expect that he will too.

But tonight, no so much fun, paying bills and writing thank you cards. Let hope the super proper in-laws won't mind electronic thank you cards this year...
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Originally Posted by majikfaerie View Post
I'm still here for ya.

oh, but... not for the next 2 weeks. we're going to tasmania for a rainbow gathering :
Thanks mf. I wish I were going. Have fun!!
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hello everyone
hows everyone doing?
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I hope I will be going to sleep soon, but there's a good chance that won't happen because I napped with the Chunka this afternoon. I will likely be back on the comp until 3-ish again. Its productive but I'd like to sleep at a normal time...
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hello all!

dh has been hogging the computater and i've finally got my turn. just got ds to sleep and dd is sleeping over at her auntie's. :

i love to bake bread! although i haven't lately due to the outrageous cost of propane. it's just more economical to pay $5 for a loaf, as outrageous as *that* is. i'm bummed though about the no-bake thing, because i happened to get some really nice flour by accident. when i went to pick up my 50lb sack of flour from whole foods (, they, of course, had given it away to someone else. so they gave me the high-gluten flour from their bakery, and man-oh-man, have my baked goods been turning out d-e-l-i-c-i-o-s-o!

well, idk if i'll be back tonight, i hear dh breathing heavily, so he must want this thing back!
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I'm back... I had been hoping that when I mentioned the need for water that my husband would have volunteered to bring me some. I'm getting to that point in pregnancy where when I settle in bed, I don't really want to climb out. And its only going to get harder. The way our bed is set up, its not as simple as putting my feet on the floor and standing. I have to scoot down to the end of the bed and then stand up because we've got the crib as a sidecar on my side. Its just going to get harder the bigger the babe gets too. Right now I just need to suck it up because its really not that difficult, just not as easy as it was a couple of weeks ago...

Tonight is more collecting research articles. I'm getting a fine collection. yay google scholar!
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rv -- so sorry about your friend! I can't say that I've had that happen to me, but many of my good friends have moved away and two very good friends of ours will probably move away in September and it's just so heartachy.

DS has been slightly less nocturnal. He's been going to bed by midnight most nights. It's been good for me and DH
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Ugh, it's only 11:15 and I'm starting to get tired. I have to stay awake because I have to help edit an article about vaccine risk awareness for a local waldorf journal. But I have to wait until my friend is done putting it together.

I think I'm going to look at our local dog shelter's pages while I wait. We are thinking about getting a dog from the shelter when we move into our new apartment.
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I'm back to nocturnal+insomnia after years of being able to fall asleep if I needed to - just very late. I think it is related to me and dd coming to an agreement that we don't bf anymore. Could a reduction in prolactin be keeping me awake? The joy of those first few months of each babe's life when I could wake numerous times in the night and fall straight back to sleep again is long gone.

I am actually waking up feeling tired and going to bed calculating how many hours there are til I need to get up just like I used to when I was still at college and had to be on the bus by 8.30. Both our dds are in the room, and often the bed, with us and now if they disturb me in the night I can't get back to sleep. I wanted to stop bf becuase I was so physically weary and mentally tired of it too but now I feel even worse due to tiredness. Aaargh!

We are seeing friends tomorrow around 2pm so I'm sure I can manage that then I need to maske some superhuman effort to get up early on Thursday because Flapjack and MDC mama who lives not far from me is coming to visit us: I don't want to leave her standing at the yarn shop til the afternoon waiting for us
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Wow, Orangefoot, you can meet some MDC mamas, how cool! You gals have fun!!

Insomnia after weaning makes sense to me. Isn't prolactin a relaxing hormone? And anyway, weaning is a big change in your body, any a change can trigger more change.

I stayed up really late 2 nights ago because of that article I alluded to in a previous post. I finished proofing it at about 3 am and I was on skype with another friend who was also proofing. When I was done working I goofed off for another hour making a weemee of myself for skype. Today I had to get up at 7:30 (that's crazy early for me, plus DS and I usually get our best sleep in the early morning) cause a friend of mine was coming over to have me help her out with an exam.
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insomnia sucks...

i hate once i get the kids to bed i think i can relax and go to sleep. no of course not... i end up staring at the ceiling for another few hours.

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I'm always up:
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I did get up early and meet an MDC mama which was lovely. Today I was up early too, meeting our accountant who keeps normal human hours - and it was dd's 6th birthday so she was up with the lark (for her) and out of bed just after 9 out of excitement!

Tomorrow I want to take the children to an activity art thing in the basement of our town museum which they have enjoyed before but we will have to be there by 11am to make it worth going which will be a struggle.

Thank goodness half term holiday finishes on Friday and next week we can go back to our home schooling get togethers which are all in the afternoons!
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Originally Posted by east carolina View Post
Insomnia after weaning makes sense to me. Isn't prolactin a relaxing hormone? And anyway, weaning is a big change in your body, any a change can trigger more change.
Interesting...maybe that is what is going on with me. I'm pretty sure weaning has occurred but due to reduced milk supply in pregnancy. I was hoping that wouldn't happen but it has. Now I'm hoping that Chunka (barely 2) will resume breastfeeding when his sibling is born.

I do love the work I get done at night though. Did anyone else get solicited for an interview on nightowl mamas?
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Always been a night owl!
Mornings never ever have been my thing. Unless I stay up ALL night.
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I'm like a newborn, never can sleep through the night.
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Yay! I found a tribe!

I've always been a night owl. I've worked third shift and wish I could find another third shift job, but then I'd never see dd. I've recently been diagnosed with a couple sleep disorders. These have lately morphed into some wicked insomnia. :

So...I'm up till 3 or 4 nearly every night lately. My DVR is getting cleared out, but I'm running out of things to do this late at night!
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Hey guys. I stay up late because DP works a swing shift and if I didn't stay up I wouldn't really see him three days of the week and a fourth I would only see him for like 5 hours. I normally get up at 8, and stay up until 1 or 2 a.m. So i usually only get about 4-5 hours of sleep, but I get a lot done in a day.
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