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i went to take a shower last night, and there are bruises ALL over my legs! i sometimes get them when i walk into the tables at work (i teach preschool and all the tables are thigh level @@) , but now they're everywhere. could this be pg related? im not normally an easy bruiser, so if i do get one i remember where it came from. my legs are the only place i ever bruise unless i get a really serious bump btw. anyone have any ideas?? im going to google this, too. :
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I tend to get bruises on my legs more than anywhere else (especially when I used to teach preschool . It always seemed like some of the kids had corresponding bruises on their heads). But if you're getting a ton more than usual, you might want to have your iron checked. Anemia isn't uncommon in pg.
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thanks wobbly, ill have to call the mw on mon. and LOL at the preschoolers head thing! i love teaching preschool, but i am so ready to be home just hsing my dd and hanging out with the new baby.
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I would call soon and get your platelets checked. Maybe even go into an urgent care or something. I had a scare last year when not pregnant- I woke up with bruises all over my arms and legs and went to urgent care. My platelets were dangerously low- 15,000 when they should be over 150,000. It is called in many cases ITP. Hopefully it's nothing but it's not something you want to mess with . If you do have very low platelets and you cut yourself you could lose too much blood. Evidently it is more likely to happen during pregnancy too b/c your body is in a hyper-immune state. Good luck- again hopefully it's nothing but it's worth checking out.
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thanks jen. i put an urgent call in to my midwife and she should call me back soon. she was good about letting me know not to hesitate to call that number if i had a concern.
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I hope it's nothing. I know it totally freaked me out when it happened to me. I actually have to have monthly platelet checks during pregnancy to make sure it doesn't happen again. Update when you get the chance
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midwife called back last night and told me to watch for more bruising (which there is not- old ones are healing) and call the office on mon assuming nothing dramatic had happened in the meantime. i woke up last night scratching my thighs like crazy because i have such dry itchy skin, and i wonder if maybe that could cause bruising? i keep my nails long and i was scratching pretty hard. no bruises showed up though after the itchy episode, so im not sure about that.
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That could cause the bruising I would think. Hope you don't get any more and that the bruises were just a fluke Just my opinion, but the next time you are in to your MW ask her to check your platelets just to be safe- it's part of a normal CBC. Hope your weekend ends well!!
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im getting off work early tomorrow so i may see if they can squish me in to check the platelets anyway, just for peace of mind.
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