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DH coming around

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I'm so proud of my DH! I just had to share it with you all. =)
When we took our Bradley classes, the teacher told us to do our homework on the circ issue. I did, decided I didn't want it done, told DH, but left the decision up to him. He opted not to do it and I thought it was just to please me. He said later it was becuase he trusted my research which made me feel better.
As I got involved here and realized how strongly I feel about this, he withdrew. After a while, he blew up at me and forbade me to talk to him about it. I forgot to tell him that even though I hate the idea of circ, I love him even if it was done to him, so he was understandably upset. I wrote him a note telling him that I love him the way he is and that I'm not asking him to march in any parades or such, just understand me and hopefully agree. So now we can talk about it which is better.
I try not to push the issue too much, don't want to force it. But I we were talking a few nights ago and I was mentioning some of the threads here. I mentioned how often there's moms who need to convince their husbands and sometimes the moms are encouraged to take drastic steps in their marriage to protect their sons. I admitted I would have been scared to leave DH over this, but he was completely and totally sympathetic to the woman's need to protect her son from circ, even if it meant leaving her husband. I was floored. Even with as strong as I feel about circ, I was wishy-washy; and he was all for taking whatever measures were needed. Wow. He may be an intactivist yet. =)
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I think he is already!

Give him a hug every time you get the chance.

Love Sarah
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What a guy!

Let him know often how great he is...what a good provide...what a terrific lover. Tell him how happy you are to be his wife several times a day....flattery will get you EVERYTHING...LOL

Seriously, your post really showed how happy you are over his "coming around". Give him a few months with his intact son, and he will be an intactivist for sure.

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