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How did you tear with your first?

Poll Results: How did you tear with your first?

  • 22% (47)
    I tore badly (define how you want)
  • 52% (112)
    I had a small tear- not that bad
  • 25% (54)
    I didn't tear
213 Total Votes  
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There are so many varieties in the way we push out our babies! Some tear, some don't.

With my first, I tore a very tiny tear- only one stitch! joy: But honestly, for whatever reason, I think this next time I will tear. Don't know why- I just do.

What about you?

So I'm curious because we're all so different and I'd love to see the variety in responses!

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Also remember- it's not "right" or "wrong" either way. Our bodies are just different!

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I had about 8 stitches with DS1. I tore because they had me pushing when he hadn't fully turned so he was coming out sideways.

DS2 was born at home in is own time (I didn't force push I just let my body work) and I thought I was gonna tear too (swore I could feel it tearing.) I didn't even have a skidmark SO you just never know!
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I tore a little with ds. I can't remember how many stitches. He was 7.12#, a complicated pregnancy, hospital birth, cruddy interventions and a vaccuum...which explains it. I did not tear at all with my second baby, dd was 9.10#, home water birth. I am hoping for the same thing with this babe. dc#1 was 56 hours of laboring etc. and dc#2 was super fast 4 hours from start to finish, 30 minutes of pushing and that was it. I kind of opt for the fast one this time around.
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I tore really badly..but it was my own fault. I was starting to get frantic to get him out..(I was in the pushing stage at this time). I had my hand in there when I was pushing, which caused me to get a labial tear pretty bad. I didn't notice it until when I was trying to get the plancenta out. Ouchie!

Otherwise I wouldn't have torn. I was in the tub for a few hours, and I had also made sure to 'hold back' during the final stage when he was crowning.
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Is 2nd degree considered "badly"? IMHO it was bad, it took a long time to heal and doesn't really feel completely normal to me to this day. But at least it went down, not up!

FTR I had a homebirth.
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I chose not bad, but according to the papers, I had 3 tears, a 3rd degree and 2 1st degrees. 6 stitches. It wasn't that bad.

I pushed with the urge/contractions but it was somewhat coached - at a birth center.
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I tore with my first...and my second...and my third...and my fourth!!

With my first and third I tore as I pushed out the shoulders.

Second came out so fast I could not tell you when or how!

Fourth was my worst tear. Probably from baby's hand being next to head as I pushed. She was my only water birth too and I really believed this would be the birth where I did NOT tear!

That being said, each tear healed fine. I did have stitches each time. Bt it all seems pretty much back to normal. With my last birth, we were at home and my MW asked if I wanted to see. She showed me the tear in the mirror and in retrospect I wish I had said no! My birth seemed so peaceful, and the tear seemed so brutal in comparison that it kind of freaked me out! DH says it is defs the worst of my tears cos' obviously he had a better view of them than I have in the past!

Not sure if there are more kids in our future, but if there are...I have made my peace that there will be tearing no matter where r how I birth!
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I voted small tear.

1st birth=pit, epi, coached pushing on back, and I tore

2nd birth-at home, in water, pushed as my body told me to, still tore

both were about the same. 2nd was maybe a bit smaller.
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I had a major 3rd degree tear with my first child thanks to a big asynclitic head and a vacuum delivery. After 69 hours of labor, I was exhausted and just wanted to be done. Recovery was not fun.

I tore along my scar line with subsequent deliveries and needed stitches, but those tears were fairly minor compared to birth #1.
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#1 - 4th degree episiotomy
#2 - 2nd degree episiotomy
#3 - slight tear needing a stitch or two
#4 - same as above
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I didn't tear with either one of my DC.
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I had some minor tearing with my dd--I needed like one to two stitches in a couple places. But nothing major. No tears with ds.
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For 1st DS I had an epis, epi, forced pushing and forceps. I tore down to a 4th degree. He was just shy of 9lbs. Had major problems with incontinence until my hyst 4yrs later. My 2nd DS was induced, epidural, no episiotomy and absolutely no pushing and no tearing, not even a skid mark. He was a peanut at 6lb11oz.
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3rd degree natural tear. I need to find out my right position. I did everything right in my eyes. I stood and swat which is what I felt like doing in the bathroom. I wasn't coached I just let my body take over, my labor was even short only 2 hours! So I wasn't tired, stress nothing, no screaming, no mourning noise because it wasn't that bad. I didn't even get the burning feeling with the head, I was so shock I tore so much. With the head the midwife did say to breath it out and I did, but with the rest of the body I just did what my body told me too, I tore with the shoulders, I guess I should had tried to breath that out too, that is the only thing I could think of, but I didn't forcefull push, I just followed the contraction lead.
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Minor tear, upward -- the only area I'd not focused on with perineal balm ahead of time. Now I know better.
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DD1 = no tear, "skid mark" only (reeeaaallllyy sore)
DD2 = small tear, no stitches needed (never noticed )

Both born in hospital with pitocen augmentation, went with "the urge" on both, no meds DD2, 2 doses staydol DD1 (bad bad stuff btw)
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With dd I had a very tiny urethral tear with a few stitches hurt horribly for weeks when I peed after. It was caused by the dr using the vaccum on dd and he also cut me from vagina to anus against my wishes.

With ds all I had was skid marks.
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I had 3rd degree tearing. My son's head was huge (still is). The midwife wouldn't tell me how many stitches. I tore to the muscle, and to, but not through, the anus. Ouch! It healed well though, and relatively quickly! I was sure to have a squirt bottle of warm water whenever I went to the toilet.
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1st - Episiotomy. 3rd degree tear.
2nd - 2nd degree, if I had to guess. Lots of minor tearing everywhere. Went unassisted. Healed with natural remedies.
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