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Why do women come to this forum???? - Page 3

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I generally just listen to my dw fill me in on threads she is following.

I thought I woud just start expressing my opinion on any boards I feel like in the web site.

I mostly lurk. But now I am speaking out.

I not sure if I want to speak wih only guys. I like to think that men and women can discuss the issues on this website.

I guess the dads thing is here as a trickle down. Men lurking where wives are posting.
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well my dw demanded that I straighten this out. Amyjeans did not post the previous not it was I. We share the home computer and I failed to log her out and me in ....... tmfubar
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Couple things (first time poster in "Dads," and I am all woman, baby...)

The original poster is a woman, and the responses from some of the women ("Check out the title of the website," she said snottily, "It's MOTHERING." Really? 'Cuz I don't think the OP is able to read. Thanks for pointing that out - twice).

Men - I think you do need the space to technologically scratch yourselves and drink beer, watch football, etc. And if your POV is different, meaning, male, oh well. Some of the women on these boards need to lighten up, open their eyes and understand that not everyone is, or wants to be, like them. Guys do talk differently with no women around b/c, IN GENERAL, women, myself included, tend to overanalyze, misinterpret and generally mangle male attempts to communicate.

And finally - and I will then remove myself and lurk only, with all due respect to you fabulous daddies - every other freakin' board, all 800 bajillion of them, TEEM with women. I think we should go elsewhere UNLESS WE HONESTLY WANT AND CAN RECEIVE THE MALE OPINION WE ASK FOR.

Thank you very much (I'll be here all week.....)
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I get bummed that there's not enough men posting in this forum (for my own tastes)... but the ones that do post I hold in high esteem (regardless of any disagreements). I'm fine with women coming here.. hell I go "out there" to the other forums and post all the time. And I'm paranoid most of the time, but that's just me.. not a reflection of others. :

Sure, I've been jumped on for some of my posts, but hey, if I didn't deserve the pouncing it was still worth it to risk posting in the first place. If not I wouldn't come back.

Women, post away in here... dads, post more... when I'm not feeling too self-conscious (in general life altogether) I'll post too.

I like beer too... not as much as wine and on South Beach, the beer is out for the time being... at least until I get down to 150 lbs! (I'm struggling to get under that two hunnert mark... damn it sucks bein' 38). 'Merikaan football... blech, not my thing... no use fer it. OTOH, I'm open to guys posting on it if they need to... I won't bother even lurking, but no big deal, eh? Now talk about music, raising kids, growing food, cooking food, housework innovations, peace-making, sex, dealing/negotiating/navigating school systems and healthcare, literature, art, design, gadgets, outdoors, wild things, etc.... I'm there, man!
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