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Chapter books for 4-6 year old boys

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Currently my son and I are in the midst of the fifth Little House book. It's been good - he likes it, I love it, but most importantly we love our time together. I'm looking for another series as we are halfway through this one, and my son is really into rocket ships. I was looking for a book introducing the physics of rockets and came across the Tom Swift books.

Anyone read these? What do you think?


My son is 4 1/2 but gifted and loves more complex stories.
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My DD LOVES the Little House series! We also read through all those at 4 (and several times since). She also really enjoyed/enjoys The Great Brain series--a wonderful series set in about the same time period, about a family with three sons living in Utah. I even like these a bit better than Little House, although I had not read them as a child (my DH loved them, though)---they are very, very funny and brilliantly written. Not rockets, I know, but excellent nonetheless .
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I think there is a Magic Tree House book where the kids go to the moon- he'd probably like those books- I've been reading them to my dd off and on since she was 4.
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DD loves Magic Tree House and Magic School Bus Science chapter books, too. For a more complex story with equally complex vocabulary that you might read to him, you could try The Indian in the Cupboard. DD loved it! We're on the third in the series.

Some other series that DD has liked reading to herself:
A to Z Mysteries
The Secrets of Droon
Weird Families (My Mom the Pirate, My Dad the Dragon, etc. by Jackie French)
Capital Mysteries
Nim's Island (only 2 in the series)
The Time Warp Trio
Geronimo Stilton

I don't have any recommendations about the theme you've asked for, though. I often find it hard to find books dd likes with the topics she likes. A to Z Mysteries, Magic Tree House and Magic School Bus have had at least 1 book that has DDs specific interests. I guess the Weird Families series did, too (she loves pirates).
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Our son loves the Magic Tree House books. There is one about space, along with a companion non-fiction book.

Don't forget to read non-fiction books to him too - somewhere I read that mothers are less likely to pick out non-fiction books, which is a shame because a lot of kids really like them.

For fiction books
Beverly Cleary books - there's a 3 books series about Ralph the Mouse (The Mouse & the Motorcylce, Ralph S. Mouse and one more), plus a couple of books about a boy and his dog (I want to say Henry Higgins and I KNOW that's not right!), plus a whole bunch of books about Ramona. I like these because the language is more complex.

A to Z mysteries
The Borrowers
Paddington Bear
Magic School Bus Chapter books
Cam Jansen
The Great Brain
Encyclopedia Brown
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Thanks for the ideas girls, there are some great suggestions here and now I'm off to eBay.
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I'm currently reading, "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" to my 7 year old and 4 year old. The 4 year old is really into it and has picked up on some of the subtle plot details. I didn't realize it would go over so well, especially with the 4 year old. After this, I think we're going into Prince Caspian and the rest of the Narnia books.

We also recently read the first Harry Potter book and it did go over well with both boys, but it was a bit intense in a few places for them.

I thought about reading Tolkien's "Hobbit" after this but it's even darker and I'm still not sure if they're up for it.

That's no help with the rocket ship issue but I wanted to share some books that my own 4 year old has recently enjoyed, in the event it helps.

EtA: In lighter fiction, my kids have also enjoyed books mentioned like "Paddington Bear" and the Henry Huggins books.
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great ideas!

My ds's 4 & 6 really like frod & toad, arthur, and junie B. Jones.
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We've just started the Birchbark House series by Louise Erdrich. She is usually an adult author which I think makes for nice reading as an adult (I don't get that from The Magic Tree House series). This series is about the Ojibwa tribe on the shore of Lake Superior and I think it's mid 1800s. I saw it written up as the Little House series of the Native Americans, which is a nice contrast to Ma's hatred of the Indians. So far there are only three books complete in the series. We're just starting number two and are really liking it. Also not physics or rocket science but good reading!
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Oh, you have to read "The Littles" series. My son really loves "The Boxcar Children" as well, but that is more for older readers.
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A friend of mine just recommended a series called Secret Agent Jack Stalwart. Her DS is a year older than mine. I have ordered the first couple for DS but haven't read them yet.

p.s. For DS
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: My DS1 is 3. We've been reading a lot of the Paddington books.

I'm interested in non-fiction, too -- any recommendations for those?
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Originally Posted by BonMaman View Post
: My DS1 is 3. We've been reading a lot of the Paddington books.

I'm interested in non-fiction, too -- any recommendations for those?
We love the Eyewitness books. DD looks at them over and over. I like that they have nice pics with a couple paragraph in different size text so that the first time she looks at the book, she may only look at the pics. When she looks at it later, she usually looks at the text that is the largest and later she can look at the text that is smaller.
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My kids (2.75 and 5.5) like the Magic Tree House, but they are BORING.
My oldest loved the Ramona books and the Mouse and the Motorcycle.
I can't stand Junie B Jones even for one page, seriously, but my oldest reads it at school.
I also like the Narnia books but we haven't read them yet.
He liked Alice in Wonderland, James and the Giant Peach, and Stuart Little.
We're currently reading Tehanu which my little one hates.
I was thinking of trying the Boxcar Children next.
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Subbing so that I can come back to this on Monday.
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I haven't started this with my son yet (waiting till a bit older to separate fact/fiction) but how about the Indian in the Cupboard series?
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Ds is a HUGE fan of Geronimo Stilton, we have quite a growing collection.
We love to read together but some of the series are just so boring to me-these always have ds and I laughing.
We recently read a Wild West one which included educational facts and even a recipe for a bean soup that ds insisted we try...blech, but fun to make!
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There are two Doctor Doolittle chapter books written by Hugh Lofting. I'm reading them to my daughter who just turned four. She enjoys them, as do I. They're kind of droll and have lots of things about animals and adventures.

plus nice illustrations.
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My oldest loved the Time Warp Trio when he was that age. Dh read him the Chronicles of Narnia series when he was around five too.
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